Best Fast Bowlers in Cricket History


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41 Mohammed Shami

It's a future of Indian fast bowling

42 Ben Stokes
43 Ahmed Jamal
44 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Present time he is the ultimate sultan of swing balling. Not only that he has variation which added extra spice to his ability

This man will surely make a history

He is the supermen bowler in cricket history

Swing King of the world

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45 Kartavya Namdeo

He takes hat trick of hat trick

who he is?

46 Dev Roygaga
47 Ashish Nehra

Sorry I have not seen this bowler Indian sorry I hope very sorry

One run up the ground - Adron

48 Andy Roberts

His run up and action was the finest of all.. - lionking_88

Saw him in Test matches in Australia & World Series Cricket. An awesome bowler. Was the “lunch pin” of Clive Lloyds team which was probably at its strongest during WSC

49 S Sreesanth

His outsingers are amazing than any other bowlers who included in the list

No doubt.. The best and the coolest fast bowling phenomenon the modern cricket could hae ever witnessed.

50 Vinay Kumar

He is a good bowler for picking up wicket and is very useful in t20.

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51 Joel Garner

The one bowler no batsman would want to face.. How is he not the best

For a period in the mid 80s this guy was virtually impossible to play especially in odis

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52 Ishant Sharma

He is very fast baller in world cricket history. He through the every ball speed 150km/h above.

53 Sarfraz Nawaz

The inventor of reverse swing... An ustaad who passed on his art to Pakistani bowlers..

54 Ammar Yasir
55 Imran Farhat
56 Bilawal Bhatti

He is a good and very talented bowler of Pakistan. He is so genius.

57 Syed Nasir Abbas
58 Wayne Daniel
59 Bart King

One of the best...

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