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41 Papa John's

Papa John's has a very good use of cheese in it's pizza. It has a very authentic and very greasy, cheesy and delicious flavor! It gives a feel to luxury in your taste buds so what are you waiting for!

Papa johns is number 1 by far

The best it has fresh ingredients tastes awesome especially with the garlic sauce. Way better than Dominoes Pizza and Pizza Hut

This should trade places with pizza hutt they have way better pizza. - Ilyas678

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42 Checkers / Rally's

So good would be better if was healthier. Best fries ever tasted best burger and I want to try their dessert!

MacDonald's doesn't hold a candle to them and they have a value menu also

How checkers up there? The best fries on the planet McDonald's is gross!

Best burger joint on the east coast!

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43 Fatburger

Much better than 'the well-known' fast food restaurants.

44 Wienerschnitzel
45 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

This is such an underrated restaurant but it is by no doubt my favorite and it deserves the number one spot.

I ate here and had 5 pieces of fried chicken just plain fried chicken with BBQ It was great.I know people say the fresh batch is the best but I did not get fresh and it was still good. - Ilyas678

This is already on the list - Trollsfan536

This is my second favorite fast food restraunt and its #70?!

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46 Krispy Kreme

I could eat like 8 glazed donuts but don't want to have a heart attack best donuts in the world everything on the menu is good. - Ilyas678

Better than Dunkin' Donuts. - xXLittleQueensXx

Best donuts when you get them and there hot

And good

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47 Baskin Robbins
48 Wingstop

Good - Minecraftisawesone

49 Harvey's

Simply the best BURGERS out there. SO UNDERRATED. - leol

If I went to Canada, I would immediately go there for lunch. I have a feeling I would love it, and rave about it here. - Pony

Good option for vegetarians.

Harveys is the best!

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50 TacoTime

Taco time ins't just THE best fast food restraunt. It is also the healthiest! Their beef is good, but their CHICKEN IS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! My favorite thing there is the crisp chicken taco. If anybody is reading this and is worried about calories, 1 of them is only 195!

Taco poop served my food the colour green and if you were wondering the foos was not supposed to be that colour

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51 New York Fries

I live in New York and everybody eats them!

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52 Pizza Inn

They have a cheese pizza with no tomato sauce. It's great

I like this restaurant for pizza!

The one in Elizabethton TN is the best pizza imaginable. Anywhere else is gay.

53 Moe's Southwest Grill

Ate here yesterday and I was so happy.
So,so happy

Moes is the best their burritos­čî» Are so good

54 Rubio's
55 Tubby's

So underrated! Healthy as subways!

56 Del Taco

Way better than taco bell and cheaper once I ordered almost half of the menu plus drinks and it was 40 bucks but the taco bell dorito taco is bomb

More generic Mexican, but still yummy.

Way cheaper than taco bell and their tacos are way better too

Ten times better than taco bell

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57 Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known by its initials KFC, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.

Already on the list! D8< - BorisRule


58 Kewpee Hamburgers
59 Hungry Jacks

This is just a stupid list of people please opinions just voting! Who cares if Hungry Jack's is 38! If you believe that Hungry Jack's is number one, put it as number one! Make another list and put Hungry Jack's as fist and put reasons! I think Hungry Jack's is number one as well and it's number one for me, so put it as number one for you!

they burgers are way better than mcdonalds, but I think hungry jacks is only Australian

WHAT?!? how is this not in the top ten?!? love the taste. - dragon13304

Guys this is in the top ten, burger king is hungry jaks, duh

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60 Cousins

So good! I only wish they were in more places. Better bread, better subs.

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