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61 Culver's

Culver's is LIFE. I work there and it's actually pretty fun! The team is kind, the managers are nice, and the food...OH MAN THE FOOD. The burgers, tenders, fries, custard, EVERYTHING tastes amazing! Perfect 10/10 from me. A must go.

This is my third favorite fast food restaurant, below Subway, which is #2, and Arby's, my all-time favorite. The butter burgers, fries, and custard taste great. However. My stomach feels greasy afterward.

Culvers should be #1! it is the best resturant ever!

Butterburger+Fried Cheese Curds+Frozen Custard=Heaven (unless you're lactose intolerant)

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62 Frankie and Bennys

Nothing beats sweet Italian food! It's better than all the rest

Best thing about F & B's is their pizza. It's proper Italian style Pizza which is the best - jamienicholls

Its like 70 pound on a bloody pizza

63 Cava
64 Red Rooster

Literally the best value for money I've ever seen.

Must try while in Australia. Amazing food

Even though some prices for food may be a bit of a ripoff because of how small they come in, it still has delicous. I bloody love the fish and their salty chips. - Mumbizz01

65 Portillo's

If yo are in the Chicago area and miss Portillo's you should be hanged and quartered! Everything is great but their beef is to die for! Salads, hot dogs, and sausage right behind the beef. Don't forget the desserts---world famous chocolate cake!

Go to Chicago it has every thing besides pizza it has fries burgers chicken stripes salad hotdogs its 30 times better then mcdonlads

What is this doing at 66 - Jon8201

Portillos is good

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66 Chicken Expres
67 Sheetz
68 Johnny Rockets

I love Johnny Rockets. To the point where nearly every time I go to Six Flags, I always eat here. - Pony

Not fast food but still - USGC

69 Taco Bueno
70 Donut King

Why is this in 77th place! This place definitely deserves the credit! It has delicious donuts and a big selection of the most mouthwatering, tasty, and most flavor packed donuts!

71 Auntie Anne's

It's so good! It needs to be on the top 3!

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72 Marco's Pizza

Really good deals and really good pizza! This is my favorite pizza store in my opinion! The cheese is the best on the pizza especially pepperoni!

Very good, but not as good as domino's

73 Mighty Taco

Very good tacos at a reasonable price. If They went global they would run Taco Bell out of business.

The best taco place that rules WNY and upstate.
They put Taco Bell to complete shame and you can find one about a few blocks from each other in Buffalo.
Everyone does the Mighty!

74 Shake Shack

Wow how could you not come to this place IT IS AMAZING! Chicken burgers are great and fires too

75 El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco is amazing


76 Krystal V 2 Comments
77 Pizza Pizza V 1 Comment
78 Napoli's
79 Jolly Grubber
80 Chicken King
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