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121 Steers Burgers
122 Swiss Chalet


123 Chinese

I Was meant to say thumbs up for Chinese

I don't think it's the best but my mom does. She thinks it's the best. Thumbs up for ch

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124 Saravana Bhavan
125 Woody's Pit Stop

Best burgers and poutine best of all you get to dress your own burgers just how you like them. They are the bomb.

126 El Toro
127 Mama's Burgers
128 Blake's Lotaburger

Best burger around when you need a food fix! Great burritos tambien

129 Dick's Drive-In

Best burgers ever. 5 locations in the Seattle area

130 Hell Pizza

Pizza is Amazing and cheap what more could you want

Yo what the hell

131 Taco Tico
132 Original Tommy's

M chilli burgers and fries


133 P. Terry's

Better burgers than mcdonalds

134 Hesburger
135 Chicken Cottage
136 Taco John's

Taco Tuesday is the best. And potato OLEs are outstanding. Love their cheese and sour cream, and their hot sauce is good. Another favorite is the meat and potatoes burrito, delicious.

Whenever people ask my friends if prefer Taco Bell or Taco John's, I'm the only person who says Taco John's. Their potato Ol├ęs honestly taste better than any French fry from any other fast food restaurant I've eaten at, mainly because of how salty they are, and how well they go with that cheese sauce they serve with it. Their Santa Fe burrito, while it lasted, was beautiful. They've got some sweet ass desserts, and to top it all off, it's one of the few fast food places.that doesn't make me feel sick afterwards. I like those Taco Bell exclusive Mt.Dews, but I can that shot at the store. Maybe I'm biased over the fact that I live five minutes away from Taco John's and have only eaten at Taco Bell once, but I still can't imagine my life without this amazing fast food place.

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137 Pal's

I can't believe it's not on This list! Pals has the best burgers EVER and same with their fries! Yum

Oh my goodness! Anyone In Tennessee who enjoys and THICK, cheesy juicy burger, knows that pals is the best! Way better then McDonald's, the fries are so delicious with a special seasoning salt and their shakes are so creamy and good. It sucks I live in ny now I can only
Get it when I visit home.

138 Supermac's

Anybody that is not Irish won't know this but it is way nicer than McDonald's.

139 Montreal Poutine
140 Pizza Delight
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