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141 Super Chix

This place is just like Chic-fil-a - Nick-brick8

142 Pollo Campero
143 Taco Cabana

You're not a true Texan if you haven't tried Taco Cabana

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144 Green Burrito
145 Wetzel's Pretzels V 1 Comment
146 Burgerfi

Their burgers are pretty good, plus their desserts are nice. - RT23

147 Which Wich

This is Subways' other superior. Their options are fantastic. And I like the fact they serve shakes - RT23

Best sandwiches so it should be higher in the top 5.

148 Smashburger
149 Noodles & Company

I'm voting for this because my stepdad was terrified of going because the name of the restaurant made it sound discusting. I never wanted to go either, and always made fun of it. But then we went with our stepbrother (he's the one who wanted us to try it) and we all loved it! - Flowersocks2137

150 Hungry Howie's
151 Muchas Gracias Mexican Food
152 Crown Burger

Talk about greasy goodness...

153 Nandos

This is the love of my love. It sells just chicken. Not southern fried chicken. Proper chicken and you can get it with all types of stuff. Chicken in Pita bread chicken strips chicken burger. Oh and there peri peri sauce........YUM!

Healthy. Amazing taste, original idea, spicy chicken. But expensive!

Ate it once while visiting London, and I'm so going back there some day!

WHY IS IT ALL THE WAY HERE? It beats macdonald's plastic crap

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154 Jollibee

The best chicken ever. So tasty and very affordable. Compared to mcdonalds tasteless chicken. French fries is also unremarkable especially the flavored fries..

If you eat there I recommend spicy chicken joy or spaghetti. also, I voted for this over 5 guys because I feel it has a little more quality than it. but 5 guys is still high quality and tasty. - hurjelert

Jollibee is the best ever! In the Philippines (where it originated) it beats McDonald by a mile of costumers

Literally everything there

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155 Jrecks

Best Subs! and they have fries!

156 Captain D's

best seafood place in montgomrey

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157 Arthur Treacher's

Lol, nobody likes Arthur Treachers ( no offense to anyone who does). - Pony

158 Freddy's

I'm not staying Five Nights At Freddy's. - nintendofan126

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159 The Pizza Company
160 Sbarro

Sbarro is amazing! Just kidding, I have no idea what this is, but it was last place so I gave it a vote!

Really good pizza, definitely better than Pizza Hut. Just unknown which is why it's last. Also slightly pricey.

Infamous for being so disgusting and unhealthy

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