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Subway is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily purveys submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the worldand, as of June 2017, has approximately 45,000 stores located in more than 100 countries. More than half of the more.


! How the HELL is MCDONALD'S ABOVE SUBWAY?! Subway is healthy for you and it's my third favourite restaurant after KFC and then Burger King. Subway's 'Meatball Marinara' is the BEST! McDonald's are still quite a good restaurant though. They're my fourth favourite restaurant. But still...compared to McDonald's, Subway is like a MILLION TIMES BETTER! I say- make Subway BIGGER!

Subway rules. I go there every Wednesday and it rocks. They have so many awesome choices and I'm sad they got rid of the BBQ pulled pork sub. Mcdonalds and Chipotle are tied for second and fact chipotle is so low is ridiculous.

There was actually a guy who was morbidly obese and decided to go on an all subway diet: 3 meals a day at subway. It actually worked! On the other hand, there was a guy who decided to see the health effects of having McDonalds everyday. After only a few months, his doctor told him that he would DIE (liver failure) if he didn't stop right away. Subway should be above McDonald's.

Subway is very delicious but it isn't that healthy for you. The healthiest thing you could get it probably a 6-inch 9-grain sub without meat cheese or condiments. Only vegetables.

But I have to say it is very delicious and even if it isn't as healthy as you think, you still feel like you're eating healthy.

Subway is definitely the best fast food chain. Why, there's a lot of choices waiting for you to pick. I love the choices of bread you could pick and also you get choices of sauce, vegetables, meat and more! I really love it and it's very hard to find one at rural zones in my country. I would like to thank my dad for introducing subway to me. It changed my life

Subway is the healthiest and actually attempts to try and promote healthy eating habits. They aren't selfish and money hungry like other corporations. I appreciate that and subway should be number one.

Subway is amazing! McDonald's sucks1! Whats wrong with you! Disgracing Subway! You should be sent to Federal prison! This is a crime! How do you think the people at Subway are taking this?!?! I want to... KILL YOU!

How could McDonald's be above Subway?!?! I never thought that McDonald's could be in first. Even the French fires are too salty they even copy burger king with chicken select tender. But I know that the milkshakes at McDonald's are very good for a fact so I still think that subway still should be in first and they have free chips in subway what's better than that?!?! Well some could be better I guess.

Subway has the best sandwiches EVER. Nice to get a break from McDonald's horse meat. Subway has sandwiches for everyone's taste buds because you could create your own sandwich. Also has really good cookies. Subway is the HEALTHIEST fast food place that I can imagine.

Subway is so damn good! Their subs and cookies are out of this world! Not only does it taste so good? It is actually not that unhealthy, probably the most healthiest fast food restaurant and the most tasty in my opinion!

Yummy and vegetarian, unlike *cough cough in disgust* McDonalds... I don't even know how people STAND that place. Once when I got a Happy Meal there the chicken tasted like rubber and the toy was a tiny dog that looked like it was choking because of its collar.
Three years later I ate burnt chicken at a Thanksgiving party to be polite.
I am proud to say that I have never ate another chicken, Turkey, cow, pig or any other kind of animal since.
Subway RULES!

I can't believe I hated Subway for years and loved McDonald's because of their burgers and fries. After trying Subway, I'll have to say it's now my official favorite fast food restaurant. I love their meatball subs, BLTS, and Black Forest Ham subs. The best part is that it's all HEALTHY AND REAL. Unlike McDonald's, which has not only unhealthy food, but most of their food is all fake! Go for Subway!

Subway should be on top! Subway employees make your food INFRONT OF YOU! When you go to McDonald's and order a Big Mac you don't know what they put in the meat. Also at Subway you can choose your toppings and you will not get fat unlike McDonald's. McDonald's sucks! - DogeFan132

It's actually pretty crazy that this is #2. I mean I like subway a lot but literally think about, subway is a sandwich place and it to be like this popular it's a little overrated. I can make a sandwich at my house with the same ingredients as subway and it would taste just as good

Subway's subs and cookies are so good. How can McDonald's be number 1? It's possibly the worst fast food restaurant; their fries are frozen and then re-heated, and their food doesn't have any flavor.

This should be number one, McDonald's is too unhealthy. All they have is junk food, and most of it could probably make you sick. Subway has some of the best food ever. Their subs are awesome, chips, soda, etc. Yeah, its heaven. I think I heard they even have pizza. Subway rocks! - TopTenJackson

Why is McDonald's above Subway?! Out of all the fast food restaurants I've been to, Subway is the best. You get to choose if you want your sandwich with the original ingredients or if you want to customize it. Another thing is that Subway is much healthier than most other fast food restaurants. (Especially McDonald's)

Subway rocks I had it last night if mcdonalds is above subway there must be something I have not tried because subway should be before mcdonalds it is delicious and healthy it has such good food I just want subway again today

It tastes fresh, smells amazing, and it's healthy for you. Plus you get to pick whatever you want on it, you watch them as they're doing it so they rarely mess up. I can't believe this is voted UNDER McDonald's..

Scroll down this list. Fast food doesn't have to mean "fat food. " The winner of the fattest is the one on top. Enough said.

YUM!, you can choose your own food that goes in there, plus if it's good enough IT'LL BE ON TELEVISION!, YUM! - SmoothCriminal

This should be number 1. It sure as hell is healthier than McDonalds! They have great drinks, great subs, and their cookies are AMAZING! Their food is healthy. Love subway - dragonfly99

Really healthy than MOST of these greasy fast food restraunts! AND really delicious!
Quizno's should be here too! I like Quizno's too!

Subway doesn't belong on this list. Its way to amazing to be fast food. You get to customize your subs, get amazing cookies or chips and drinks plus a variety of other stuff. Top THAT McDonalds.

People. You need to start voting. McDonald's is not better than subway. Have you tried there subway food. It's insanely awesome