Best Fates Warning Songs

The Top Ten

1 Guardian - Awaken the Guardian

Best metal ballad ever. When you understand what the lyrics mean, you will agree.

2 The Eleventh Hour - Parallels

Ray Adler's best performance with the band.

3 I Am - Darkness in a Different Light

Nice riff, one of the standout songs on their first studio album in nearly a decade! - petrucci75hammet

4 Still Remains - Disconnected
5 Through Different Eyes - Perfect Symmetry
6 The Ivory Gate of Dreams - No Exit

great song

This song is amazing. 22 minutes of prog epicness.

7 Point of View - Parallels
8 Prelude to Ruin - Awaken the Guardian
9 Monument - Awaken the Guardian

Monument is on Inside Out - Caleb9000

10 The Apparition - The Spectre Within

A song with Vocal perfection done by the underrated John Arch. - MetalWorldOrder

The Contenders

11 Nothing Left to Say - Perfect Symmetry

I love this song! It's also my dad's favorite Fates Warning song!

12 Pieces of Me - Disconnected
13 Anarchy Divine - No Exit
14 The Road Goes On Forever - Parallels
15 At Fates Fingers - Chasing Time
16 Quietus - No Exit
17 Giant's Lore - Awaken the Guardian

Very groovy, absolutely adore it

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