Best Father Ted Characters


The Top Ten

1 Father Dougal Maguire

He Is So Stupid Which Makes Him Very Funny And A Great Laugh - mneilan

2 Father Ted Crilly
3 Mrs. Doyle
4 Father Jack Hackett

All time most hilarious and underrated character in all of T.V.. Simply brilliant throughout Father Ted. - PositronWildhawk

So funny I wont say any of his catchphrases because I might get in trouble for swearing but he is so funny and definitely the best I was close to voting for Dougal but he just has to win it - aido17

5 Father Larry Duff
6 Bishop Leonard Brennan
7 Father Paul Stone
8 Father Noel Furlong
9 Father Dick Byrne
10 John O'Leary

The Contenders

11 Father Cyril MacDuff
12 Tom
13 Father Fintan Stack
14 The Sergeant
15 Pat Mustard

Delivering more than dairy products. I laughed so hard.

16 Father Fintan Fay
17 Father Austin Purcell
18 Father Todd Unctious
19 Father Jim Johnson
20 Father Damien "Damo" Lennon
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