Best Feelings In Life

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1 Love

I have an amazing boyfriend and when I'm with him (this will sound corny but it's true) I actually feel true love, It feels like you're soaring and flying and there's not a star in heaven that you can't reach, if you're trying then it's like breaking free. (you'll know what that is if you've ever seen High School Musical # - Swiftdawn

Best Feeling in the entire universe. Nothing matters when you're in a coma of love. - RIDDLER2K15

Love this list Sairam1087. Agree that love should take the crown. To love and be loved in return is such a beautiful feeling. The thought that two hearts are connected in some way, even if you are apart is a heady, warm sensation.
<3 : ) - Britgirl

2 Happiness

Not very common, but when you feel it it's truly something else! A light that makes even clear water seem like dirt

3 Sex

Sex with beatiful girl I think maybe this is the best feeling

Wow, people actually voted this? Just vote love - Swiftdawn

Giggity - KMalik993


4 Freedom

The feeling of freedom - especially emotional freedom - is truly inexplicable. It's just... as I said: inexplicable! - Britgirl

I’love this feeling

5 Bliss
6 Gratefulness
7 Being with the one you love

I have not yet felt this feeling in life, but I can easily imagine it being a lovely one. To have someone there to hold and be held by you. The warmth and purity of your physical bodies feeling as though they're one. Yes I am young, but will that day ever come?

8 Confidence
9 Success
10 When a newborn holds your finger tightly

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11 Riding a bike on the highway at top speed when it rains

I'd love to ride pillion along Route 66 during a thunderstorm. - Britgirl


12 When you are on a world tour
13 Thrill
14 Bare feet on cool grass
15 Nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic stirs up mixed emotions within me. It makes me smile and feel that warmth in my heart of beautiful memories, but it also makes me want to cry and shut down on the memories of a part of life that will never return. Usually when nostalgia rears its beautiful, bittersweet head, I'll allow myself to indulge just for a little while before shutting the door to it until the next time it comes knocking.

The best

16 Taking a much needed shower
17 Hearing the right song at the right moment

This feeling is one of the best - wrests

heavy metal blows my mind away every single time. - unknown-soldier

18 Relief
19 Being kind to someone

This is the most amazing feeling any human could experience. Helping others and placing a smile on another person’s face will give you a sensation that nothing else could ever possibly match. Even if everything else in life goes horrendously wrong, you will always know that you made someone else feel happy, which will lift your spirits in that time. Kindness is the most important quality in life and is a necessity in this world.

This is a lovely feeling. I'm a kind person, so this feeling fits me. - Userguy44

20 The first bite of food after waiting for what seems like eternity in a restaurant
21 Being high

Because you never experienced it... when u have a good a high it's the best feeling/feelings ever

I disagree. Being high is not a good thing. - Userguy44

22 Saving the life of an innocent creature
23 First kiss

OH YESSS - Swiftdawn

24 Finishing exams
25 Having a good laugh with old buddies
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