Best Female Characters In Resident Evil


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1 Jill Valentine

Jill was the first introduced female character and she is still the first. Jill represents Real RE Game - Magnolia

Jill has always been my favorite RE character ever since the first one no other Resident Evil female character even comes close. - egnomac

If you beaten nemesis hundred times then you had to be the best

She just great!

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2 Claire Redfield

Claire has always been my favorite. There is just something about her that I like. Claire has always been under appreciated for no reason at all.

She would kick Ada Wong's cute ass - furantzu

Claire is the best

She's so hot

3 Rebecca Chambers

I love Rebecca

4 Ashley Graham Ashley Graham

Ashley is one the most sexy characters in resident evil next to Jill Valentine

Ashley just a Little girl give her a chance she's awesome and pretty

Ashley is one of the best resident evil characters ever

She nice and pretty she not that bad

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5 Ada Wong Ada Wong

I'm shocked she's so low, at the very least she should be after Claire. - LukeTargaryen

Prefect girl with red and best action ever

6 Sheva Alomar

So underrated. - Damien_King6

7 Yoku Suzuki

She's really hot

8 Cindy Lennox

She's like the everyday-life version of Jill Valentine/Claire Redfield. Her healing ability is also very helpful. Best character on RE: Outbreak, hands down. - Anggun

9 Excella Gionne

Loved her really hot

She's hot for re5 chick

10 Sherry Birkin

She is once a shy kid, grown to a optimistic and determined adult.

Really hot cool character

The Contenders

11 Ingrid Hunnigan
12 Helena Harper

Would love to see more of her.
An agent like leon.
Pretty hot.
And has sick moves with her hydra shotgun.

13 Alexia Ashford
14 Mia Winters

She was the female in RE7

15 Lisa
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