Carrie Underwood

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Number one, seriously? Very funny, no it's sad and tragic. An artist who has marginal talent and pretty much does whatever corporate record executives tell her to do shouldn't be respected at all. Worst of all, she is a rude and entitled person; ask anyone who works in the service industry and deals with celebrities. Entitled without credentials.

Carrie Underwood is, in my opinion, the greatest country singer of all time. Her name is up there with the greats, like Martina McBride and Reba, and she has one of the most amazing voices of all time. I believe she can sing ballads better than any other. She is truly one of the greatest of all times and is not caught up with fame and just wants to make a difference in the world. I love you Carrie, you are my idol!

Saw her performance with Sam Hunt at the 2016 Grammys and it was horrid. They might as well have shouted at each other for how well you could understand what they were saying. I've never seen her give a good live performance yet. She was terrible on the Sinatra tribute, and wasn't in Julie Andrews' galaxy for Sound of Music. She gave some good performances during American Idol, but that was long ago and she had some bad performances, too. I think she won during a weak year.

She has the best voice and she is gorgeous. She is also a good person.

Carrie Underwood is most definitely the best female country singer of all time. Her voice is that of an angel, singing out sweet glory and happiness. You can tell when it comes to music she gives it her all, and there is not a single one of her songs that isn't amazing and beautiful. I also love how she sings about different things, and not the same thing all the time like other country singers do. She sings joyously about life, love, Jesus, fun, and things everyday people go through, as well as really uplifting songs.

Carrie Underwood has a very unique voice and an amazing vibrato that gives me chills! Her voice works with so many styles, not to mention she is a perfect singer live! She can keep a pitch and she can sing harmonies correctly. Vote for Carrie! She is the best female country singer!

I do have to admire how she worked so hard and struggled so long before she made it to the top. I admire how Carrie paved the way for artists like Patsy Cline, Dottie West, Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton. It's great to know that absolutely no one voted for her because of her looks. It was certainly nice of Loretta, Dolly, and Tanya to say nice things about Carrie since they will obviously never be able to match her accomplishments. Please don't insult Carrie by saying she reminds you of Patsy or Loretta. She is already far superior to them. I'm glad that she can hit the right notes, we all know how off-key Dolly, Patsy, and Loretta have always been. But who can argue? Obviously, the number one position belongs not to Dolly, not to Patsy, not to Loretta, but to the one whose music has stood the test of time (what has it been, about four years? ). She's real, she's genuine, she isn't fakey at all...the lady who may have had to work a day in her life, I'm not sure...Carrie!?

She hasn't done enough to be respected as greater singer than Reba, Martina, or Patsy... but Carrie Underwood has the strongest voice country music has ever seen. Carrie has the ability to be the Whitney Houston of country. I believe when its all said and done, she will be the best of all-time and maybe held in the same class as George Strait, George Jones, or Alabama.

Clearly the most vocally gifted of the country singers. Power, control, versatility...
When you can rock "Sweet Child O' Mine" and then make people cry with "How Great Thou Art" like she can, you have to be the best.

She has made the biggest country debut in history, sold the most albums in the smallest amount of time ever, and has only produced number one albums and songs to date. At this pace one day she could top this list.

I enjoy listening to mrs underwood. She sings from her soul and heart. I like that she isn't trying to change country music into old rock like some other singers. My wife and I love her stories. She keeps it real country from roots of country. Lastly there isn't and hasn't been anyone like her. God Bless.

I'd rather drink bleach than hear this racist tramp's voice ever again.

There is no other singer like carrie underwood. The first song I ever heard was hers. I am really thankful to her for introducing me to the world of great country music! ThANKS cARRIE! Keep the great work up! Yo!

Carrie Underwood has one of the most powerful female voices. I love how she can sing traditional country music songs but she also mixtures country with pop. She truly sings from her heart and soul. I think she's one of the most talented female singers of the 21st century. I also think she's an amazing role model.

Carrie has proven herself to be one of the best female country artists of all time. This woman has sounded great from the first time that I heard her sing on American idol. She always sounds great live, unlike some of the other artists

Everyone who truly knows country music knows that she is the queen of country music. Sure there could have been others who could have reached it like Tammy Wynette and Reba McEntire but she was passed the spot since kitty wells was gone. She is the Queen of Country and George Strait is the King of Country. It just is. Deal with it.

I love carrie underwood, I have grow on her music. When about 6 years old I would only listen to pop and carrie underwood well now I sense all kinds of country music and I can't help thinking it was all because of sense to her when I was at young she always been all my famale hero keep rocking it.

She is I don't even know how to explain how great she is. I love all her songs there all different and fun. Her voice is strong and pure. She is making history right now and will continue. I love your Carrie huge fan

She is amazing singer that I have ever heard and she dresses nice and she can be a good influence for anyone ever everyone will love her music I hope

She is one of the greatest singers we have had in a long time she is great love to hear her singer, she will be as great as Dolly and Loretta in time to come. Love her singing.

When we saw her show in person, it was the most magnificent evening of entertainment we have ever had. Her voice is so rare and above any other country singer past or present. We are retired and seen and heard them all and she is definitely the Queen of country music.

Don't get me wrong Taylor is great but Carrie has the voice remind me with brad paisley is something no other country artist can do. Carrie has tons of heart and she will be around 4 ever. Pick up her new cd blown away. Wow!

I love Carrie's music! You rock Carrie! Shes also beautiful and her voice is way better than taylor swift's. She dosen't care about all the money and fame she gets she really wants to be a good role model which she is! She always wants to do good to those who need help too.

Carrie Underwood is a wonderful country singer. Her songs are all so different, yet so good! I love her variety of songs! She has a wonderful voice, is very talented, and she is truly country.

Carrie Underwood has the voice of an angel. She has a powerhouse voice which knocks you off your feet but when she goes into her falsetto you really know you've died and gone to heaven.