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Dolly Rebecca Parton is an American singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, known primarily for her work in country music.


Dolly Parton has had and still has one of the most successful music careers of all time. Her song I Will Always Love You has been one of the greatest love songs ever! I think she is the best because of her personality, amazing voice and songwriting capabilities, and her work in the literacy field. Her rags to riches story is very inspiring and I admire her confidence in herself. She is the QUEEN of Country Music.

Dolly is an all around performer. She can sing, write some of the best music and entertain as well. She has an amazing personality!

Dolly has had the longest career and had the most #1 songs. She is simply the best. She even writes all her songs. Dolly is the richest country music singer ever. She is also the best selling female country artist of all time if you count all of her sales. Dolly has to be #1 after writing songs such as I Will Always Love You and Jolene!

Dolly Parton is one of the very best, if sometimes overlooked, female vocalists in Country Music. She can sing, write fantastic songs which become iconic, and has proven herself as an actress, business woman and philanthropist. She has also championed new artists and has provided background vocals to over 200 tracks of other artists songs. She is genuine and artistic in her music and talent.

She has more number ones than any other country female artist. She was first female artist to have a song be a number one in two decades the song I Will Always Love You which in the 90s was covered by Whitney Houston. She was the first female artist to have number ones in four consecutive decades. She was also the first female country artist to sell a million copies. She even holds the record for the most selling country song after she beat Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man with the song 9to5. She deserves to be at number one.

"She's wrote many songs, performs and sings them, she is a honest person who works hard. She employees thousands of people and gives books to children for the first five years from the day they're born. Bottom line, she's sixty six and still touring and working hard. "

Dolly Parton is the Grand Dame of country music. Her voice, delivery, looks, charisma, entertaining skills are simply #1... Oh and Anyone who voted for Taylor Swift is out of their minds and knows nothing of music. Her music is bubble gum country and It deserves no place on this list, period!

No one holds a candle to Dolly Parton. The top three here so for are talented ladies, but no female country singer can match here in terms of singing and songwriting talent, philanthropy, or sheer longevity. Her voice has matured, but is as good as, and maybe better than, it as ever been.

I like her because she is a great singer and her singing island in the stream with Kenny rogers was great. Also who ever is saying taylor swift is a good singer is dead wrong you are traders just like her and the new country sucks she shouldn't be singing if she sings hip hop.

The only country music I ever listen to is DOlly... She is the greatest female vocalist and writer of all time; she can sing any type of music and make it sound fantastic and can harmonize like no other singer. DOLLY is absolutely number one!

Dolly Parton is solely responsible for my love of country music. Her voice is so pure and wholesome, and her lyrics evoke so many emotions of love and happiness that are so central great music. She is and will always be an inspiration.

Dolly has taken her career to places no other female country singer has done before. She has the most number one songs and is still going strong!

Dolly is so classy and real, you only get that kinda of soul from the within that came from the out side. Pain suffering and true happiness that comes from the heart not the wallet. Thank you for giving of yourself Dolly

No comparison. Dolly has a grace and ease that comes out in every note. It's not forced, harsh or aimed at impressing with embellishment and vocal tricks. That's why she's the queen of country. Long live the Queen!

Dolly Parton is in my opinion one of the most iconic country stars of all time! Another soprano in country music. Same vocal range as Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Danielle Bradbery and Alison Krauss.

Dolly parton is by far the greatest country singer and deserves to be 1 on this list, her voice is so powerful. I love her songs 9 to 5 and absolutely adore her duet with Kenny Rogers islands in the stream.

She is the queen of country! And one of the best songwriters there is! Just the best! And always stayed true to here self.

Dolly has been my idol and inspiration all my life, I love singing her songs, and was lucky to grow up and have a large chest which like Dolly I'm so proud of :-)

Mother, Queen, Goddess of Country music I'm sorry 'bout the new girls, they're great, but Dolly is better.

After seeing Dolly in 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias, then seeing Carrie in Sound of Music, singing isn't the only thing in which Dolly is superior to Carrie...

Dolly is my hero. Our families have so many similarities which helps me to understand her music, her wit, and wisdom. She is a one-of-a-kind Jewel among country music artists.

If she had more radio play her newer music would have been more successful. She has amazing songs and still a voice unlike no other. I want to see her with more number 1 hits.

Dolly is my all time favourite, she just hits the spot for me. To have been at the top for so long just shows how much talent she has.

She is the greatest. I don't expect the other ladies on this list will ever top her in longevity - they will fade while her music will live on and on and on...

I don't like country music but Dolly is an exception, she is a queen! She is in my opinion the greatest female country singer and should be known for it!