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21 Olivia Newton John

Again, would probably be rated higher if she were purely country. Let Me Be There is country, Physical is not.

Number five behind, Tammy, Loretta, Patsy and Dolly

Olivia Newton-John please turn my Facebook and I am in Moore house

Excellent Voice I loved to see her in the Movie "Grease"

22 Jennifer Nettles

I have never heard anyone with stronger vocals. She delivers her songs perfectly and makes the listener feel every word. Plus, she has a great personality and an extreme passion that you can hear in all her songs. Her songs all have meaning, and they can move the listener to strong emotions. She has also performed or covered Bon Jovi, Beyonce, the B 52s, Nelly, and Kings of Leon songs, showing that she has talent in more than just country singing. Her unique voice is just an added bonus.

Listen to the Crossroads performance when she sang with Bon Jovi. She could join the band tomorrow and fit right in. She sings everything with passion and crystal clarity. She can sing the soft sections beautifully and fill the room with powerful sound when required. She is simply the best.

All the Woman Singers listed would agree that Jennifer Nettles has the total package. She has the strength, clarity and range that a very few singers posses. Listen to the one season of "duets" and you will see and hear what I am talking about.

John Mayer Facebook my Facebook and I am in Naaman Moore house

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23 Wynonna Judd Wynonna Judd

Wynonna should be at the very top of the list. She does heart touching, soul searching, and beautifully orchestrated songs, definitely not cry in your beer stuff. Simply nobody who can match her, not even the country western female vocalists of the past. Gotta disagree with comments about Whitney and Aretha. Love them both, but, their voices and styles aren't country western oriented.

How is she not #1 on the list? She is one of the greatest vocalist of our time, PERIOD! Male or female; country or pop. She transcends all genre's and stands alongside the likes of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.

This list is a joke when Kellie Pickler can rank Higher than Wynonna Judd. Strictly listening to the voice Wynonna is the best ever judged by clarity, fullness of tone and range of highs and lows.

Wynonna has the best voice, she should at the top of list.

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24 Bobby Gentry

Heard The Ode to Billy Joe on the radio today - a fabulous song from a fantastic artist. Surely she's should be on this list...?

Neither one is high enough. If she sang on a reality show, she'd be in the top five.

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25 Barbara Mandrell

Barbara Mandrell was a classy entertainer. I wish that she would go back to performing a couple times a year. This would keep her in the spot light and would keeps fans like myself still cherishing the moment and memories she has given. Barbara Mandrell is the greatest performe in Country Music. She was a beautiful singer, wonderful dancer and played many instruments well. She will be No. 1 to many.

Barbara has it all - She can sing, dance and play over 10+ instruments - she entertained. She also was the first female and first ever person to win back to back entertainer of the year - at the CMA's and ACM's! She should definitely be in the top 10 if not in the top 5!

Barbara carried the baton of country queen from late 70s to mid-80s. She was country when country wasn't and was cool. Love, love her. Wish she would return to performing, as it would help keep her name out there. Miss her!

The Queen! A wonderful talent and very entertaining!

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26 k.d. lang

Most amazing range ever

The most honest girl I ever heard.

Her voice is moving

Roy Oberon said she had the best pipes in the business. She is right there with patsy cline. They are the top two. Pick-em.

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27 Lee Ann Womack

She has a nice melody she is a female Don Williams to me. Shania Twain on the top? That is funny to me. Lee Ann cannot be compared with any one in this world for now. Not 1 album check out all of it you wont drop a single of it. Whatever for me Sania twain is rock n roll not country artist. My b cause I love don williams and I just grow up listening those artists I'm kinda traditional country lover. Peace.


As I can see all of you here is not country listener you r rock n roll. For me lee ann womack is the best

Definitely one of the top 5 and for pure voice quality Lee Ann Womack is ridiculously talented - several of her songs hold up ov r time as well - check out Last Call - just a gritty well crafted, expertly sung tune. She deserves way ahead of several folks that show up here higher on the list. by the way, we need these songs back on country radio - women are not receiving the air time they deserve and we are subjected to bro country way too thoroughly. Country is smarter than that.

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28 Kelsea Ballerini

Dibs is one of my absolute favorite country songs, along with Fly by Maddie and Tae, Confession by Florida Georgia Line, and Peter Pan, which is also by Kelsea Ballerini!

She has a beautiful voice. And she keeps my courage up to singing country music like here so I really hope she never stops singing

She's better than all these singers

Yeah Boy is my favorite. Great country singer. - DMacLean15

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29 Crystal Gayle

Beautiful sounds to the ears

Should be in the top 10 in my opinion

My into to country was made by Crystal Gayle. I still pop in the old cassettes to remind of what singing should be like. Top 10 for sure!

She has made a fantastic impression and I cannot escape from her diamond voice.

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30 Anne Murray Anne Murray Morna Anne Murray known professionally as Anne Murray, is a Canadian singer in pop, country, and adult contemporary music whose albums have sold over 55 million copies worldwide.

Love here voice, she almost sounds like Karen Carpenter

Great country voice. I would consider her in the top ten in female country singers.

I love ann murray she has a unique and talented voice right up there with reba and dolly


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31 Cassadee Pope Cassadee Pope Cassadee Blake Pope is an American singer, songwriter and musician. Pope was the lead vocalist of the rock band Hey Monday (on hiatus as of December 2011), with whom she released one studio album and three EPs.

She should be number one her songs help out a lot of people who are in a tough position. she help me get over a break up/relationship with a guy who cheated on me and then tried to tell me that everything was gonna be ok and that he would never do it to me again and yet he did it again and she helped me. she is amazing, and if you ever feel like your nothing listen to her song she will dig you out of the hole that you are in. SHE IS AMAZING!

Cassadee is definitely one of the best artists I listen to!

You should be at the top your awesome!

32 Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raitt

I only heard one song I can't make you love me. But I can't help but admire her voice. Many artists here are so underrated and stars like Katy and selena and Taylor are overrated. I like them but they don't have strong voices.

So much soul, my son and I both love her and her music I just don't hear enough of her these days even in this world of technology. She's the greatest.

Still going strong and better than ever

Great entertainer, though I'm not sure I'd consider her country...

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33 Madison Marlow

Who is she? this is my name

34 Kitty Wells

No one can sing with more style and heart. No one had the answering songs to the male singers like she does. I particularly like the song I gave my wedding dress away.

Kitty Wells, the True Queen of Country Music. She should be on top! She broke down a female barrier at the time the country music was dominated by men. Her breakthrough paved the way for all female counrty singers. Without this great lady, country music would not come to this day.

Lots of singers here, but only one true queen.

Loretta, Dolly and Reba all declared that Kitty Wells is the queen of country.

Kitty Wells is and always will be the first and greatest queen of country music. Her golden voice will be remembered through the ages by all who grew up during her time of reign as country queen.She should be rated number one right at the top of this list. RIP my queen forever.

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35 Jennette McCurdy Jennette McCurdy Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy is an American actress, screenwriter, producer, singer and songwriter.

Great singer and great actor. She has it all!

I think Jennette McCurdy is amazing on ICarly

Far way better than Taylor Swift.

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36 Kacey Musgraves

Her kind of music is a little bit Taylor Swift. You really should listen to it.

Honestly saying, her songs are totally amazing, it hits you right on the feels. by the way why isn't Kacey in the top 10's?...She deserves it so badly

Kacey will beat up Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift will no more be the best I like kacey musgraves

Taylor Swift is pop music. Kacey is country!

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37 Mandy Barnett

Awesome, underrated, beautiful voice. Very sweet to fans after shows.

38 Maren Morris

Great to see someone rejected by the reality shows and their so-called "expert coaches" make it.

My Church and 80's Mercedes are great songs. - DMacLean15

I love maren

39 Natalie Maines

Exercised her first amendment rights and paid the price with the conservative country crowd. It's country music's loss. Had a really good comeback album, "Taking the Long Way" just a few years ago, but haven't much from Natalie or the Chicks since.

She and the Dixie Chicks brought a whole new audience of young girls to country music in the late nineties. To show its gratitude, the country music industry threw them out on their ear because of politics. What garbage.

Hank Williams Jr. Can compare our president to Hitler and radio stations keep on playing his records. Natalie says she's ashamed to be from the same state and she and her two female band mates are shunned from the country scene at the height of their careers. It's hard to say this isn't sexist, isn't it?

Politics aside, beautiful voice and strong vocalist that sings with emotion. If I had to pick one female country singer, she's the one.

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40 Maddie and Tae

I love your guy's voice

Kelsea Ballerini RaeLynn and Maddie and Tae as the best

I honestly think maddie and Tae should be number one on this list

Maddie & Tae should be at lest in the top ten.

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