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41 Tanya Tucker Tanya Tucker Tanya Denise Tucker is an American female country music artist who had her first hit, "Delta Dawn", in 1972 at the age of 13. Over the succeeding decades, Tucker became one of the few child performers to mature into adulthood without losing her audience, and during the course of her career, she notched more.

You have Tanya Tucker below Bonnie Raitt and Kelly Clarkson, who aren't even country singers? How insulting.

There aren't 37 singers in Country Music that can carry a tune, much less available for listing ahead of Tanya.

Some of the best songs ever!

Should be I top, amazing talent..all her songs are different.

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42 Dottie West

She sang emotions. One of the most unique, along with Loretta, Dolly and Tammy.

First Country Female to win a Grammy and she even wrote the song.

43 Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary consistently produces work of the highest quality, taking Country Music to new heights. Between Here and Gone sets a new benchmark for all aspiring songwriters.

"Stones in the Road" is one of the greatest songs of the last few decades. Mary is one of the greats.

She is a terrific singer and wonderful entertainer.

I feel lucky today

[email protected]

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44 Terri Clark

Besides Brenda Lee she is the greatest. My name is Brenda Lee. My father named me when he was in Germany in 1961.

A good voice and real country, and very nice looking

Terri Clark I'd like you to be on my Facebook and Naaman Morehouse

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45 Natalie Maines

Exercised her first amendment rights and paid the price with the conservative country crowd. It's country music's loss. Had a really good comeback album, "Taking the Long Way" just a few years ago, but haven't much from Natalie or the Chicks since.

She and the Dixie Chicks brought a whole new audience of young girls to country music in the late nineties. To show its gratitude, the country music industry threw them out on their ear because of politics. What garbage.

Hank Williams Jr. Can compare our president to Hitler and radio stations keep on playing his records. Natalie says she's ashamed to be from the same state and she and her two female band mates are shunned from the country scene at the height of their careers. It's hard to say this isn't sexist, isn't it?

Politics aside, beautiful voice and strong vocalist that sings with emotion. If I had to pick one female country singer, she's the one.

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46 Brenda Lee Brenda Lee Brenda Mae Tarpley, known as Brenda Lee, is an American performer and the top-charting solo female vocalist of the 1960s.

Only Woman in the Rock a BIlly hall of fame, Rock Hall of fame, and Country Music call of fame... Sold millions of albums all over the world. one of the best representatives of country music that you can find. Terrific attitude and wonderful personality. What a talent!

Don't tell me that you actually think there are 81 singers in Country Music better than Brenda Lee. Just admit your list is a travesty.

One of the best female voices of all time. Her Christmas recording is still very popular.

Beautiful, strong voice from such a small lady. Top 10

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47 Maggie Rose

Vocally she's better than anyone on the list but she has a long way to go. One day should could be in the top 5 though!

48 Ashley Monroe

Can you say young Dolly? She rivals Alison in God given ability. Sadly this beautiful traditional voice will never get the props it deserves.

49 K.T. Oslin

Best of them all. Exceptional sultry voice and so full of emotion.

Breakthrough vocals and most creative songs that truly tell a story.
Carla McAlevy
Hamilton OH

50 Audra McLaughlin

Carrie Underwood? Kelly Clarkson? Audra McLaughlin? Yes, you will hear those three names in the same sentence before too long. Audra's voice is right up there with Carrie and Kelly. Amazing, powerful vocals. Was lucky enough to meet her in person and what a down to earth, genuine person who really cared about her fans.

Audra is such a tremendously awesome and amazing singer, songwriter, and genuine person! Looking forward to seeing her on top of this list in the near future! Just love her!

This girl is one of the up and coming new women of country music. Check her out. Powerhouse vocals.

Love Audra. So talented.

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51 Jessie James

She's married to eric decker of course she is one of the best there is

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52 Donna Fargo

One of the most popular singers of the 70's, Donna Fargo also topped the pop charts as well. fargo also wrote 80 of her material. She became the first woman in country music history to have 2 million selling singles in a row. Fargo is only one of five female country singers to have hosted her own TV series.

I can't think of a more deserving artist to be pushed to the #1 spot on this list. She has proven her "staying power" in the music industry. Donna has earned some of the most prestigious awards earned in music. I have met many artists but I can say without exception Donna is the most kind, talented, creative, versatile, hard-working singer/songwriter there is in country music.

I just thought Donna seemed like the genuine sweetest thing around, and she very well may have been the sweetest little lady to ever have number one billboard hit songs in the Country and Pop charts.. And she was a former English teacher who became the head of her HS English Department where she taught in California, that's just a unique other career for a singer to have.. She was a smart woman who graduated from Southern Cal University... I just loved her.. Very Unique lady.. Very worthy of The Country Music Hall of Fame..

Donna very well could be the most under-rated female country singer ever, unique pure country voice, and a personality that always exuded pure sweetness.. She sang with such tender emotion, feeling, and heart..

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53 Jeannie C. Riley
54 Kasey Chambers

c'mon Kasey is an excellent singer, moving lyrics, wonderful voice and a great heart

55 Katie Armiger
56 Maddie and Tae

I love your guy's voice

Kelsea Ballerini RaeLynn and Maddie and Tae as the best

I honestly think maddie and Tae should be number one on this list

Maddie & Tae should be at lest in the top ten.

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57 Connie Smith

I can't believe Connie Smith is rated this low. Connie's very first song, "Once a Day", became the first debut single by a female country artist to reach number one & it stayed there for 8 weeks. For nearly 50 years the single held the record for the most weeks spent at number one on the Billboard country chart by a female artist.

My mother & Connie are best friends, & Mom says she was on her way to super stardom, but put her kids & family first so not many concerts or records released. Over the last 40 years, I've asked a lot the greatest stars of country music, who is the best female vocalists in country music & over 90% have said, "Connie Smith." Great talent knows great talent, so I think that is reason enough to put her up to #1. And if Taylor Swift has ever made a country record, I have not heard it.

Love connie' voice, no other, what I call a country music, todays country female singer are not country. They ruin the real country music.

If you are going to list Connie Smith as number 49 in Country Music, then you ought to just admit your insanity right now and go home.


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58 Lorrie Morgan

Greatest singer ever in my opinion.

Love her singing, and I was a big fan until I met her. Not impressed at all. She was very unfriendly and egotistical. Never purchased any more of her music or concert tickets again after that.

One of the best and maybe least known

Lorrie Morgan is the best female country singer

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59 Jean Shepard

I think Jean Shepard is the best country artist of all times, even at the age of 81 she can still sing, in my opinion she is the Grand Lady of country music and always will be, it's a shame she hasn't be performing lately because shes not feeling well my prayers are with her for a full recovery, I love her so much shes a sweet lady and witty as well, I miss her so much. God Bless you Jean. Jeanne WAlsh my enail is [email protected], com

I love her song "Slippin' Away" written by Bill Anderson.

When you have one of the greatest singers of all time this low, you must admit your list is absurd.

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60 Pam Tillis

Pam Tillis is great. The song "Band in the Window" from the 2006 album Rhinestoned is the best country song I've heard in a long time.

Just listen to the strength and melody in her voice. Your list should all be bumped down one spot. Because PAM TILLIS is #1.

Pam is the greatest female country singer!

Greatest female voice in country!

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