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Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th 1979 and died August 25th 2001. She was a dancer, an actress and an R&B singer. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Detroit, Michigan and died at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. ...read more.


Aaliyah had a way of making the Choreography she does look easy, but come to find out really Aaliyah's Dancing was Quite Hard and Difficult and Intricate, I'd say she had a Natural Ability to Dance and be able to Move her body in ways that no one couldn't be able to Duplicate, and she was also Beautiful and the kind of Music she did when't Perfectly with the kind of Dancing she did Aaliyah Haughton will Definitely be Missed there will never be another AALIYAH Rest In Peace Babygirl.

What made Aaliyah a Great Dancer was her Sex Appeal she would Dance so Smooth with Baggy Clothes and still Managed to be Beautiful and Sexy Aaliyah was a Entertainer she could do it all not only was she a Great Singer and Actress, she was also Beautiful and a Phenomenal Dancer and also a Fashion Model, Aaliyah didn't try to Compete with other Artists or Dancers she Loved the Material she was Doing and she was Truely Inspirational and Influential and could do it all Sing, Dance, Fashion Model and was a Great Actress, and Still The "Try Again" Music Video is one of the Best Choreographed Music Videos Ever Aaliyah was Born to Dance.

Aaliyah was not the Best Dancer of All Time but what I Liked about Aaliyah is that she was not trying to compete with other Dancers she had her own style and she was Okay with that and what else I Liked about Aaliyah is she had Major Confidence which made her Dancing Ability really Strong and Remarkable how the way Aaliyah would Hit the Dance Moves so easily in the Music Video "Try Again" and not only was she a Great Dancer but Aaliyah was also a Musician who Act, like the Movies she's Been in and I Love Aaliyah.

Aaliyah should be higher than this! She was a brilliant dancer, she didn't need to even put effort in to dance, she just naturally had that rhythm & ability to flow. I love Aaliyah, she was really talented & special. Aaliyah could sing, dance, model & she wasn't trashy about it she was just a natural. I've seen lots of different uncut, backstage, off tape video's of Aaliyah & she seemed to be so laid back & cool. You can just tell she had a beautiful personality & soul. I Wish she was still alive, I think why did she have to die? But it's life all we have is her legacy & music to remember her by. Wow what a Legend though, Legendary dancer & singer, RIP Baby Girl xx

Before she passed, Aaliyah was ahead of the game with her music and dance moves. She was such a talent, and it's a great loss that we haven't been able to see the new moves and material she would have created. And yes, she should be way higher on the list and if she were alive today, she would be. I'm glad Ciara is on the list because she is reminds me so much of Aaliyah especially while she's dancing. Ciara is a bit more raw and dirty and Aaliyah was effortless and smooth. Miss her still. RIP sweet lady

What I like about Aaliyah Dance moves, is that she would hit the Dance moves without putting to much thought into it she would just Dance and made her Dance moves look so natural and beautiful at the same time and Aaliyah had the abilitu of making her Dance moves look so smooth and cool, and I think that was one of her strong points of Dancing she is the only Female Dancer that can can wear baggy pants and a Jersey and Dance so beautiful and fluid at the same time, Aaliyah is one of the most important Dancers in general.

Aaliyah had Major Dancing Ability she would Dance as if she wasn't putting too much thought into it, she had what Everybody was trying to get and it was her Dancing, there will never be another Aaliyah she actually really was Talented she could Act, Sing and Dance, not like Janet Jackson she could only just Dance not like Ciara she can only just Dance, Aaliyah could Sing and Dance Very Well and Act she was also very Beautiful as well.

What I liked about Aaliyah's Dancing is that she didn't have to try too hard like most Famous Dancers Aaliyah had Confidence and Natural Talent as a Dancer she made every Dance Move look like a really Rare Move and had a Swag that no female Dancers have not even Janet Jackson, especially whenever Aaliyah wears Baggy Pants with a Jersey Shirt and still manage to be Sexy and Dance Great she was a Badd Woman and by Bad I mean Good.

What made Aaliyah a Great Dancer was how Natural she Dance in her Music Videos she Dance like Water she Moved so smooth and elegant to her Songs and still was able to Wear Baggy Clothes and still be Sexy and she also had a Secret Weapon it was Belly Dancing she was also Good in the Belly Dancing Field as well, Aaliyah is one of the Best Dancers in Show-Business and she is Gone but not Forgotten we still love Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Dance Style was Epitome she had a talent and one of those talents was Dancing Aaliyah could hit the moves and make it look easy but when you actually try to do the Dance Routines it is very difficult abd challenging that was the Illusion Aaliyah was putting into her Dance Moves Aaliyah was a cool Sexy Dancer and Dancing was one of Aaliyah's Talents.

Aaliyah was a Wonderful Dancer she had Sensual Dance Moves, she Moved Different from other Female Dancers she Danced in a Smooth Sexy Elegant Way but she also Added some Rough Hip Hop Ways to her Dancing, Aaliyah Dance in a way that it look like she wasn't trying to hard to Dance but the secret is Aaliyah was Really Dancing her Butt Off in a way to where it was hard to Mimick and Catch up on her Dance Talents, her Moves were at her Greatest in the Video - "Try Again". Aaliyah was a Phenomenal Dancer.

Aaliyah Dancing was very beautiful because she was beautiful Aaliyah had the kind of Choreography that everybody wish they knew how to do the moment you see the Try Again Music Video and see Aaliyah Dance you just wish you can do those same Moves Aaliyah was doing in that Video, it is very obvious Dancing was Aaliyah's Talent and she was very good and natural at it.

Aaliyah had the moves she had the Voice, she had the Beautiful face, she also was a Great Actress and Great Fashion Model Aaliyah could do it all, but her Strongest Talent was her Dancing the Minute she'll Dance it's like you can't take your Eyes From off of her she moved so smooth and Made Dancing look fun for Everybody to do I love Aaliyah may she Rest In Peace.

Aaliyah had a way of moving her body very smooth to music not too many Dancers can do that only Aaliyah could do that and Aaliyah made Dancing beautiful because Aaliyah herself was beautiful she had her own Moves and didn't try to compete with other Dancers she loved what she did and was Solo and made everything she did look so Magical love Aaliyah.

Aaliyah had a Swag About her Dancing that other Female Dancers didn't have I knew she was a Great Dancer when I seen the "Try Again" Music Video, she even helped with the Choreography for Destiny's Child "Get On The Bus" Music Video which was a very good Video by the way Aaliyah had a Talent and that Talent was Dance, Aaliyah could Dance and Dance Very-Well.

I Guarantee you if Aaliyah was still Alive her Dancing would of even more Evolved because she was just Born with Dance/Dancing Ability I love when she starts Belly Dancing in her Video "Rock The Boat" and "4 Page Letter" Music Videos Babygirl Aaliyah will truly be missed I Loved Aaliyah she was great, she was Great.

Aaliyah dance moves are so great and intricate I tried doing the dance routine of Aaliyah try again music video it was so hard and confusing I am a dancer myself and the dance difficulty Aaliyah had in that music video was her best Dance routine ever Aaliyah is considered one of the best Dancers of All time, love Aaliyah.

Aaliyah didn't have to do tricks or big Moves her Choreography Alone was Superb and Splendid and Sexy and Thug Gangster kind of Dance Routines she had, Aaliyah may not be the best Dancer but when you think of her Reputation Dancing was one of her Reputations and Talents as well as her Beauty.

I Wish I could Dance like Aaliyah, she had a Different Dance Style that other Female Dancers didn't have she had Confidence, Sex Appeal, Courageous and Beautiful. Aaliyah was very Talented and Dance Very Well, I miss her so much. Aaliyah will always be known for her Dance Moves and her Beautiful Face and Songs.

What I liked about Aaliyah's Dancing is that Aaliyah didn't have to try to hard to be this Dancer it all came very naturally to Aaliyah the moment you watch her Try Again Music Video you just say Aaliyah was born to Dance she had a gift of moving her body very smooth and Agile but made it look intricate and difficult at the same time, Aaliyah also had a gift of making an easy Dance Move look like thw most biggest coolest thing ever.

Aaliyah had the ability of making simple Dance moves look like the most powerful occupation to do ever it is clear tHAT Aaliyah was born to Dance and dancing was one of her strong points nobody can not tell me that she could not dance she was a great dancer and influential.

Aaliyah Dance moves were like walking on water she had her own dance moves she did her own style of Dance she had clean choreography and very intricate steps as well she is the art of Dance.

Aaliyah dance moves were cool and sexy she did Dance moves that most male and female Dancers can not do still till this day she is the art of Dance R.I. P Aaliyah.

Aaliyah was very good at Dancing she had Amazing Choreography she was very rare because Aaliyah was the only female Dancer that can Dance in Baggy Jeans And still be very Feminine and Sexy, Aaliyah was very Manish with her Dancing and Girly as well and I k there will not be Another Aaliyah.

Aaliyah's dance moves look so easy and simple but it is so much harder to execute than it seems, she is definitely one of the best female dancers.