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Arch Enemy is a Swedish melodic death metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1996. Its members were in bands such as Carcass, Armageddon, Carnage, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars, and Eucharist.


Arch Enemy is a female-fronted metal band which doesn't plays gothic/symphonic metal. I have absolutely nothing against bands like Epica and Nightwish that play those genres, but the fact that girls only play them annoys me a lot. Angela and Alissa are both very talented, and they are not attached to that "girly" stuff. This is what makes Arch Enemy, for me, the best female-fronted metal band.

Arch Enemy continues to empower and inspire women everywhere with their amazing talent and music. This should be in the top 3. I never can get sick of their music, I've been able to hear the same full album everyday for a month and I'm still not sick of it! Both Angela and Alissa are amazing and strong women with great values and vocals.

Actualy I'm not a big fan of them.. but the truth is Arch enemy should be number one here... guys don't vote your favorite bands and guys in every list.. Vote for the One who actualy deserve that...! Arch enemy is num one here.. I love Evanscence and Flyleaf A loot... but in this catogary Arch enemy is better than them... - skt

This band is so unique in all ways. This band is the definition of metal! Absolutely love them, and its been lead by stunning females, which breaks stereotypes in metal (that its only for me). Arch enemy is MAGIC! This band must be in the top 3. With In This Moment and Otep

One of the only female fronted bands that are considered "true metal. " Nightwish sucks with their failed attempt at operatic vocals. Try Warrel Dane or Nevermore if you want a real operatic tone. On the other hand, Evanescence isnot even metal. Most female fronted bands these days are only selling the image and lack guitar solos and creative riffing, which is what makes a band in my opinion. Fortunately, Arch Enemy has both as the Amott brothers slay.

How Angela Gossow isn't at the top is beyond me... It's not just her voice that she should be in first for, it's the way she can control the audience too. That's what it means by fronted, not just who's the best singer. - Porcupine

The combination of the Amott brothers dual guitar onslaught and Angela Gossow's guttural rants and musings set the standard by which all other bands in the genre must either measure up to or kneel before. Quite simply, Arch Enemy Kicks Ass!

The look people get on their face when I tell them that Angela is actually a woman (after hearing her voice of course) and not some giant guy with blood dripping down his chin is reason enough to vote for Arch Enemy.

The only band with a female singer and still stays metal. Every other band with a female singer are just super gimmicky or some stupid symphonic pop band. At least the Amott brothers still shred and melt faces with their iconic guitar lines.

Well, you've to experience them live to fully understand why so many, so different people from all genre types adore them.
It's not just Angela's phenomenal voice and Michael's wicked melodic-death-metal riffs, it's the whole package of pure power and might that fills the air.
We you see them at first you'll never expect that such a slight/graceful little person like Angela could release an tremendous thunderstorm of deep growls. I couldn't believe it until I saw them live.
Don't expect some melodical finesse like Tarja Turunen. This is raw. This is pure unleashed power.
Yes, I'm a huge fan of that band. But I suggest everyone to at least check 'em out on YouTube.

The only true female fronted metal band on the list. Yes, Amy Lee's voice is amazing, and Nightwish has stunning vocals, but Arch Enemy is true to the metal genre with her vocals. I have always loved their music and her.

This band is actually pretty amazing! The first song that I've listened from AE is War Eternal and somehow fell in love with it! Though they may not be part of my top 5 favorite band yet but I'm voting for them!

Best female fronted band in my opinion. What I like about them is Angela Gassow never shows herself as this sex thing who constantly reminds us shes a girl, like so many femAle lead singers do. Not that there is anything wrong with that, just I think the best girl-power method is showing you are a strong woman rather than saying it. Oh, and I'm a woman.

I don't really think I would go with evanescence and nightwish. Arch enemy doesn't deserve to be in 3rd.. In my opinion they are the best until they have Angella Gossow..

May be this band is "more" Metal, but if you used to nice female voices like in Nightwish / Epica / Xandria (why not in top 20 by the way?! ), you will be shocked by this Scream.

There is a lot of good stuff in metal and then there is Alyssa who should be classified as a genre and artistic upper echelon in and of herself

Best doesn't cover it they got Alissa from the agonist people with taste in melodic death metal should list to archenemy more not this epica

Coolest Death metal band and I love Alissa's growls, she should've stayed with The Agonist but still the new agonist singer made it great to.

got that right if nightwish was metal this website would be a tv show
- seether62

Evanescence is TOP! Really there not even close to Metal at best there cheesy love songs with guitar in the background

the fact that Nightwish is ahead of Arch Enemy in a metal category means something is wrong with the people voting.

Even with alissa white-gluz arch enemy is the best female fronted metal band for me.

Arch Enemy is the best metal band. But Within temptation is the best female band, too bad it ain't metal.

Alissa is the hottest metal girl ever! And the most authentic. Screamo makes these People the best

Angry German Woman marching under Black Flag is a great live experience