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Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.


Great band that delivers with every album released. Their first album 'Fallen' is a great example of why they deserve to be on this list, having sold 17 million copies worldwide alone. That and 2 Grammy Awards and onwards to much more. I'm surprised to see them at number 2 but when people re-vote for the same band over and over until it's first...I can see why. Perhaps a better voting system would better represent a more accurate list. And it's a pity that some pathetic posters find a need to trash talk about other bands like children. A moderator might be a good idea next time. But it's great to see a list like this for true lovers of great music to lookup...and hear about other bands they might not have known about. Thanks.

Amy Lee was amazing, because, she contiguously made up her unforgettable talent that I have ever seen in my whole internal life! Like I thought, rock metals are so unbelievable, when I was 3 years old, I started to be addicted to rock stars, but, I want to be a metal screamer like Amy!
If being a metal screamer will help me stop the bullying inside my high school, I will feel better! By the way I love you, Amy Lee!

Lots of great bands in this list. Evanescence unfortunately is not one of them. I am sick of hearing how Amy Lee is a rock goddess and has a voice of an angel. Have these people ever listened to her sing live? Have they ever listened to real female rock vocalists. Amy Lee is a terrible live performer and is nowhere near as good a singer as Tarja, Floor, Cristina, Sharon, Charlotte, Simone or Lizzy?

Even better now than when they first hit these shores. Amy Lee has evolved into an amazingly talented, musically superior model than her younger self. If people thought Evanescence had peaked with their early recordings they were proved wrong with their self titled album, which will surely become a musical classic!

People don't get into a fight discussing who is better than who, enjoy all of these bands because all of them make awesome music. Evanescence is my favorite band but I also love Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Otep and most of the bands included, and for your information Evanescence is not Gothic Rock or Gothic Metal, Amy Lee has said it herself! - sharklitos

There songs are truly awesome... Beyond a doubt most soulful gothic rock I have ever heard... Amy lee has amazing vocals...

Evanescence helped to path the way for other female fronted bands when rock was dominated by mostly male performers. Amy Lee's voice is 100% unique and original, and the melodies are some of the catchiest you'll ever hear. The lyrics are deep, and the music is nothing short of epic. Evanescence deserves to be in the number 1 spot.

Many people are gonna say that we Evanescence fans only love her because we refuse to listen to other bands. This is not true. Many of us have heard other bands before. It's not that we refuse to hear other bands, it's that we truly love Evanescence and love them more than your beloved Nightwish.

I've been following from the beginning and fell in love with Amy Lee's lyrics, vocals, and, of course, her music composition. Now, that it's a bigger group project among all the band members, WOW! Keep rocking', Evanescence! By the way... GIRL CRUSH! Laugh out loud

I am sorry but all of ther songs even up to #25 on their charts are way better than Nightwish or any other bands. Amy's voice completely outshines theirs. It's more modern and beautiful, combine that with the talents of the band, you get amazing music. To be critical, Amy has the best female voice out of any bands in the world!

Evanescence is my favorite band. Their music helps me. All of their songs are so powerful, Evanescence is so amazing. I love Amy Lee's voice. She can sing super high and I love the guitar in the songs! Evanescence is a wonderful band and I will never stop listening to their music.

Amy lee is the best female vocal ever lived, and she is so talented, she can play piano and many other music instruments, and her lyrics, the way she sings, her feelings, her songs helped me so much getting over many bad thoughts and many bad occasions in my life, thank you amy lee

I have read & considered your post and dismissed it. Evanescence are dire and Amy Lee is just an average singer. There are so many better female fronted bands out there. Evanescence are only more popular as they get more media exposure than the European acts.

I love Amy Lee! She is talented and looks like me, and her lyrics have such meaning they draw you in. Her inspiration is her little sister Bonnie died with an unknown illness. It gives the song Hello, Like You, and My Immortal such meaning that they make me cry.

Evanescence deserves their place at number one! I mean, Amy Lee has great vocals and the lyrics of the music are just... Unexplainable. The music, guitars, drums, everything that Evanescence is made up of if just pure awesomeness!

I love them! I can't wait till their next album will be released! I hope I will be able to get it in fall this year. I also hope that one of their concerts will take place in austria! I love them!
Ps: sorry for my bad english!

While maybe not metal in the truest since of the genre, these guys can really rock and Amy has such an ethereal quality to her voice especially live that I am not sure she is really not FALLEN (pun intended) from some higher plain of existence

I am a hard rocker, but I will have to give credit when it due, Amy Lee is a incredible singer, and a very good piano player. This is one band I would go see live, and this is coming from a Metallica, and Black Sabbath fan.


I absolutely love this band. No one else has a voice like Amy Lee, and she's not afraid to be herself. I think that Evanescence should be number 1 on this list for that very reason. Plus, Evanescence's songs are inspirational, relatable and heartfelt.

Evanescence's music and lyrics are so captivating and atmospheric its impossible not to get lost inside the realm they have created. With powerful instrumentation and vocals, this band is sure out shine any other!

Yes... Evanescence is the #1 undoubtedly. Amy Lee makes it possible. What an Excellent voice she has. Bring me to my life, What you want, My heart is broken are simply awesome.

Amy Lee is unequivocally one of the most talented vocalist and lyricist of the 21st century. You'll never forget her voice once you hear it, and the music is so fueled with heavy passion that its impossible to ignore.

Little that feels and understands music amy Lee
Amy lee is the best because she sings with a sense of sexy and like sing about pain they surrounded by
I love songs amy lee because I hear songs amy lee to heal my heart

I have loved evanescence ever since I heard the beast song ever bring me to life in the daredevil movie and I instantly fell in love and at the time I was only a kid I think it's the only good thing about the film.