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241 Gallhammer

All-Female band from Tokyo. They begin with Black/Doom style earlier, Crust-Punk later. All three of their album is unique on its own; Gloomy Lights, Ill Innocence and The End. The lead, Vivian Slaughter said the band is on hold as of now.

Vivian Slaughter is also married to Maniac, the ex-vocalist of the infamous Black Metal band, Mayhem.

This band has real talents, even the infamous Euronymous of Mayhem signed them.

242 Astarte

All-Female Blackened Melodic Death Metal band from Athens, Greece. Released 5 full-length albums. The Lead, Tristessa is one of the best female artist in the Metal scene.

Probably the world's first All-Female Extreme Metal band, and have solidify their Legacy permanently. Those who are into the underground music scenes knows Astarte.R.I.P. Tristessa.

243 Issa

Scandinavian mainstream metal. Catchy licks and nice vocals.

244 Symphonian
245 Wildpath

Definitely very underrated, Wildpath are amazing. I have never heard anyone else fit so many genres together into a perfectly coherent tapestry of awesome. Listen to their latest album, "Disclosure" if you would like to have your mind blown.

HUGELY under rated and possibly lesser known French band that is more dynamic and versatle than any other I have heard even those in the top 10 here. I love them

246 Fear of God

Best goth/death metal band out there. Too bad Dawn Crosby is no longer with us. None of these other gals holds a candle to her.

247 His Anxiety

Death metal/ metalcore from Spain, girl fronted, awesome!

248 Sinphonia

Band is now on hiatus, with Monika Pedersen (Ex-Sirenia / My Mind's Eye / The Other Side)

249 Barbe-Q-Barbies
250 Magica

Underrated band. This band sounds really special for me, it does got a celtic-air

251 Mourning Lilith

Female fronted screamo band from America/Australia

252 Queen Dementia

Amazing sound. Deep, heavy and yet soft and hypnotizing from South Florida

253 End of the Dream
254 Saturnine

All-girl blackened Sludge / Doom Metal band from Italy

255 Cruachan Cruachan Cruachan is a Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland that has been active since the 1990s. They have been acclaimed as having "gone the greatest lengths of anyone in their attempts to expand" the genre of folk metal.
256 Domenica
257 Ava Inferi
258 Dark Sanctuary Dark Sanctuary

I'm so surprised this wasn't on the list. Their music is amazing!

259 Louna

The most popular Russian alternative group with Lousine Gevorkyan. She is great vocalist, who combine clear vocal with screaming.

260 Jack Off Jill

This band has so many amazing songs. Their album Clear Hearts Grey Flowers is a masterpiece. Jessicka Addams' vocals are phenomenal and their lyrics are often poetic and meaningful. Truly a talented group.

They were an all-female band and played an interesting mix of Riot Grrrl, Nu Metal and Alternative Rock.

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