Best Female Fronted Metal Bands


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261 Dimlight
262 Imperia
263 Kivimetsän Druidi
264 Anti-Heros
265 Battlefield

A Thrash Metal band with a female vocalist - christangrant

266 Dakesis
267 Seven Kingdoms
268 Aldious
269 Artrosis
270 Head Phones President
271 Bare Infinity

Great Greek band with a killer new album! - blackdownmusic

272 Orpharion

Beautiful band from Turkey! It's so unique sound and style! Check that guys out!

273 Barbe-Q-Barbies
274 Cruachan Cruachan Cruachan is a Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland that has been active since the 1990s. They have been acclaimed as having "gone the greatest lengths of anyone in their attempts to expand" the genre of folk metal.
275 Domenica
276 Ava Inferi
277 Bloodlined Calligraphy

They had two different female singers. Very good band.

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278 Fit for Rivals

Awesome control and raspy effects given, Renee Phoenix delivers whats to be expected in vocals.

Awesome voice, awesome music! Should be way higher. You can really rock out to these guys!

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279 Cherri Bomb

These girls changed my life, their album changed my life. They are super talented and they are just 14-16 years old. Beautiful, funny, cute girls!

Amazing girls, amazing album, amazing live, can't wait for their next album!

280 Doro

Come on, Doro should top the list. She is the only real metal vocalist here. #0 years and still around. She isn't death metal vocals, isn't opera, just old school style metal and paved the way for all other females who wanted to be in a metal band.

Really? She should be #1

Oh please, do any of you know metal? If so, Doro would be near or at the top. She could hold her own against any male metal vocalist let alone female. She sings metal the when it should be sung.

The only leyend here. That's IT!

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