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261 Anti-Heros
262 Battlefield

A Thrash Metal band with a female vocalist - christangrant

263 Dakesis
264 Ignea

They are a total blast! Mix of oriental, symphonic, progressive metal. As if Epica met Orphaned Land and Arch Enemy. Awesome clean and extreme vocals by lovely Helle. Check them out! - cydoniamyhome

265 Barbe-Q-Barbies
266 Cruachan Cruachan Cruachan is a Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland that has been active since the 1990s. They have been acclaimed as having "gone the greatest lengths of anyone in their attempts to expand" the genre of folk metal.
267 Domenica
268 Ava Inferi
269 Fit for Rivals

Awesome control and raspy effects given, Renee Phoenix delivers whats to be expected in vocals.

Awesome voice, awesome music! Should be way higher. You can really rock out to these guys!

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270 Despised Icon
271 Cherri Bomb

These girls changed my life, their album changed my life. They are super talented and they are just 14-16 years old. Beautiful, funny, cute girls!

Amazing girls, amazing album, amazing live, can't wait for their next album!

272 Butcher Babies

I went to go see a band an stumbled upon this band at the show and I honestly paid to see this band. Not the one I went there for. Heidi who is the blonde has so much energy that it blows your face off by itself. But these girls are in the boys club. I mean they do man metal and they do it good. When I first saw then on stage I thought oh no. But then these two hot girls in lingirie come out with serious man metal. They captured metal with a kick.

The Butcher Babies performs with two beautiful frontwomen with great power and will totally get your attention! Don't judge a book by it's cover and make sure to listen to their music... It's pretty damn good! They are one of the heaviest, darkest and hard-thrashing kind of nu-metal, female-fronted bands around. They'll get you head-banging and wanting to start a mosh pit as soon as you start jamming to them.

These chicks rock! Carla's beautiful voice with Heidi's screams make for a great duo. If you're a fan of In This Moment or Otep, you should definitely check out this band!

Probably my favorite band

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