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21 Babymetal Babymetal Babymetal is a Japanese metal idol band. Their line-up consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal".

Babymetal is a breath of fresh air to the stagnated genre

Babymetal is one of the best bands out there for female metal bands

Fans have to endure a lot of hate against themselves and the band, but Babymetal are undeniable one of the freshest and most creative bands in the modern metal world and deliver highly entertaining live shows

The voice of the lead, Su-metal or Suzuka Nakamoto, is strong, powerful and she uses it with comlpete control. Her voice has improve during the last couple of years, both because she is getting older but mostly because her confidence seems stronger and stronger.
Apart from the lead singer, the kami band is second to none in terms of technical skills. Many of the songs are demanding but the band nails it every time.
Least but not last are the dancers / choir girls Yui- and Moa-metal a.k.a. Black Baby Metal. They are bringing dynamics to the songs in terms of highly coreographed complex dances and, by the way, they actually can sing!

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22 Sirenia

The Other Side is a great song. Pretty singer.

Fascinating! Should be on better places with songs like The Other Side, Fallen Angel or My Mind's Eye


Just perfect with that cruelty in every single word. And albums, that are not only a list of random songs.
The best band I've ever heard.

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23 Shocker Stalin

... Otherwise known as Shocker-X they are a homegrown band out of Buenos Aires, mashing up tango with metal-core. Ban Lesage is their founder ^^ charismatic front-person ^^ she delivers my favorite take on the "one vocalist singing both sensitive feminine ^^ death growl" thing. Check them on YouTube.

24 Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes Leaves' Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic metal band from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Yes! Liv kristine is amazing! In TOT and leaves eyes! Her voice is just poetically beautiful... TOT and Leaves' Eyes... It can't be any greater than them both.

I love Leaves Eyes. Liv's vocals are beautiful. Very entertaining live band. Viking Metal.

Last three albums are classic Viking metal. It just does't get any better.

This band is awesome. I love leaves' eyes

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25 Arkona

Arkona is an epic black/pagan/folk metal band, covering lots of musical styles. And their frontwoman Masha isn't just there for looks or to add a pretty voice. She writes all the music and lyrics about her pagan beliefs, she sings passionately in several clean and harsh styles, and on stage she's a bundle of manic energy. They're not just one of the best female-fronted metal bands, but one of the best metal bands.

They are my favorite female fronted metal band easily. Masha (the singer) has an amazing clean voice as well as great harsh vocals. Not to mention their mix of metal and folk is one of the best I have heard.

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26 Dalriada Dalriada is a folk metal band from Sopron, Hungary that was formed in 1998 as Echo of Dalriada, but shortened their name to Dalriada in late 2006. Their third studio album Kikelet and all subsequent albums were successful in the top ten of the official Mahasz music charts.

Lead Hungarian Folk Metal Band, and one the most creative bands ever! Incredible artists, amazing musicians, doing work of the highest quality for 15 years now. Dalriada deserves to be known outside of Hungary, and the world deserves to know Dalriadas excellent music!

Hungary's finest - folk metal but with a lot of melodic power in it as well. Check them out on the Metal Female Voices Fest in 2013! Vote for Dalriada!

The most complex creative and beautiful music I've heard ever. They belong to the few bands, which released a lot of albums (7 so far) with a plenty of true masterpieces, BUT every single one is PERFECT! They started with folk themes influenced power metal (Walesi Bardok), then played great folk metal like Ensiferum, finally on the last albums they've found a totally special and unique style, wich is simply inimitable.

The way they combine folk music with metal is the reason they got me hooked. I love hard rock but also a few joyful tunes always put me in a good mood and make me want to dance. Just listen to Borivók Éneke, the proportions of folk and metal are perfectly sorted in that song. Also, Laura and András, the lead singers are very skillful and have amazing voice.

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27 Abnormality

One of the best, if not the BEST, female death metal vocalists. - Variety

Mallika Sundaramurthy. One of the best female growlers out there. - Variety

Brutal. This band is sick! Such a huge voice out of someone as small as Mallika is insane. M/

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28 Xandria Xandria Xandria is a German symphonic metal band, founded by Marco Heubaum in 1997. The band's music combines elements of symphonic metal with light electronic elements.

Like Save my life and Eversleeping.

This band should be higher on the list. They are better than most on here.

Love Raven's hearth and kill the sun

This band is awesome and one of my favorite. But I don't know why people don't know about this band. Euphoria, Nightfall, Vampire are some beautiful songs of this band. Lead singer Dianne Van has an amazing sharp opera voice. please thake this band to the high...

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29 Draconian Draconian

Both male and female fronted band. Lisa is one of the most beautiful female voices in metal music. Her ethereal voice with anders's deep beautiful growling creates a great atmosphere. Draconian is only metal band whose music fill my eyes with tears.

Best gothic doom band. Masters from Sweden. Divine gentle voice of Lisa. Beautiful, atmospheric music...

Can't believe this is not the number on band on any scale

30 Delain

I've seen many of these bands live; and while most are quite good, none can replicate the energy of Delain. Their songs epitomize the unpredictability of symphonic metal and seamlessly blend aspects of pop and jazz into the genre. Their lyrics are simply inspiring. And for those who haven't seen Charlotte on stage, she is the ultimate artist in her element.

An awesome band that really deserves a top five nomination! Great songs like "april rain" and "see me in shadows"

A band so underrated it's not even funny. They trump Epica and some of the other top ten bands on this list easily. Charlotte's voice is incredible, and their latest work is one for the record books.

Its not very heavy and it is almost not real metal, but it sounds so incredibly great! Love them!

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31 ReVamp

New band of great Floor Jansen!
Very good songs

The best vocalist ever is here. Floor Jansen. She got the most range and can belt and be operatic.

32 Ancient Bards

A rare band that simply gets better with every album of their continuing Black Crystal Sword Saga. Vocals work perfectly, with the plenty of strength and the right amount of roughness to the vocal quality for true metal songs.

Saw them live, will again. Great band, the passion of these guys in their music is sickly great.

33 We Are the Fallen

They are basically Evanescence with a different singer, who actually sounds like the original singer laugh out loud. Carly Smithson, American Idol singer, is no slouch vocally, but Amy Lee still has my heart.

This is a REAL BAND

My favorite band of all-time. They are amazing. I just might've killed myself had it not been for them. Carly is my idol

They rip!

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34 Forever Chained

Forever Chained is bring a kick ass Halestorm meets Black Sabbath sound that will entice your ear holes! They are awesome live! Check them out!

Forever Chained is a female fronted hard rock, verging on metal, band from
Eastern North Carolina that's reminiscent of Halestorm meets Black Sabbath.
With their mix of Damian Smith's animalistic drums, Shane Page's in your face
Guitar, Ben Thoren's driving bass lines and Nina Page's melodic vocals,
Forever Chained is a musical force that's quickly making a name for themselves
On the local music scene. They are currently working on their first studio album
And are expecting a mid spring release.

35 Amberian Dawn

Amberian Dawn is the most unique sounding band of the genre with Heidi Parviainen's fantastic soprano vocals and the band's driving metal riffs coupled with catchy songs. You can never mistake and AD song for any other band's.

Sorry folks, but without Heidi Parviainen as the lead vocalist Amberian Dawn is major suckage. New vocalist Capri sounds coarse and unrefined and really just plain sucks after you've heard and enjoyed a phenomenal vocalist like Heidi for so long.

New singer Capri elevates this band to new hights!

La mejor voz de famele band metal

36 Theatres des Vampires

This is one of my favourit bands. I just love them and their vampire style. Sonya has an amazing voice. First they were playing black metal but later they created their own style (adding some electrical stuff) wich is amazing and original. Their 2 latest albums are the best in my opinion: anima noir and moonlight waltz.
Their live concerts are full of the vampire atmosphere.
Really great Italian gothic metal band!

37 New Year's Day

I can't believe New years Day and Automatic Loveletter are so far down on the list! They are so amazing!

They are the best! Ash's voice is so amazing and they are really talented.

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38 Stitched Up Heart

Frankenstein is an amazing song and the vocals are just amazing

Very talented band. Can see this band going the distance.


Oh Mixi, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mixi!

39 Iwrestledabearonce

Freakin' awesome!
Her swing style clean singing absolutely phenomenal just next to her screaming/growling

When I first heard this band, I thought it was a guy singing. Afterwards, I was baffled to find out their singer is actually a girl. Krysta Cameron can pull off great metalcore vocals that no other female singer can replicate.

There best female singer iver heard yet with beautiful singing and screaming like no other she has a very talented voice with good meaning in her songs

They are fkn awesome, but the original singer is way better

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40 Kobra and the Lotus Kobra and the Lotus Kobra and the Lotus is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Kobra Paige.

I am not too much on Heavy Metal music. But I was very impressed with this group. They rocked when I saw them open for Kiss.

Discovered by Gene Simmons himself, this band is looking to make a name for themselves. They're great Canadian metal from Calgary, really nice people and they have Charlie Parra on guitar.

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