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81 Coronatus
82 The Gathering

What happens with you? Anneke has the must amazing voice I've ever heard, her voice is better than any other singer in this list.

Can't believe this band isn't higher up! Well worth a top 5 spot. Several awesome albums. Check it.

Anneke es lo mas bello!

She's the best!

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83 Splintered Soul

Fantastic drumming, fantastic guitar, and two gorgeous lasses, all of whom are awesome people as well. What more could you want? I'm looking forward to their album release with great anticipation and excitement! Watch these guys (and gals), they're gonna be big!

Amazing Band! I don't normally like Metal music but Splintered Soul is different. The music is so unique, amazing and powerful. You have to really use your heart to listen to every single notes and instruments. The complexity of the music is unbelievable. All I can say is 'Unbelievable talent'! PEOPLE Don't Know What they are missing...

Girls and guys! Please vote for Splintered Soul, because they are an awesome band and they will release an epic debut album in summer! Another reason to vote for them is that many of the other bands are already well known :-)

The finest Female Fronted Metal band in the world, Splintered Soul have changed music forever. There is no competition for what they do, and as a result, they are leaders in their field. Truly magnificent.

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84 For All This Bloodshed

Oh crazy heavy...good drummer...check them out on youtube...

85 Helion Prime
86 Jinjer

Amazing, go watch a video... talented people

This band is a hidden gem. Tatiana is the best!

Attractive lead singer and great sound!

No one, no one else on this list can do the things Tatyana can.

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87 Girlschool Girlschool Girlschool are a British heavy metal band that formed in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in 1978 and frequently associated with contemporaries Motörhead.

Whats wrong with the people! They should on the Top! Check out their new album and the song "Don't Mess Around".

Unbelievable. How can girlschool be so far down the list. True classic metal - sextysex

88 Cry for Eden

Great musicianship all around and very strong female vocals! Cry for Eden's debut album release 'The 11th Hour' is a great start for the band and offers some wonderful female fronted symphonic metal that even at times borders on progressive metal. They have a free download of one of the songs of their album available on their facebook page - - Truth Beyond Reason. I first learned of Cry for Eden when I noticed a posting of theirs in the female fronted symphonic metal group on Facebook. I am now hooked!

This band composed and played inspirational music. I listen to their music over and over because their music doesn't hurt my ears. This is one of those bands that most people are going to like because of the quality of music, production, singer, and really good musicians who are part of the band. Keep rocking!

Cry for Eden is a progressive orchestral rock band hailing from Portland, OR. Cry for Eden's first debut concept album "The 11th Hour" centers around the theme contemplating the human condition in modern times and promoting positive values in life.

Just heard you guys on! Absolutely wonderful music all around!

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89 Deadlock Deadlock Deadlock is a German melodic death metal band from Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria, Germany. In 2010 they supported Lacuna Coil on tour.

Sabine has one of the best female vocals I have heard in metal

Probably the most beautiful band in the world.

Best metal band I have ever heard, hands down.

90 Crucified Barbara

Grate band with strong guitars and drums. Their two albums are amazing.

Why this band is stuck this far down the list is an... OUTRAGE! Just listen to their 2nd album Til Death Do Us Party ^^ you'll agree this is band belongs in the top 10

91 Chastain

Leather Leone has one powerful voice, metal through and through!

The voice of the cult! Simply one of the best!

Kate French for the win!

One of the originators of female strength, voice and general kickass from 1984@!

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92 Huntress

HUNTRESS HUNTRESS HUNTRESS! Definitely deserves to be higher up on that list.

Saw them live and they were just amazing!

Heavy Metal band with Jill Janus (Penelope Tuesdae) on vocals. Check out their new album "Spell Eater".

Deserves a lot more credit!

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93 Holy Moses

Sabina Classen is one of the best female 'growlers' in the world and Holy Moses are one of the best European metal bands ever.

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94 Onmyo-Za

What the hell is this doing down here!? People need to open their ears up. Great Japanese bands like onmyouza and liv moon have fantastic vocals. Hell, throw in matatabi with kuroneko and you get marco and tarja from nightwish. Their number 2 in my book, and if you give them a listen they should b in yours as well

Kuroneko is a great singer (as are the rest) and the band have created 11 masterful albums. Very consistent with great talent. Others may disagree but Onmyouza is my favourite. m/

Great guitar works, great melodic lines, great vocals of the two vocalist, solid drumer and bass and interessant concept.

95 Unsun

Amazing band. I can't believe they are at #76. Needs to be so much higher. Great vocals amazing music

Seriously underrated band. Great band with beautiful vocals and massive riffs!

Underrated brilliant band. Too low on the list. The foreign sounding vocals are just beautiful.

Unsun should be way farther up than this!

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96 Crisis

Karyn can blow any chick on this list out of the water. No disrespect intended towards the other vocalists, but Karyn is the real deal.

What a pity they have split up! If you like Alternative Metal and angry female voices then be shure to check them out.

97 Dead Sara

I absolutely love this band and they should be MUCH higher than 88th place! The vocals on this girl are stunning! I would do anything to see them live and watch the way (i'm sure) they get a crowd going!

98 The Iron Maidens

Is this a joke or are people that retarded? They are a damn tribute band.

Are you kidding? Read again. THE IRON MAIDENS. They are a tribute band.

They melody music like iron maiden but they lead guitar and rhythm have their own skill, good singer,

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99 Dreams of Sanity
100 Slot
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