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101 Sanguine

From the band SANGUINE.

She's hot and can do a big range of vocal styles. Tonight is their best gothic metal track, other songs are varied styles.

Has anyone checked out their new single For Love? It's bloody brilliant!

102 Crystal Viper

Great metal band with metal clean singing, unlike most of these. Check this out if you like Iron Maiden, Iced Earth or the like.

Marta has a powerful voice! Damn this band deserves more!

Good band, I like the witch mark song

103 Indica

I truly love these women. And yes I don't believe they should be listed as a metal band. But just the say their music is truly beautiful. Other that Think should be listed here is the band Leah which has over tones of Celtic music and European Symphonic metal & Raven Quinn whom has recorded her first album with George Lynch (Of Dokken & Lynch Mob)

Very Great Symphonic Metal Band from Finland, Indica are 5 Pretty Girls, very hot

Love this band particularly when they sing in Finnish but they are not metal in any way. They are very much pop/rock despite being on a metal label.

Romantic, symphonic and rock. Very different from any other band I ever heard.

104 Fireflight

A great band, they are an American Christian rock band and lead singer is very talented

Dawn's voice is really lovely, but they aren't metal. But if this was stricly a female-voiced list in rock, she should be top 20, if not top 10.

105 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

I have all their Cd! Their attack and conviction are good for one step of the walk

The lead singer (forgot her name) is a very good screamer. BR00TL.

Great Black Metal Band with frontwoman Onielar (Yvonne Wilczynska) on vocals and guitars.

106 Grigori 3

This one needs to be up there -- much better than Otep and the heavy metal band that's their equal and more prolific is Benedictum. Otep snapped in 2012 at Blabbermouth. net and called them "Hole" and I mentioned if they want a female fronted act. Benedictum is Tina Turner fronting Metal Church that's the best way to describe them Grigori 3 would be Sister Mary fronting Fear Factory. Their second album they were really unleashed so go check this out. Please don't compare Grigori 3 to Otep because that's an insult to the band CDBaby. com.


.."One of those cross over acts lashings of darkness powerful female vocals that slice thru their chunky industrial metal and a touch of Eastern promise." METAL HAMMER UK

"Gwen Bartolini GRIGORI 3 is a literal interpretation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" Joseph Graham/ OutBurn Magazine

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107 Midnattsol

Great voice and amazing lyrics

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108 Femme Fatale
109 Solice

They truly are amazing. The singer sings with her heart. Amazing talent all around.

110 Girl Scout Hand Grenade
111 Superchick
112 Lee Aaron Lee Aaron Lee Aaron is a Canadian rock and jazz singer. She had several hits in the 1980s and early 1990s such as "Metal Queen", "Whatcha Do to My Body" and "Sex with Love".

Great voice, I think she turned to Jazz music after a couple of decent albums in the 80's

113 Autumn

Love Autumn, great vocals and one of the few bands listed here that is progressive. From my "New Time" to "Cold comfort" they are on a roll!

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114 Niburta
115 My Own Sin

You haven't lived till you felt experienced this band! They are awesome!

116 Echoes of Eternity

Not so well-known but great band. The singer is a good dancer.

Best female vocals on the list. Heavy, progressive style music with incredible, emotive vocals

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117 Blacklisted Me

I just like their Reprobate Romance..

118 Hellion

For Hellion not to be on this list blows my mind. Hellion's singer, Ann Boleyn, was mentored by Ronnie James Dio. In the 1980s and 1990s, Hellion performed at major festivals including Monsters of Rock, and often toured with bands like Whitesnake, Dio, WASP, Slayer, and Exodus, just to name a few. Their mini-LP was on number 5 or 6 of the top albums in England in 1984 according to Kerrang and Sounds Magazine. They still tour occasionally.

Ann Boleyn is a great singer and Hellion on of the best speed metal bands.

119 Pin-Up Went Down

Absolutely incredible experimental band from France - great vocals by Asphodel - positively brilliant - get both albums

120 Nervosa

A lot of the bands on this list aren't even METAL. here we have an amazing all female METAL BAND and it's 143. Sad. Really

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