Best Female Gospel Singers

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1 Dorinda Clark-Cole

I think Dorinda Clark- Cole is an amazing singer. She brings so much energy to the stage when she is performing.

Her scatting is awesome wish I could sing with her and her sisters

Best Singer there is/ and there will EVER be in this lifetime

She’s one of the best alto’s I’ve heard and harmonizes amazing with her raspy Clear tone to The Clark Sisters!

2 Karen Clark-Sheard

OMG her eco is the best and when she sings hallelujah makes me want to to shout in my sleep

She is part of a legendary gospel group but also she can be Successful with out the group

Karen Clark Sheard is the best singer of all times! Her humility is equally impressive.

Karen Clark- Sheard is honestly amazing. Her echoes are truly breathtaking.

3 Yolanda Adams

Most powerful gospel singer of all time. I consider Yolanda Adams number 1in top 10.

She is an amazing singer and has a fun personality

She is such a beautiful singer

4 Shirley Caesar

Legend, absolutely a legend. A blessing to all in need.

Awesome singer

5 Le'Andria Johnson

Yes there have been things Said, Mrs. Johnson but those words are true it's just the way she said it because how can anyone that God chosen for his flock to walk by someone and ignore them what man of God does that, she just put pastors an Bishops on blast that's all she said something that no one else would have said it had to happen. because they want everybody else to think. they are so clean when they are not no one might know what you have done to get in that pulpit but God sees, that's the key God knows what you're doing and sometimes God will put people around to call you out... That's his way of showing people. be careful of who you are allowing to speak to you from my book..

Redemption, prayer, and healing. All things you will feel when she sings.

Leandria Johnson is simply impeccable! What a gospel singer!

Her tone and raspiness gives her voice such quality

6 Erica Campbell

She is a women of god but also is not afraid to talk about what is wrong and right in the church and outside


7 Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia should be number one on this list. The way she paved the way for everybody else on this list is amazing. She is the best gospel singer and singer ever. She seriously deserves to be number 1.

She mainstreamed gospel into American culture. She ONLY sung gospel her whole career. Mahalia also sang through her illness and made the pathway for modern gospel today. She isn't called the Queen of Gospel for no reason!

Mahalia Jackson is the epitome of gospel music. She was and always will be the undisputed Queen of Gospel.

Clara Ward and Mahalia Jackson were the number 1 they can share that title.

8 CeCe Winans

I say yes & Amen to the comments that I read. It's good to be a gospel singer that God gave a voice to. But to be Anointed which destroys yolks & bring chains off the lives of people that's worth honoring & to add worship my Lord. God has raised up many young voices to come forth but to follow in the path of the season saints he's gifted voices to how can u not bless the lives of people all over the world & nations. I've always loved CeCe & BeBe some of their songs had me feeling like I wanted to marry but thank God I didn't get caught up in the moment! God is to amazing. Love the Whole Anointed Family. Stay Blessed.

She is Whitney bestfriend but also apart of a family group and she Successful without it and she is also an actor she is a triple threat

First African American woman who won the female vocalist of the year in America! She made history! 12 time Grammy awarded, 21 stellars and if I'm right 7 or 8 dove awards! If she isn't the best, please, tell me what she is?!

I've been blessed so many times when I listen to Cece Winans sing. She is such a blessing and I know God smiles whenever she sings praises to His name.

9 Tina Campbell

she is way better then her sister

10 Kim Burrell

Greatest voice of all time. Not just gospel.

she is superb I think she is really good

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11 Lisa Knowles

Lisa Knowles is a bad girl!

12 Tamela Mann

Now Tamela Mann is honestly my favorite gospel singer of all times. Her singing just brings so much joy to my heart.

Strong powerful voice

Omg she is very iconic

I honestly think Tamela Mann is the most hardworking and honest and caring female gospel artist in my opinion

13 Tramaine Hawkins
14 Tasha Cobbs

she is a beautiful bright woman of God who Encourage people to her work she let people know whatever they go through that you just need to hang on in there because god would be there for me

She is a great singer and a Queen and her songs are touching

She sure does touch deep in the soul with her songs.

Omg she touched souls from here to over yonder

15 Kierra Sheard

Kierra Sheard is so amazing, very talented. She has so much good energy when she is singing.

Just like her mommy! She is up and coming...well, actually shes already HERE!

KIKI omg her music is out of this world

DANG, Kierra Sheard can sing, like, SO GOOD. Wow. So can Cece Winans. OMG, both of them can actually sing so good!

16 Vickie Winans

To the person who said that Long As I Got King Jesus was a great song, I love that song too, but also, guess what MY favorite is? Shake Yourself Loose! That and LAIGKJ are both my favorite Vickie Winans songs!

Long as I got King Jesus, was what got me.

(I gotta get me a church girl! )

She has a voice that is simply annoited by GOD.

17 Sinach

There is no song done by this lady that is not inspirational. Sinach is a blessing to this generation

Such a moving gospel singer and writer.

Anointed lady of the most high God

Sinach impact people,especially me spiritually through her revelational songs. She's the best.

18 Lauren Daigle

Her songs are very encouraging ,hope giving and gracious

19 Aretha Franklin Aretha Louise Franklin (March 25, 1942 - August 16, 2018) was an American singer, songwriter and pianist. She began her career as a child singing gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father, C. L. Franklin, was minister.

Although she has done gospel I don't consider the queen of soul to be a gospel singer... but shes definitely the queen of soul

Aretha Franklin is one of the best to ever do it. Pure talent. She is a legend.

Voice from Heaven

20 Vanessa Bell Armstrong

Oh I loveeeeee Vanessa Bell Armstrong! She is so beautiful & her voice is very angelic. Her voice is still sounds the same to this day.

Strong powerful vocals throughout the years. As she ages, she only gets better.

21 Ada Ehi

When you sing all your songs I just want to hear them
Woman of the living god

Ada songs are songs for the spirit. Her style is like no other.

You are amazing

22 LaShun Pace

God bless you

23 Albertina Walker

The one and only queen of gospel. If you want to know the lord, listen to sister Albertina Walker. She must know him.

24 Mercy Chinwo

Life changing, spiritual impatation, soul transforming

25 Heather St. Clair
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