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21 Tina S.
22 Ellen McIlwaine
23 June Millington
24 Donita Sparks

Donita sparks should be 2 on the list no doubt about it and nancy wilson 1

25 Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus V 1 Comment
26 Irene Ketikidi
27 Mami Sasazaki
28 Morgan Lander Morgan Lander
29 Miki Sugimoto

When I first heard this lady play, I was instantly taken in by the sound she brings out of a guitar. She is a clean player, who I would guess had some classical training somewhere along the line. If you have not heard of Miki or heard her play, do yourself a favor and check her out.

30 Michelle Malone

Here is a woman who not only blisters her fingers but basically could seperate amp cones on any given live performance. She has the nic name Moanin Malone. She plays a mean slide and has a voice you won't forget. Probably the only reason we don't hear more of this talented guitarist is likely because she is an Indie artist. Check her out live if you get the chance.

31 Susan Tedeschi

Another fine slide guitarist and blues player. I foresee her getting better not only as a guitar player, but as a songwriter and singer. She is in a fine company of musicians.

32 Tina Schlieske

When Stevie Ray Vaughan died, Tina was asked to join Double Trouble and be the lead singer. So that speaks enormously for her as a vocalist. She is a good guitarist and has many different styles of playing. Another Indie artist that should be getting air play on radio.

33 Melissa Ferrick

When I first saw this woman perform live, I believe my jaw stayed on the floor most the show. I was blown away. Melissa plays with a fierceness (if you will) that takes you by the scruff of your neck and demands your attention. She is a fast player and will amaze you with her tenacity on stage. She breaks a lot of strings but usually has a short good story to entertain you while she is changing strings. She played for almost two hours the first time I went to one of her gigs - without stopping once - for a drink of water or anything. She is another singer and another Indie artist. Check her out.

34 Becky Barksdale
35 Ana Popovic
36 Kelly Johnson

People forgot to put kelley johnson from girlschool what a shame

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