Top 10 Best Female Gymnasts

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1 Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci

I agree. I watched those Olympics when I was 9 years old. Never forgot them, or her. I loved her toughness, she would stare down the bars, but I did love her smile. She's my most favorite athlete and person, other than my daughters, ever!

She got a perfect 10 people?!?!

The best gymnast forever! Has no rivals!

The best female athlete of all time

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2 Mary Lou Retton
3 Anna Pavlova
4 Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson kept me acting for gymnastics at all times in my life I love Shawn Johnson she inspired me in my days watching her do gymnastics.

Shawn Johnson kept me in gymnastics she is my idol

Shawn is amazing she is my favorite gymnast

I love shawn she did a backtuck on a log

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5 Shannon Miller
6 Svetlana Khorkina
7 Aliya Mustafina

Shes so goals!

8 Nastia Liukin

Kerry Stroug!?!? The girl who did a vault with a broken foot where is she on the list? These are all great gymnast but there are some we are definitely missing! Please take this list in to some re-concitaratoin but as I said before all great gymnast and more to come!

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9 Larisa Latynina
10 Dominique Dawes

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11 Simone Biles

Have not words to describe her. Just my inspiration, idol and hero. It would mean the world to me if I mt her. She made me a level 9 gymnast. She is the gymnast. She is the one and only gymnast. Short, but strong. Plus, perfect abs!

Why is she eleventh place? Has anyone ever even seen her do her routines? She's AMAZING! At 4' 8" (she's twenty, I'm eleven, and I'm two and a half inches taller than her!?! ), she's incredible and totally the best on this list. I mean, there's even a commercial about a washer dryer thing, and it stars Simone Biles. When she closes the washer, a flower vase teeters and falls off a high shelf, smashing on the floor; that's how strong she is. Mhm! Let's go, Si-imone, let's go! Let's go, Si-imone, let's go! Wahoo, fellow girl!

Uh, 3x all around world champ?


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12 Olga Korbut

Wait, 25? I certainly think that Korbut deserves to be way higher...she is amazing!

13 Věra Čáslavská

She was one of the greatest.

14 Morgan Smith
15 Dominique Moceanu
16 Bridget Sloan
17 Alexandra Raisman

Aly is an inspiration to everyone with her motto of hard work

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18 Rebecca Bross

She was my favorite gymnast for years! I am so glad that she is number 12 on the list.

19 Jordyn Wieber
20 Peng Peng Lee
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