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1 Simone Biles

Hands down the best gymnast ever. Best ever at vault and floor, and top 10 all time on beam. Bars merely solid, but not much worse than any of the other greats at their worst event.

By far the best U.S gymnast ever, and probably the best ever worldwide.

Have not words to describe her. Just my inspiration, idol and hero. It would mean the world to me if I mt her. She made me a level 9 gymnast. She is the gymnast. She is the one and only gymnast. Short, but strong. Plus, perfect abs!

I think she is #1

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2 Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci

I agree. I watched those Olympics when I was 9 years old. Never forgot them, or her. I loved her toughness, she would stare down the bars, but I did love her smile. She's my most favorite athlete and person, other than my daughters, ever!

No drama and excuses for Nadia. Just hard work, long hours of training, and discipline. Love her style and work ethic! Lots of gymnasts can learn from watching her competitions.

She got a perfect 10 people?!?!

She is the best all time

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3 Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou being 2nd on this is just cute. - feisty37

4 Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson kept me acting for gymnastics at all times in my life I love Shawn Johnson she inspired me in my days watching her do gymnastics.

In her prime she was nearly unbeatable. The only loss she had without making a mistake was the Beijing AA with controversial judging, and was the uneven skew in A scoring for bars.

Shawn Johnson kept me in gymnastics she is my idol

Such a great gymnast. Too bad she didn't have a longer career. - quackerpacker

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5 Anna Pavlova

She sucks, not sure why she is on this. - morrislawes

Pavlova being this high is offensive. Even at her best she could never do better than 3rd or 4th place on anything. - feisty37

6 Svetlana Khorkina

Should be way higher. The goddess of the sport.

Way underrated. Below Shannon Miller and Mary Lour Retton, don't make me laugh.

7 Shannon Miller

No way Shannon should be over Shawn or Nastia. - quackerpacker

Loved watching Shannon. She was Awesome

Overrated! - morrislawes

8 Aliya Mustafina

She is such a refined person and gymnast. I love her grace and power.

Shes so goals!

She is gymnastics Queen 🥇

9 Dominique Dawes
10 Nastia Liukin

Shawn is ahead of Nastia since even though Nastia is a bit more decorated due to a longer career Shawn usually kicked her ass when they competed head to head in 2007-2008. - morrislawes

How is Shawn ahead of Nastia?

She won the Olympics

Should be up with Shawn, if not ahead.

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11 Larisa Latynina

Larisa Semyonovna Latynina was from southern Ukraine, USSR. Between 1956 and 1964 she won 14 individual Olympic medals and four team medals. She holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals by a gymnast, male or female, with 9. Her total of 18 Olympic medals was a record for 48 years (Michael Phelps; 2012).She held the record for individual event medals with 14 for 52 years (Michael Phelps; 2016).
Additionally, within the sport of gymnastics, she is the only woman who has won an all-around medal in more than two Olympiads and the only woman who has won an individual event (floor exercise) in more than two Olympiads.

The second greater Olympian after Michael Phelps (18 medals, 9 of them gold).

12 Dina Kochetkova

Most underrated Russian gymnast of all time. Should have won the AA at 94 worlds and 96 Olympics with fair judging, and deserved at least silver on bars at 94 worlds.

Such a classy, clean, consistent, elegant, yet powerful gymnast. Way underrated and underappreciated in her career.

Was really the best in the world in her era on bars, beam, and floor. So underrated by judges and politics.

Beautiful gymnast, and very underrated. - morrislawes

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13 Lilia Podkopayeva

Had she not gotten injured she likely wins at least 3 world AA titles and defends her Olympic AA title in 2000.

She was like a ballerina on the floor. - feisty37

14 Dominique Moceanu
15 Olga Korbut

Wait, 25? I certainly think that Korbut deserves to be way higher...she is amazing!

16 Simona Amanar
17 Lavinia Milosovici
18 Alexandra Raisman

Aly is an inspiration to everyone with her motto of hard work

In my option aly should be second. Then mckayla maroney 3rd.

SLAY - parisinslame

19 Peng Peng Lee
20 Věra Čáslavská

She was one of the greatest.

21 Morgan Smith
22 Bridget Sloan
23 Jordyn Wieber
24 Ecaterina Szabo
25 Laurie Hernandez

I love her smile

26 Rebecca Bross

She was my favorite gymnast for years! I am so glad that she is number 12 on the list.

27 Cheng Fei
28 Daniela Silivas

Nobody dominated 3 events- bars, beam, and floor, all at once, like she did.

She is awesome

Overscored her whole career, especialy on vault. So many gift titles- all 3 of her world golds at the 89 worlds, her 88 floor title which should have gone to one of the Bulgarians, her 87 bars title which should have gone to Shushunova. - morrislawes

29 McKayla Maroney

The Queen Of Vault forever. She is the best vaulter but she's amazing on the other events too. Also she is so down to earth and cares about her fans and religious. She is amazing.

Not impressed! She got Obama to pull the face too!

She is so damn sexy.

30 Kerri Strug

Did vault with a broken ankle and won gold for her team

31 Yelena Shushunova
32 Charlotte Mackie
33 Viktoria Komova
34 Mo Huilan

If they did not rip her off for her double twisting Yurchenko during the AA, Mo Huilan would have been the Olympic Champion instead of Lilia P. Her DTY was the best of her time... Textbook. And she had the most difficult bar routine in the World with the Gaylord. The Gaylord is a G skill on a scale of A to G. She also had very difficult FX and BB routines. - Rexbrooks

35 Karin Janz
36 Natalia Shaposhnikova
37 Lori Strong

I have honestly only ever heard of her since I am Canadian. Otherwise I am sure she would be a complete mystery to me. - feisty37

38 Liz Tricase

Who is this? - feisty37

39 Samantha Shapiro
40 Gael Mackie
41 Shallon Olsen
42 Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas

Um two time Olympic gold medalist? She's amazing and should definitely be in the top ten!

Gabby = best, #1, talent, true gymnast

Gabby Douglas is the best gymnast of all time

You da best

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43 Catalina Ponor

This girl had it all! She was the best Gymnast of the 2004 Olympics!

44 Vanessa Ferrari

The best Italian gymnast :) her floor is fantástic she made 2 olympic games!

45 Kyla Ross

She definitely deserves to be on this list! She never stopped doing gymnastics after the Olympics when the other half of her stopped for 2 full years and then came back! She definitely deserves some recognition!

46 Cristina Bontas
47 Olga Mostepanova
48 Natalia Yurchenko
49 Chellsie Memmel
50 Andreea Raducan
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