Top 10 Best Female Gymnasts

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21 McKayla Maroney

The Queen Of Vault forever. She is the best vaulter but she's amazing on the other events too. Also she is so down to earth and cares about her fans and religious. She is amazing.

Not impressed! She got Obama to pull the face too!

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22 Cheng Fei
23 Shallon Olsen
24 Viktoria Komova
25 Catalina Ponor

This girl had it all! She was the best Gymnast of the 2004 Olympics!

26 Kerri Strug

Did vault with a broken ankle and won gold for her team

27 Mo Huilan
28 Vanessa Ferrari V 1 Comment
29 Ecaterina Szabo
30 Kyla Ross

She definitely deserves to be on this list! She never stopped doing gymnastics after the Olympics when the other half of her stopped for 2 full years and then came back! She definitely deserves some recognition!

31 Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas

Um two time Olympic gold medalist? She's amazing and should definitely be in the top ten!

Gabby = best, #1, talent, true gymnast

She's the Olympic Champion A.K. A "The flying squirrel" :D

I love you

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32 Samantha Shapiro
33 Gael Mackie
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