Best Female Indie Artist In Houston

Best of the Best hardworking Independent Artist In the Houston Metropolitan Area.

The Top Ten

1 Miss Juicy 44

She is the epitome of a well rounded artist! I love me some Juicy

Midtown lounge she wrecked it, this Creola man that girl can go

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2 Bosslady Jaye

Known for her grind and songs Bitch I'm From Houston and Yep Yep, Bosslady Jays is the epitome of a true grinder, catch her anywhere in the streets, great videos stage presence and gorgeous face, we will see her at the top

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3 Chocolate Ty

Known for the Infamous Mixtape Mz Obama self titled Chocolate Ty... ThundaKat... Full cd play thru - artist, songwriter and witty rhymes

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4 Ms Red

Known for the Mixtape "Killing These Ho*s" Ms Red is most definitely a beautiful hustla with a greatness and gangstress style.

5 Ms Kaye

Known for the song Louisiana girl, nice on the Mic

6 Yazmine Dougie
7 Tavasha Williams
8 Ms Kenya

Grinder for sure known for the song I am Tribute to Trayvon Martin, she's Gangsta witty and sexy

9 Lady T
10 Caneri Yella

She got that Snapback

The Contenders

11 Surreall
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