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1 Yoona - SNSD

Yehey! Yoona is the first she deserve this place of being number one.i agree in this position because she works hard for their and even though she is very tired because of her drama she did not get tired in other members of snsd to have moments with them she also is the cf queen because of her many endorsement almost of the people love yoona because of her attitude that shines so bright and also she was voted as the most natural beauty in kpop.see! Even though yoona is very hardworking in her work she works so hard to prove herself that she is deserving in this position, she do not need more effort so that others will love her and besides of that she has the one who have voted as the most ideal girl in kpop her beauty shines so bright beauty inside and out with a beauty like a goddess

She is my 2nd bias in SNSD which is behind Seohyun hehe. She may seem feminine at the outside but is actually boyish, love to prank others. She is really a fun girl, you will not get boring with her. Her aegyo is so cute, she also dances very well. She is confident in herself, you can see it while she performs hehe! Not only does she have a goddess-like appearance, she is also very kind. She adopted a child and provide him necessities using her own money through an organization. She also donates her money to some orphanages, but she didn't brag about it which shows that she is not arrogant. She is a really, really sweet girl. She deserves the number 1

Yoona is the best!

Yoona is a real goddess. she is Korea's goddess.

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2 Dara - 2NE1

Dara is the best of all...cute, pretty.beautiful, funny, humble and lovely and also a real goddess...

I think Dara should be number one. She is older but her face look like she is younger. I have no reason to love her.

She's not beautiful and cute but she has a really great personality. She knows to look behind where she came from. She's humble


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3 Luna - f(x)

Luna has the most beautiful voice and she can dance perfectly. A great sign of her talent is that after more than half a decade since her debut she still improves greatly. At her age many idols tend to stop progressing but not Luna! She keeps working hard. She also always smiles to show her appreciation towards fans. Watching F(x)'s first win I know her tears were for all those days she worked hard to get where she is. She has talked about how she can be stressed and often hard on herself and I can relate to a certain point. She deserves respect.

4 Lee Hyori - Fin.K.L
5 Taeyeon - SNSD

Oh my... That's a common sense already. She's the leader, she's the best vocalist of the best group SNSD. She's very talented. All the one who vote her is very stupid..

I will always love snsd.. She's the leader... So, I will vote her... I love snsd very much!

Taeyeon totally cares for her members specially tiffany

She should be number 1

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6 Park Bom - 2NE1

I love also park bom because she's like a doll even there are rumors that she got a amphetamine they are free to hate park bom because they not know the real reason

WHAT? SHE'S IN 19? Why? Because there are rumours going on that she got plastic surgery? And it's not like the 'overrated' group SNSD did not get any surgery... she's cute, she's pretty, and has an awesome and sweet and unique voice. She's a really hard working girl. LOve you Bommie!

Love you Bommie!

Love you no matter what, and you shouldn't deserved #19 but#1���"

7 Kim Tae-yeon - Girls' Generation Kim Tae-yeon - Girls' Generation

She is so beautiful and so pretty

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8 Suzy - Miss A

I love Suzy. She's not only beautiful and talented, but she has also an amazing personality.

So perfect and beauty natural, not only but his talented.

She's so beautiful and talented that's why I like her

She is so beautiful and cute

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9 Tiffany - SNSD Tiffany - SNSD

I know tiffany's attitude is kind a naughty one. Even she is the most hated member in snsd because of her attitude she has a unique voice, great legs and beautiful face. I love her because she cares about the people around her

She's the now energy of snsd. obvious

She the beautiful girl in snsd

You amazing

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10 Wang Feifei - Miss A

She's stunningly beautiful, multi-talented, and a hard worker

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11 Krystal - f(x)

Yeah F (x) rules all members got good places. Krystal the maknae is awesome she could have debuted together with her sister but why she couldn't? Because her parent didn't allowed her to. She is multitalented. She is cute sometimes sexy but most of all is her talent at singing. She has an amazing voice and she could dance she was born to dance. Please vote for her.

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12 Sulli - f(x)

The most natural and angelic face, and most of all the smile that melts our heart.

Angelic voice, cute face, etc. Etc.. My favorite in f (x)... I love sulli

She's so gorgeous and have the sweetest smile ever..

I love this girl so much

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13 Seohyun - Girls' Generation

She is the best, shes the queen of natural beauty in kpop

Seohyun is the most beautiful in all of the KPOP girls. No one can get thatcrown to her because she's very pretty and all of the criteria of being a Goddess Of Beauty. <3
, The no. 1 Fan of Seohyun
Proud to be Seomate

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14 Heo Ga-yoon - 4Minute
15 Victoria - f(x)

A talented leader who often steps up for her fellow members. She could go to China and abandon F(x) and make millions of dollars a month due to her popularity (these numbers are no joke. She has confirmed generally what she makes from China) but instead she stays loyal with her friends and coworkers.

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16 Wendy - Red Velvet

She has a beautiful voice

She's super talented. She deserves more love. I think she is the underrated member :( Stop saying that Wendy is Fat. Her body is goals. Her face? Just wow beautiful. She can rap guys. Her dance is so good. She can be the lead dancer.

17 Nana - After School

2nd place on world's beauty, That's Nana.

No need to explain, she is Nana

18 Jessica - SNSD

Her voice is really nice, good technique, and also have sweet falsetto. She is one of the best singer in SNSD

She is my idol and my first bias. She is cute and have a good face and good voice

She is The Most Beautiful Girl In All Kpop
+ She Is The Best Singer In Snsd

our queen

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19 Amber - f(x)

She can sing rap, dance, play drums, guitar, speak Chinese, English, Korean, and do so much more. She has her own style, a tomboy look and doesn't change it for others. I love amber

Amber is really caring towards her band mate

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20 Jiyeon - T-ara

She's the best out of all these girls. She's beautiful inside and out, talented, and kind. You will fall in love with her

She is number 2 what number what7 she is 2014 most beautiful

My bias of all kpop groups...

Ji is number 1 forever

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