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21 CL - 2NE1 CL - 2NE1

CL is truly an inspiration too many people, such a great person to follow. She is such an amazing leader and a really great person to follow. I'm quite sure me and all her other fan could agree that she really deserves this title

CL should not be downgraded just because she has the potential to knock off all snsd members! Hail the baddest female ever born!

She is an amazing rapper, singer, dancer and a pretty good lyricist. I mean, did you see her at the SIA awards with Diplo?

22 Kwon Yuri - SNSD Kwon Yuri - SNSD

She's so hot, she always gives a beautiful smile.. She looks so innocent and very very pretty.. But all snsd members are all pretty

Yuri is very beautiful and funny.. She's very kind too.. And she have a very hot body.. Yuri jjang!

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23 Kang Ji-young - Kara V 1 Comment
24 Park Gyu-ri - Kara

Strong voice and charismatic leader..

25 Sooyoung - Girls' Generation Sooyoung - Girls' Generation V 1 Comment
26 Kim Hyuna - 4Minute

I love hyuna more dane the other kpop I dols

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27 Bora - Sistar

Sexy' s girl, cute, sweet, funny, cool, and best rapper! Please support Bora!

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28 Hyoyoen - Girls' Generation

I like hyoyoen best dancer ever

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29 Jungah - After School
30 Kim Nam Joo - A Pink

She is funny and cute

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31 Eunji - A Pink
32 Son Na-eun - A PINK

She had a golden proportion face

She's cute and pretty

33 Sohee - Wonder Girls

She's a singer and good dancer.
She's a beautiful and cute.
Sometime her look like quiet person but she's always talk too much with people she known.
When she stay with her someone her known, She'll naughty and playful funny.
Her face's cute and very bright clear. The men also like her and she has a lot of girl and boy fans.
She's good member of Wonder girls's group. She's a second sister of the member.

34 Sunny - Girls' Generation V 1 Comment
35 Eunjung - T-ara
36 Uee - After School
37 Juyeon - After School
38 Gyuri - Kara
39 Hara - Kara
40 Hyolyn - Sistar
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