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21 Gilmi / Gil Mi Hyeon - Clover

Korean hip-hop rapper. She is member of hip-hop group "CLOVER" with Eun Ji Woon and Mr. Typhoon

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22 Euaerin - Nine Muses

Her rapping feels like a necessity for each song's beat, and that comes off as very refreshing, like with Wild.

Own that rap, Erin!

I wish Erin wasn't so underrated...I personally think her rapping is amazing.

Better than tiffany, yoona, and Yuri. At least she isn't recognized for her popularity.

Love her rapping skills

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23 J-Da - EvoL
24 Hyomin - T-Ara

Cute like a barbie, beautiful, nice sound, and great rapper

25 Minzy - 2NE1

I think minzy should be top 10 no lie... like I'm sorry but there are some girls who can't rap well higher than minzy... I swear some people are high on this list just cause they're popular not cause their skills...-.

Wow this girl really is underrated. Better than all snsd, t-ara, kara and 4minute 'rappers' combined. Not hating, but let's be real

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26 Eunji - Nine Muses
27 Moonbyul - Mamamoo

Her raps are always unique and her voice is nice to listen to. Her rapping is not like common idol rapping ( talking on beat..? For the lack of a better explanation)She's one off the best and deserves more recognition.

Why so low? She sounds perfect, raps very fast without any problem and also her English is very good.

Her voice is effortless and smooth. She's the ultimate girl crush too.

She is perfect!

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28 Shin Jimin - AOA

She's awesome she can rap correctly even though she's sleeping...

She's like Nicki Minaj when she's rapping... Small but terrible

Jimin was amazing in unpretty rap star. I was so impressed. I love her voice. it'z so damn sexy

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Lisa's rapping is unique and beautiful because she has a unique voice.

She rap's like Rihanna

My bias. Her rapping skills are really good.

Just perfect

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30 Yezi - Fiestar

Yezi is my favourite female rapper. Her English rapping is so good. She has speed and accuracy.

She is the best! Crazy Dog was the best!

Yezi in my opinon BEST kpop rapper ever. She can rap at 10x the speed of anyone else and can memorize verses on verses of English raps. Better watch out Yezi coming for everyone.


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31 Jennie - BLACKPINK

I love her voice

Best rapper in blackpink but also super talented in dancing and singing. Also beautiful ♥

32 Jeon Ji-yoon - 4Minute

She deserve lot more! She is awesome rapper we all know! Better than hyuna at anything!

In Crazy, she was damn outright badass.

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33 Yura (Kim AhYoung) - Girl's Day

I just love Yura. Her rapping is so smooth and subtle and she looks like an angel.

She is suck like the rest of fake girl's who has done plastics

I love her rapping voice, its not highpitch/squicky like other female rappers.

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34 Miryo - Brown Eyed Girls

MIRYO is definitely the best female rapper among currently active singers. No one can beat her for freestyling!

35 Park Chan-yeol - EXO

He's a guy though

36 Bae Irene - Red Velvet
37 Juhyun/ Park Ju Hyun - SPICA

Main rapper in SPICA
Powerful and husky low rapping skill
Very amazing!
Gorgeous Female Rapper!

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38 Kemmy - A.Kor
39 Jimin - AOA

Jimin is so underrated, because she is considered as "new" comer. She is unique, talented, bad ass, and dying to see her solo album. She is an amazing rapper, and singer unfortunately the group has so many girls that she gotta hold back.

Jimin is so good at what she does and she is also cute and sexy.

Obviously best rapper cause she got style!

One of the few worth listening to

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40 Tymee - Outsider V 1 Comment
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