Best Female Kpop Rappers From Groups

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41 Woori - Rainbow V 2 Comments
42 Yooyoung - Hello Venus

She'll improve so much in the future.

V 1 Comment
43 Sunye - Wonder Girls
44 Hyolyn - Sistar/Sistar19
45 D.ana - Sonamoo V 1 Comment
46 Yulhee - Laboum
47 Mint - Tiny-G

Tiny, and yet an amazing rapper and dancer with great stage presence!

48 Janey - GP Basic
49 Dara / Sandara Park - 2NE1

She's sweet but she can pull rap parts. The goddess of beauty. But she can rap

V 1 Comment
50 Sunny - Girls' Generation / SNSD

The voice is cute

51 Yoona - SNSD

YoonA is one of the best rappers and dancers in snsd.
She is the best actress idol and is a queen cf.

SHE IS GREAT RAPPER! Definitely, she is my favorite rapper... Wow! I love her rap.

! Yoona is my favorite rapper, she is THE BEST!

* She is the best female idol... Best in Rapper, Dancer and singing

V 15 Comments
52 Minho - Shinee

I love how Minho is so cute and pretty and all if SHINEE videos. Especially in Ring Ding Dong, so charismatic! I don't know why Key isn't in here either, she's like just a tiny bit better than Minho. Why is Yoona in there? He's a boy.

Minho is definitely the best female rapper. I hope he wheres a dress in the next music video. laugh out loud what. Why did I even vote for him?

A good rapper in shinee.. When she raps in a song I feel I'm floating in the air

Laugh out loud you people

V 2 Comments
53 Nada - WA$$UP
54 Bipa - LipService V 1 Comment
55 New Sun - Sonamoo
56 Da Mi - Minx
57 4Ten - Tem
58 OneKet - Global Icon
59 Joy - Red Velvet

Her rapping is fun and enjoyable. She has a cute and unique voice that makes you want to listen.

60 Yoon-hye - Rainbow V 1 Comment
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