Best Female Mass Effect Squadmates

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1 Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

She has helped you in every mass effect and never gave up on you she is a really good tech expert

2 Miranda Lawson

A very sensetive character she wants to protect her sister from her fathers evil intentions and thinks she is nothing to anyone because she was geneticly created

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3 Samara

She is a really powerful biotic her code is very strict and she will do anything to try and do the right thing for her but not diobaying the code

4 Kasumi Goto

A great tech exper she can hack unformiliar technolgy and she bad mouths everyone on your squad

5 Liara T'Soni

Liara is great character. She goes from being this shy, awkward nerd into a hardened, badass fighter. She's the most faithful squad mate and a hot scientist. Liara is one of the best friends Shepard can have.


This women is just funny her jokes are stupid that's what makes me laugh and she is a god tech expert she is very intelgant and is very usful to bring on missions

7 Jack

She's the hardcore convict who reluctantly joins Shepard's suicide squad, but treat her right and she'll reveal a soft center.

She doesn't care about how she looks (Though she is really hot), she's not weak, and she loves to fight. That's a special women.

8 Ashley Williams
9 Eve
10 Morinth

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11 Aria T'Loak
12 Nyreen
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