Best Female Mortal Kombat Characters

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1 Kitana

She has the best storyline out of the females, it wouldn't be Mortal Kombat without her

Simply, Kitana is the best. Fighting or being beautiful is Kitana all the way.

Fighting style is awesome is hot so GO TEAM KITANA 4 the WIN

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2 Sonya Blade Sonya Blade Sonya Blade is a video game character from the Mortal Kombat series. Debuting in the original Mortal Kombat game from 1992, she was a late addition to the game as developers decided deep into the development cycle that the game needed a female character.

Shes hot strong and somehow cage is her man

Better than Kitana, Mileena, Jade and the rest!

3 Jade V 1 Comment
4 Mileena Mileena

A perfect black widow. Nice body, shame about the teeth. Has awesome moves. She appears less than Kitana does.

Mileena is the best female character in mk in my opinion. Mileena may have sharp tarkatan teeth. But that don't mean she isn't sexy and her moves are awesome she's my number one favorite character. And I also like jade. Katana. Sonya. Limei. Ashrah. Frost. And all the rest of them but I always usually pick mileena in the games and that's another reason why she's my main favorite.

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5 Sindel
6 Li Mei

I like her gameplay a lot, her acrobatic moves are so fun and I love her designs, her costumes are awesome. She's my favorite

I think she's really underrated, I hope she returns as a playable character in the future, her moves were so cool and fun!

7 Tanya
8 D'vorah
9 Skarlet V 1 Comment
10 Nitara

There is something about her

The Contenders

11 Ashrah
12 Frost

I love frost she needs more character development she is so awesome.

13 Sheeva
14 Kira
15 Jacqui Briggs
16 Cassie Cage
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