Controversial Corners: Why Is That #1?

So I was just reading the list and like always, a really bad item gets number one and everyone gets pissed off and everytime it happens, they go "Why is that 1#, people today have no brains."

Well, this and all the other list, you're going to see a really bad item on 1# because people keep commenting on that particular item and moan about it.

I know what you're thinking, "How does commenting on an item go up?" Well if you want to comment on something, you have vote on that item.

So pretty much, people go on a list, find a crappy item, vote and comment 100 paragraphs of why it shouldnt be 1#.

Think about it this way, people go on and say "How does that get so many views?" but not realizing its because people click on the vudeo, they get pissed off and the view bar gets blasted upwards.

I've said this alot but the reason why a******s get famous its because you give it attention, whether positive or negetive the outcomes goes the sameway, I get they're a******s but please dont comment about what they did or how much of a prick they are because chances are, you're giving them what they want.

Rebecca Black got famous because people keep going to her infamous video and spam alot of comments and death threats to her. We never heard of Miley Cyrus up until "We Cant Stop" and everyone got freaked out and now we keep hearing about here more than Ebola.

Hope that answered your question and I apologized if I went all over the place with this but hope you enjoyed this, thank you so much and I'll see you with another blog post, bye.


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