Iggy Azalea

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Amethyst Amelia Kelly, known professionally as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, and model.


Best white female rapper I've seen! Number one for me!

She's the best rapper ever. Inspired me so much and she deserves to be on number 1, not nicki fake minaj,

I love Iggy Azalea's songs and Iggy Azalea both.I want to marry her.

Wow no one is better than iggy azalea she is the new classic

I LOVE! Black Widow, Fancy, Problem and all her songs because of her rapping!

Iggy Azalea is an amazing some wrapper she should be number one female rapper

Iggy Azalea is a great rapper. How can she be #14 she has been rapping more and more songs. Each one can get better and better. Black widow, Fancy, Problem are songs she's been rapping. The songs she raps are what make people want to listen to them. GO IGGY!

Iggy should be way up there best white rapper

I love Iggy so much. She really is an inspiration. I know she has some really raunchy songs but she also has a lot of real songs about her life and what she went through.

I think she is a good rapper cause she is not like the rest and she puts her best effort in and I love the way she does rap

Half of these girls are old news, Iggy Azalea is a breath of fresh air. - Graham

A girl who showed me what to do in my life

Her beats are sick and the rhythm is amazing, I tried to follow but she just is hard to reach because of the awesome style she has while she raps. I love her. I listened to her and it grasped me. She should be known more.

Iggy, the only white Aussie girl rapper! Rank her higher please

I love her music and she should be 1. Fergie can go right under her.

You are such a good rapper you should at least be in the top five

She is the realest. She is down to earth. I'd rather prefer listening to someone who is self empowering than to someone who raps all the time about her ass and sex...

Wow, shes so unique, a great rapper and writes great lyrics so she should be way higher!

I listen to rap song because of her

Backed by T. I and started on her own. She should be at the top.

I love iggy so much she by far the best female rapper ever!

Iggy Azalea do not rap that much she mostly sings but I still love her music no matter what

Hey! Iggy azalea should be first!

I think she is great! She is very talented and has awesome songs like Walk the Line, 100, Trouble, Work, Bounce, Fancy, Black Widow (my faverote) just to name a few and has a great flow and voice, she also was in a great song, Problem, she sounded fantastic with Ari, why is she behind Nicki? Nicki shouldn't be on this list. - ToptenPizza

Iggy azalea is my favorite rapper she's the best