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61 Nicki D

People are crazy to not have nikki D in the top to lyrically she walks circles around other female rappers and she was the first female signed toDefJam which paved the road for every other rapper on this list. wheres the respect.

Nikki album speaks for it self. I still bump her

62 Noname

She has a beautiful voice and is practically the female chance she should be higher

63 Charli Baltimore
64 Sirah

Why wasn't Sirah on this list?!? Search her up you guys, best rapper ever!

65 Liane Lee Wiegelmann Liane Lee Wiegelmann
66 Sabrina Setlur Sabrina Setlur Sabrina Setlur, formerly known as Schwester S., is a German rapper, songwriter and occasional actress.
67 Lecca
68 Gavlyn

A Real Representation of what its like to represent yourself as a strong women, growing up in a hard life and making the best of it. Beautiful voice, and strong lyrics, I'm surprised shes only 61 here. Should be way above nicki minaj, or however you spell her name, at least gavlyn doesn't just rap about her ass all the time.

She is the best, the old school style, she should be NO1, today s rap style ain t rap anymore...

69 Ayben Ayben

AYBEN is sister of ceza and she is good rapper in Turkey

AYBEN - oha dersin is best woman rap song

70 Yolandi Visser

The illest little white thing

She is the best female rapper!

Should be in the top 5

Best female rapper in history, has 100% her own style seen no where else with her amazing rhymes, Afrikaan accent, and amazing unique hair style. art right here, ZEF <3.

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71 Bhad Bhabie Bhad Bhabie

Shes the bomb that girl now how to rap whatcha now about it.

Oh hey.. she's that "cash me outside" girl!... Well good luck to you and your rapping career. Keep on swearing!

Her song hi bich is really good

hi bich - alonna

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72 Diam's V 1 Comment
73 Lady Sovereign V 2 Comments
74 Lumidee
75 Dessa

Shes like a machine gun spits out having fun like led hot as lava hot enough 2 scorch ya

Heavily underrated according to this list

I have the urge to vomit when dessa is only one spot above amber AMBER and isn't I'm front of cl (cl is a kpop rapper she doesn't wright her own stuff). she may not be the best but deserves a spot higher than this (don't get me started on how yoo min rae is lower than cl)

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76 Amber Liu

Amber should be way higher on the list, she is better than more than half of the so-called rappers on this list, she writes, raps, and sings in Korean, English, and other various languages she is amazing go check her out please,

She's better than Cl, that's what I can tell you...
Amber can rap in English, Chinese and Korean! Check out f (x), it's the girl band she's in. Also, check out "I'm Back" by Danson Tang, she was absolutely amazing in that mv.

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77 Elçin Orçun

Turkish woman king of rapper

78 Mystic

From the first time I heard the album, I loved it... Great beats, and rhymes make sense..

79 Ms. Roq V 1 Comment
80 Shanell
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