Top Ten Best Female Rappers In Texas

The best female rapper you have ever heard before dead or alive.

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1 Laydee Savage

If ya ain't heard of Savage then you ain't in these streets. The next BIG THING from the D straight up. Triple D that in my Savage Voice

Coldest Female Artist in the Game PERIOD! She makes real music, her delivery and lyrics are on point! She has my vote plus 20!

Laydee Savage is sure to be a household name real soon! Hands down killing the game and her mix tape is off the chain!

She has an aggressiveness that gives her a dominant position, Plus not to mention she actually has a nice Rhyme scheme.. And 91hun said that

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2 Snow Tha Product

She has the dopest flow. She writes all her own songs! She has stayed true to herself and her fans her whole career! She's pretty as hell. She raps in two languages english and spanish and english and kills it each and every time. She is Texas Best!

Snow it the best rapper there is. In English or Spanish she knows how to kill it she's not like other female rappers selling sex and barely wearing any clothes. She stays real to herself and wit her fans

She is the best of the best. She can kill verses either in Spanish and English. Shes making it far without acting like some of these mainstream rappers. She's got this original flow. She keeps it #WOKE

Hands down one of the best or the best female rappers out of Tx.

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3 Feezy Babey

1/4 of the triple D Queenz! She go the hardest! RESPECT to NFL's 1st lady been grinding in the streets for awhile! #1 in the Hood & international yall sleeping on the Queen! Feezy Babey is the truth!

4 Candi Redd

You can't even be serious. This girl don't even belong in a category with these other chics. Lol Have you heard Code Redd. I Somebody stold that bitch out my car and I still ain't got it back. I had to get it off itunes.

Who are these other chics in the category with her? They don't even have any music out or have a buzz. Candi Redd is the best. This shouldn't even be a quesiton. Lol

Talented rapper and sexy as hell... One of the best female MCs I have heard hands down... She is a force to be reckoned with and full of knowledge.

Candi Redd first female rapper from Texas with a hit song on the radio. Hands down best female rapper in the south

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5 Lyrical

Lyrical is like gold she is rare to find and worth more than you can imagine this girl is a gold mine she hot she talented she spit lyrics better than most male rappers I done heard and I haven't heard a female rapper yet that can compare to her she killin em

When I first heard you Lyrical I knew you were born a star. The way you deliver in your music is crazy and fire. You are a lyricist that deserves the credit and acknowledgement keep it up babygirl!

I love her there's no one that can touch her she's in a class of her own and teaching it well. Each song on her album are classic. People look out male and female listen and vote

Ain't no chic on dis list with Lyrical she got all them beat any day any time freestyle or writing she killing these too hip hop will be dead without Lyrical she the realest

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6 X O

AKA XO musik The girl is a beast on the mic... Live or in the booth the girl is the truth... The best female rapper I ever heard in person... Reppin east texas and Longview... Spydaville

This is Graydogg from Vision Head Radio. How can I find you X O. 806 831 3554. Goggles us.

She's the truth and I love the way she reps my home town. Do yo thang xo

What! I just heard XO on SoundCloud had to look her up. Yes! She said " Yeah I see Imma lil more than you expected.." yes ma'am you are and it was refreshing to my ears. Thank you. How come we aren't hearing you all over the country? Every coast and in between needs you. come on Texas. Get her out. Sleepin!

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7 UniQue

Unique is the definition of music! Her lyrics are life, she gives you a vivid picture of what shes saying.. Some like a story teller! CAN WE SAY REAL MUSIC!

This my girl right here

Go hard as fuc

8 Honey B

Honey B is not only a talented and dedicated rapper she's humble, Grinds hard and is always positive. Her lyrics well they speak for themselves she is by far the most talented Rapper and this is a title that is long deserved...M.M. T/AD the DIVA

Never ever stop playing music because I'm going to collect ever song you wrote

One of the hardest working and loyal femcees I know... I've known Honey B for years and I've never known her to do anything but grind hard and follow her dreams... She's original... Stays positive... Keeps distance from drama and lets NOTHING break her focus! Keep grinding and pushing forward Honey B... Wherever you go you know I'll always be right behind you yelling, "That's my jam! "

MMT/ Jess

You are so cool

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Tri80 baby better known as bloody yells! That's from one of her old underground joints man what can I say her lyrics are fire and her delivery is on point every time. I love it ma'am keep putting GOD first and the rest is sure to come! Just know you've got a fan for life, Big O...

If it hasn't happened to Tri, you will not hear it in her flow. She does not embellish, but does tell it like it T.I.S. she has a good rap voice along with good lyrics. Been down with her since she began. If you have not heard her, take a listen. These chicks cannot touch her.

Far from a hoodrat. She is the hood. Gives hood chicks like myself hope... Motivation... Confidence... Yea I bought my first Tri cd back in 06. Shortly thereafter attended a couple shows. Basically YOU don't SPEND MONEY OR TIME IF YOU THINK ITS A WASTE. And yall wasting your time if you voting for somebody else who can't grind like TRI

She is pure d beautiful and her flow #handsdown

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10 LadyBo$$

Lady boss goes hard and her grind is RELENTLESS, she has done the group thing and now is killing the solo thing! Much love and Respect for this chick!

She is very musically talented, and has been so since she was two. Beauty, brains, musically talented and a hard worker; who could ask for more?

One of the hardest working artist in the city!

Love this chicks personality, talent, grind, n she is humble... good luck baby you deserve it!

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11 Chriss Versatile

First and for most I am a big fan of the Texas Female movement, but I understand some ladies on here just on here.. When I google yor names only a few pop up, which means all words & no Play. 90% Grind other is 10% talent. 1 thing I notice this young lady here definitely has grind & the most Gorgeous Person inside and out... Can't wait to work with ya Shawty! Martin K. "Island definitely Jam" - chrissimperfectversatilesecond

One of the most hard working females I've ever met.

She eat the microphone like a dude beautiful like a model and your girl next door Personality
Definitely should be in Top 5...

Seriuosly you n Feezy Babey n Indigo Otomatic should be on the top 3 of the list... I havee never heard of some of the people on this list.. Besides Lady Savage n Ms. TB N THEY rocking TO.. SHICA...

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12 Olivia Storm

She's got a lot of flavor. definitely star quality

Hottest in the D

13 Miss TB

Listen and see for yourself

She kills it! Every time.. High octane energy and flow delivery is bananas! She is definitely deserving of being recognized in this category and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this femcee! - Joseph Foreal

Outrappin most dudes I know. - Cash Skywalker (4000)

Fearless on the mic

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14 Missez Million
15 Surreall

A real artist that has provided a commitment and longevity to her craft. She has a hard work ethic and a very positive attitude that is addictive and great to work with. A great business mind and attitude that many respect in the great state of Texas!

Surreall is Simply the Best! She has been an entertainer for many years and continues to shine with deliverance, attitude, and the right contents that presents a Fierce and Divaish display. Surreall is Awesome!

Vote for Surreall she grind hard & her music the truth #salute much love from the GO HARD GUERILLAS


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16 Ami Miller
17 Absolut

Hands down... They sleepin on this Chicago native... Shes lyrical and got a lil gangsta to her. I seen her perform at Murphys one night a while back and her lil sexy self- ate. She went from battle rapping to just beast mode and she be by herself.. No hype person... I respect that. Watch out for this one. FAN FOR LIFE.

Sandy B

She go hard af! Yall betta watch out fa this one

18 Shawna Pat

shawna pat is the most liked artist in the world. shes rising to number one on the charts. we would love for shawna pat to come to atlanta, ga and newyork. shes very known and love by every one down in atlanta and new york. why is shes a big celeb yet. she need to be heard. shawna pat is the greatest of all time. baby 2pac


showing love all the way from new york shawna pat, we enjoyed the show you at the concert at the arena. cd sounds great great luck on tour with doug e fresh and alicia keys! #1 fan

You all no this page has been rigged shawna pat was num #1 can't none of these females on here out spit shawna pat.

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19 Lacey Spitfire
20 Shawna Gold

Man I remember when this chic first started rapping and she won a apollo night in dallas, listening to her now blows me away cause she done come a long way, she is even better. I don't listen to to many female rappers but I will listen to hers, some of you girls better hope she don't get the right team behind her because she got what it takes. Don't stop what you do Cornbread.

This is Devonna and I vote for my girl Shawna Gold (cornbread) she does it all, be a great mother, work hard on her job and kill em on the mic. Go Bitch

Shawna Gold tops all other female rappers in the streets of Big D! She knows what it takes to bring the house down with her moves and lyrics! Go Lady Cornbread!

The sexiest rapping femcee from Dallas

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21 Miss Juicy 44

On the cool I'm an artist myself and I must admit her mixtape was so under rated it had a mixture of songs on it she didn't stick to one genre she dominated every song I would like to hear her on some beats with a mellow tone not so club like I fool with her

Seen Juicy grind from nothing to something I am a believer when you want to be something you go out there and get don't rely on nothing or no one but yourself. I love Miss Juicy

When you believe it is all over they will pop up out of no where on you and handle up harder than before. You guys better watch out for Juicy seriously

Wonderful female always on her grind getting it done and I fux with her the long ad wrong way been down since forever and I'm not jumping off the juicy train cause baby I like to ride and the way she flows I love

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22 Lady Thug

Shes number 1 shes been spittin since 2004 chec her resume hot bars delivery storyteller lyrical and professional_ from Izluzee Rawz

23 Bosslady Jaye

Bosslady is a fool wit it, Skrateup! Lyrical and authentic. Plus she down with Triple H, one of the hottest independent labels in Texas. That say a lot about her. The Bandito signing off.

She looks good sounds good and has great work ethic

BossLady Jaye go hard she reminds me of Mia X from the No Limit Soldiers. Can't wait for her to blow up. People will. Njoy her music.

Yep yep she handle her biz! Bosslady Jaye all day!

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24 Cl Che'
25 Diamond White

Diamond is hands down the most underrated but yet by far the BEST female rapper ever! She is sexy, beautiful, and talented I have never heard a chick go harder than Diamond White! Just watch she is the next to blow!

Diamond is great. She has lyrics, a good flow, good songs, and is very sexy. She knows what's she's doing and she's got my vote (and hopefully yours too).

Total package. She does it all. Can't get no realer

She bout her business

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26 T~Baby (Ms. Gangsta Classy)

All I have to say is she is 100... She real she have her own style and she is so talented... Keep grindin stay loyal..

T baby is the coldest female rapper in the game and she have a drive for what she do that is unmatched. Keep doing ya thing

Numbers don't lie.. I love her twisted lip look.. She has unmatched energy.. She is miss te bee! Top of the line..

T- Baby is a rare talent! She has style, substance and her delivery is amazing. I personally feel she the most slept on female artist in America, not just Texas!
-the Hog

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27 Carolyn Rodriguez

Sweet voice. hooks and flow. Grinds hard and is quite a beauty. She is REAL and loyal. #1 in my mind. Put her there!

The best female rapper I've heard and the most beautiful girl ever!

Carolyn (medicine girl) is the best Mexican female rapper that tells nothing but the truth for the raza, shes my remedy for my soul. And they should play her and dope house records on the radio! #freeSpm

Best female out there in Houston she shows a lot of love

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28 Suggar
29 Chocolate Ty

Choc is the definition of a spitta, she will drop a 16 that will make you say, Damn did she just say that? Fly Ass chick definitely rocking wit #Choc aka Mz Obama - guttahbishhyinkyy

The truth. In her DNA vet in the game.

My favorite Female rapper that's a beast on the MIC...


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30 Troublesum

Very classy and jazzy. A lyrical wonder.. I love the teflondiva.

31 Ms. Kenya

Goes hard and dope female mc powerful lyrics moves the crowd has lots of energy strong verbal flow

The Truth. (Hands down). No lie. Most lyrical female artist.

Ms. Kenya the truth!

She is lyrical crazy n she tells the truth, Houston has a great squad of female rappers but miss kenya is queen of them all

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32 Mzbehavin aka Peachez

A gift from God- Pure talent

If you don't know you sleeping. I'm talking female Drake or ZRO! Singing, spitting, writing producing the whole nine. Stand up Texas show love to this girl Peachez!

Bad azz rhyme game! I love you Mzbehavin!

I rock with this...

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33 Ms. Re'
34 Aleii Joan

Aleii Joan deserves to be Top 3 on erybody list. This not hood music it's feel good music made by a real chic that knows the streets are no place for her. Underground with NO buzz Aleii still has been compared to every female rapper in the game off top AND Joan is the COLDEST MC best believe.

Tx is a beast...Aleii music all day!

She has a nice voice, and bootah

Cracklin VINYL sample sizzles as this rap vixen toasts up a nice summer anthem with some finger snappin BEATS. Man that's some SPARE funk..boom BOOM go the crackin drums in this club & relaxin themesong as we are taken to the streets thru bangin lyrical FLOW. Points off for never straying from a single melody..points ON for vinyl samples and sizzling HARMONIES on the rap. #PlayHERE

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35 Ms. Trinity
36 Raw Lt'

Free Big Band Hank...

37 Ms. Red


Very talented and phenomonal women true definition of a boss

38 JehByrd

Saw her open for Webbie and she killed it with this song called "BITCH" with some dude that sounds like T.I... Hate that he wasn't in the video, but I loves BHM!

Chick can rap! Other than lady savage she putting on for DFW...doing videos taking pics and rapping! She fine as hell to so when you talk abt who right now would get signed and be ok is JehByrd

You the truth boo...

Killed it @ the 97.9 the beat car show this year! Can't wait for the mixtape to drop! #BHM

39 TX Yella


Cute AND can rap her ass off.

40 Msflexy

Sexy ass female with a gangsta Twist on the MIC!

One of the hottest female in the game... Sexy n talent... Mr. VIP

41 Sandra Dee

Saw her at Trinity River Sports Cafe & 3 points.. She always brings the crowd to the front of the stage. Great rapper.

White girl? Killin it? Hands down Sandra Dee is one of the best I heard.

Checked you out! And you got some skills!

This lil white girl got barz! Straight up.

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42 La Femme Nikita
43 Robin Rhymes
44 Alazae

Definitely one the most versatile and unique sounding artists out, her delivery is crazy and content and lyrics are by far untouchable!

Why is she not at the top of this list?!

I love how classy she carries herself and she really reps for the ladies! go Alazae!

IF you haven't seen this chick onstage...then you don't have a clue what a real show is..js

45 Rebelle

Please don't forget Rebelle, check her out at W. Youtube. Com/rebellemisspiggy

How can yall forget to add Rebelle, come on now

Ayo don't forget about her, aka Spicy Baby..

46 Ms.Texass aka Aleria

Known as Ms. Texass of Rap-a-lot/Freak-a-lot she is the greatest. I have seen. In a while. She is simply. Good at what. She does. Her. Ambition is. Out. Of. This. World. The. Coldest female. Artist in houston. And Tx period

Hot female rapper! She should be up farther on this list! Check her out! Aleria check the references!

This gal go hard better than all of the above.. I wish I could meet her!

She's cold that's all I have to say I wish the best on the jsil stuff

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47 Rah Talynt

If you don't know about her, Google her... I dare you too laugh out loud


48 Moca
49 Queendom
50 Lil Yella
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