Amy Lee

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Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.


Not only she has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard, also she's the one who brought female fronted rock bands to live again. I know there are many female fronted rock and metal bands nowadays older than Evanescence, but even though they had a small success, it was until Bring me to Life of Evanescence rocked every chart in the world that people got interested in female fronted rock bands, so even though Nightwish and Within Temptation, for instance, had success in the past, they got more famous when more people listened to Evanescence and were eager to listen to more similar bands... so she's the pioneer of the currently female rock, therefore, she deserves to be the queen of rock of this generation.

I don't know enough words as to describe the incredible artist Amy Lee is. She is passionate about her music, her work, and pretty much anything and everything she does. She's a perfectionist, but also knows how to let go. She's original, everything from her lyrics, her notes, HELL, even her clothing and the sound of her tunes whether in the band (Evanescence) or any music she composes on her own for any general purpose. There are many great female rock artists that are very talented as well, but in my opinion, none more talented and driven like her. Amy Lee's got it all, and more!

In my opinion, she's by far one of the best artists in rock industry I know. Amy can reach really high notes in a perfecty clean, beautiful voice. She absolutely deserved a spot in the top ten!

Amy Lee has the most exquisite voice, her songs are deep and meaningful (and lets fsce it, most artists these days sing about the same old shallow things). She is a great person with a big heart... There are many reasons why Amy is the best.

Amy Lee has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard in a rock song, but also the most angelic voice ever. Combined with the exciting guitar riffs from Evanescence, she is easily the greatest rock goddess of all time.

I love Amy Lee and Evanescence her voice is so amazing and probably the best of any female singer, she should be number 1 on this list for sure, by miles. - lukestheman4

Amy Lee is one of the most inspirational singers out there. She puts so much emotion into her songs and knows how to keep the crowd wowed. Not to mention her mesmerizing voice and astounding natural beauty. Long live Amy Lee

Amy Lee has one of the best voices you would ever hear! She can hit high notes and low notes! Most singers can't do that. If you don't believe me listen to her songs whisper and the only one. I think Amy deserves 1st place on this list

Amy Lee I saw you before you went to the show to get your ward the three Awards you got I hollered at you outside of the record store but you just kept on going to be able to catch an airplane but I do have 20 copies of your spread they did in USA Today and it was an awesome picture and I would like you to be on my Facebook Andaman Morehouse and I'm very good friends with Bill and snakes he's no longer with tonight but I haven't seen her in a long time but I'm hoping to see you and get your autograph on something newspapers USA Today they got him in storage to give me a call or something my phone number is 501-240-4197

She's had a really big influence on my life. She's really funny and pretty of course. But, GOD! Nobody could outdo her when it comes to singing. Her voice is strong and steady, but calm and soothing at the same time. Her voice wipes away your worry and gives you the inspiration to work through the pain.

Amy lee is the best. She just such a wonderful voice that is so pure it makes you want to keep listening to her keep singing to songs like Hello and My immortal also sallys song is also a good song.I'm also a huge fan of Evanescence. Just because of her singing.

Singing is partly range, skill, ability but ultimately, it is the about evoking emotion in the listener.

Like many before her, Amy has the power to demand the listener succumb to their emotions while she performs.

Blues, jazz, standards, opera, Broadway, country, ethic, pop and even rock - all have their Kings and Queens of emotive music and Amy humbly presides over her genre with effortless grace.

And a sly smile.

Her wide range if vocal range and ability to change melody from the heavy rock of 'Going under' to the more classical 'Good enough' she has an amazing ability. She has a caring personality and definitely a traditionalist in the rock world

I absolutely love amy lee! Her vocals are amazing and she just sounds like an angel! I will love evanescence forever and ever and the bats thing about them is that you can relate to their songs. without amy lee, rock wouldn't be the same! She deserves to be at the number1 spot because she is truly amazing at what she does and NO ONE will ever beat her! Not in a million years! That's how awesome she is!

Amy Lee has paved the way for modern rock queens everywhere. She was the lead singer in a genre that was only male driven. Her vocals, songwriting, and wide-range of instrument talent lands her a top place in my book!

Amy Lee is the best rock singer. I love the quality of her voice. Her vocal range always give chills to my voice. She sings with her emotion. I just can't help it but to love her so much.

I could go into great length about Amy Lee, but I won't. It would be completely pointless. Go onto Youtube/iTunes/whatever and listen to ANY song of hers and try to keep yourself whole. Good luck on that.

Amy Lee is my true inspiration. My true role model. No matter what she does, I'll support her. She's a completely genuine, sweet, down to earth person with a once-in-a-lifetime voice and composing abilities. Shes my favorite person in the whole world

This woman's voice is the real deal. She an go from low to extremely high chords as if it was nothing and she does it 24/7. The way she sounds is amazing and the lyrics that come from her mouth really gets you thinking about what they mean. Amy Lee is #1!

Will someone please explain the fascination for Amy Lee & Evanescence? Agreed she is a very good singer, but she is nowhere near the best.

She was the voice of my tween, teen, young adult, and current years. She has such an amazing and beautiful voice that has the ability to give me chills and also soothes my soul.

Multi-talented is an excellent word to describe Amy Lee! Not only is she a world class vocalist she is talented on the piano and harp. Amy's music compositions have so much depth that her songs will last hundreds of years.

Her voice is just so amazing it speaks to you through her songs, Even live her voice is just spectacular and it makes you want to listen to evanescence over and over again

Her voice is amazing and unique. She is very talented. More than that, though, I respect her as an artist because she writes her own songs. Not enough people seem to do that anymore.

Her voice to me rocks any other, the notes ; the tones, the depth and story she sings. she is the best female singer ever.