Lzzy Hale

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Elizabeth Mae "Lzzy" Hale is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She is best known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the American hard rock band Halestorm, which she co-founded in 1997.


Lzzy hale has the coolest voice ever. And her honest smile really capture the picture. Halestorm songs are the best n I hope that others who haven't listen their songs will listens n I'm most definitely sure that they'll like it, lzzy has got a natural born talent when it comes to her voice n not only that but also she wright her own songs n its amazing. She even wrote a song for her brother to go to sleep when she was only five.

OK, generally not a fan of female singers, although, there's a number on this list that are the exceptions - Benatar, Jett, Wilson, Joplin (now imagine they were all rolled into one phenomenal performer...). This lady eclipses all of them, and the fellas too. Mind blowing, gut wrenching talent and in your face attitude tempered with a humility and love of her fans. So much integrity. Just the best singer out there. How are Halestorm not more famous? Is nobody paying attention? The best I've heard in many decades of serious rock and roll research. Complete package. Can do anything. Listen to Halestorm, then just search for all the covers, guest appearances, acoustic versions. There is nothing "average" in any of it. Long time Led Zep fan- her covers just give you chills. Imagine Guns and Roses if Axl could sing? (I love Guns N' Roses) Listen to her doing their songs. Just open your mind, open your ears, and celebrate the new Queen of Rock and Roll.

By far the best Rock singer of her generation, the list has some pretty big names (legends) but, I would definitely put her in the top 3 with Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson (for different reasons and no particular order). Her talent, range and diversity are incredible. I've been listening to all types of music for close to 50 years and she is what a signer should be. My only disappointment in a way is that I feel that Halestorm has yet to come up with a true classic song(s) to this date.

Lzzy Hale has a true rare talent much like various others on this list. However, NONE of them have the pipes as powerful as she does. Personally I would have Lzzy Hale front my band before any of these and before most male singers. I am not a huge fan of Halestorm but I gotta give her credit... She is definitely number 1.

There are some rockers on here that are better fit for the "best female rock singers of ALL TIME," but Lzzy Hale is a great current hard rock singer, and definitely my favorite. She will be one of the "best of ALL Time" eventually, but she hasn't been around that long yet. She's got great talent and if you love listening to great guitar and drums then her band is the way to go. I love the legends like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett, but don't forget to support the current rockers, they're a dying breed!

Lzzy hale's energy she brings to her music is nearly unmatched. She has superb vocal qualities and the band keeps up too. I like Amy lee but Lzzy should at least be in the top three. On a separate note Haley Williams and pat benatar should be higher and lady gaga should be off the chart.

I can't believe Lzzy is only number 9... EASILY the best female vocalist in rock today! Really big range, she can do anything from screaming, belting and growling to very emotional singing - just listen to Love Bites (So Do I) and Familiar Taste of Poison and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Amy, by the way, would be my number 2.

How is she not at the top? She has the range, the tone, the attitude, the power, and the projection. She's great from the hard rock and metal songs all to way to the slow ballads. She knocks my socks off every damn time. Just listen to "Shatter Me, " "Love Bites (So Do I), " and "Here's To Us"! You'll know what I mean right away.

The true measure of a vocalist is how they deliver in a live show. Go see this woman grind out a 90 minute set that would make most singers wither in 20 minutes. Then realize she can do this 3 nights in a row and 200 dates a year. And the ROCK tone she generates is beyond measure... on pitch screams, wails, vibrato... half of which she's doing 18 inches away from the mic. Unbelievable. Go see her.

Just saw them live for the first time. She is one of very few vocalists who I think sound BETTER live than recorded. An amazing, talented individual, she deserves higher than ninth place - nothing wrong with any of the people ahead of her on the list, but come on! She deserves third place or higher.

Lzzy Hale's voice is insanely powerful & built perfectly for Rock N' Roll. But she can sing in lighter music. She is a great example of a well rounded singer. Just listen to Love Bites (So Do I) and Break In. Halestorm as a band is great & deserving of the Grammy they won. I can't wait till their next album.

Lzzy Hale sounds incredible, and man, can she scream. Her high notes are absolutely perfect. I agree with the person who said she's like a female Brian Johnson. She puts a ton of emotion into her music and people should definitely listen to Halestorm more often because they're amazing.

Sometimes popularity should take a backseat to talent: Lzzy is unmatched in range of those listed here.

No doubt that she should be on the top 1 spot. The greatest reason for this is because of her ability to always improve herself & her music constantly from her previous music. Very entertaining to watch, and the crowd goes wild when she's on that stage.

Just watch this amazing women climb to number one spot. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, she also has a knack of writing great rock songs. The other (very talented) members of Halestorm know just what their leader can do and will follow her all the way to the top.

Lzzy Hale is the best in Rock today. She sings better than the male and the female rockers. There isn't a suitable way to describe her voice; you've got to hear her to understand. It's not hard to find her band's music if you haven't, since Halestorm is all over You Tube. Listen before you vote because it's worth your time!

She's a strong singer. She's relevant today. Few people, male or female, rock harder than she does with Halestorm. Her work with Lindsey Stirling on the song "Shatter Me" shows that she can also do things outside of Rock. And Amy Lee's Evanescence may be more famous, but Halestorm is still active today. I apologize in advance to the Ev fans I'll probably irritate by saying this; I love Amy Lee, too! I just think Lzzy should, by rights, be at the top by now.

Lzzy is amazing. I saw Halestorm in concert, and she deserves a much higher position. Her screams are phenomenal, unspeakable. She gives every performance & song her all. I can't wait to hear new music from this incredible band.

The new Halestorm album - listen to it. It's the reason I think she needs to top this list, and if there are lists like this for guitarists, bassists, and drummers then the rest of the band should be high up on those.

Lzzy is without a doubt totally re-writing what a female rock star is all about. She sends chills down my spine every time I hear her sing. Halestorm has a great thing going. I know they'll continue to rock on for many years to come. Show "em" what rocks all about Mz. Hyde!

Best female rock babe! Beautiful and extremely sexy, so talent that even Amy Lee praised her! Make sure to listen her amazing songs!

Most of you are probably asking "Who? " She is definitely the best young female singer on the hard rock scene today with her band Halestorm.

I would love to see more altos closer to the top of this list. Why does everyone think a female singer has to sound like a whistle to be good?

If you need that extra push in your workout, crank Halestorm. Lzzy's voice is a cross between Ann Wilson and Janis Joplin. Pure power in complete control. Love her!

She is current the owner of the best set or pipes since Ann Wilson. She writes her songs and kicks the metal dude's asses with her screams.