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101 Rindy Ross

Lead singer of Quarterflash, her high notes are through the roof! Not to mention she is a mean sax player.

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102 Ruby Starr

I have to admit I was completey unaware of Ruby Starr until about a year or two ago when I accidentally found a live performance video of her while searching for covers of Maybe I'm Amazed on YouTube. WOW! Utterly great!

103 Emily Armstrong

At least somebody on this list has proffered a suggestion as to what to listen to! Well done!

If you haven't heard her sing, look up her song "Weatherman"

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104 Terri Nunn

Lead singer of Berlin - great voice. Just listen to Pink and Velvet with the Pink Floyd solo guitar too.

Not in he top 100?


105 Juliet Simms
106 Tony Kakko Tony Kakko Toni Kristian "Tony" Kakko is a Finnish musician, composer and vocalist. He is mainly known as the vocalist, primary songwriter, and creative force in the band Sonata Arctica since 1996.

Isn't that a bloke or do you know something we don't?

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107 Elina Siirala

Elina is the lead singer for Enkilination (Finnish for angel). She founded the band in 2011 in the UK. She is classically trained former opera soprano from Finland.

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108 Magali Luyten

Magali is awesome singer woman! She sang for Ayreon, Beautiful Sin and of course Virus IV

109 Neko Case
110 Laurie Anderson
111 Sarah McLachlan Sarah McLachlan

Just love that erotic redhead with a sensual voice.

112 Betty Davis

Ex-wife of jazz pioneer/trumpeter Miles, she is credited w/ turning Miles on to Hendrix! She was described by some as the "black Janis Joplin" because of her rawness, her first album featured performances by bassist Larry Graham plus members of Graham Central Station & Sly's Family Stone, Buddy Miles, Neal Schon of Journey, disco dude Sylvester and also the Pointer Sisters! The 2nd album even had Miles! Legendary funk-rock sista from the 70's, NOT the actress!

113 Kat Bjelland

Screaming but controlled and a true musician. Along with Layne Staley made the 90s so specilal

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115 Brittany Howard

Lead singer for the Alabama Shakes. She sings like other people wish they could.

116 Renee Phoenix

HOW IS SHE NUMBER 88! How is Madonna a better rock singer than Renee
1. Madonna IS A POP SINGER
2. Renee Pheonix and god given talent and puts so much emotion into her songs

117 Ani DiFranco

Love her voice, love her lyrics, love her guitar playing, love that she started righteous babe records so that she would always have control over her music's sound and her own image.

Its "self-evident" that in order to "evolve", well, "second intermission" "educated guess" "Origami" "Swim" "OVERLAP" "32 FLAVORS"

A beautiful story teller with an engaging truth and rawness. Her music demands being listened to.

118 Beverly McClellan
119 Dawn Michele

Fireflight is the best band ever and Dawn's vocals add so much!

120 Linda Perry

Known from the 4 Non Blondes and Deep Dark Robot. Strong personality. Great composer. Producer. And what a singer! Live performer. More of Linda on the stage please. She's the one behind the Pink's first real hit album. Wish to see her to use her own studio, for her own projects. With the Christa and Dawn from the 4NB. Ever heard the Mighty Lady (Lost a Peace of My Mind) song? Linda is unique in many ways.

Simply the best female rock singer of all times!

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