Amy Lee

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Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.


Amy's voice is beautiful! Bring me to life will live on forever and so will her voice! PURE POETRY!

All I have to say is, go listen to her sing. That's all you need to do, and you'll realize that Amy deserves to be #1. Any song will show you how amazing she is, but two that'll really blow you away, is Weight Of The World and Whisper, because of the epic high notes she hits on the bridges

She is the greatest female I ever known, she is so cute, her songs are fantastic

Amy Lee is one of the most talented singers. Bring me to my life, my heart is broken, What you want want are undoubtedly very delicious songs and also her best performance. She deserves to be #1 of course.

The voice isn't the only thing that is amazing, it is the perfect inflection of emotion into her music. The songs all have something to say and she says it well. Bravo Amy, keep making us proud.

She has an amazing voice and I love her songs they are beautiful. She is one of the best live singers I have ever seen and she also looks beautiful. Also I love the outfits that she designs.

Amy is the cutest female singer of all time. Look, she cutest face, love him!

Dammit I voted for her. She can sing I give her that but she isn't the best. She had that huge cooperate money making machine thrusting her into mainstream success.

She is the best! She puts so much feeling when she sings... her voice is so touching! She is so intense, and beautiful... Amy Lee FOREVER!

While Amy Lee is a reasonably good singer she is not in the same league as Sharon den Adel

Amy Lees voice is simply flawless, the way she can belt it out is stunning and brings a whole new meaning to all of her beautiful songs.

Amy Lee has one of the best voices I have ever heard! She is the reason I started listening to this genre of music, love her. Amy Lee is #1!

She has the most beautiful voice! Hypnotic, haunting, soul invading. Amy Lee can give you shiver and calm your mind at the same time.

There are not and never will be someone like Amy Lee, listen to her voice and music and you will know why! Perfect by nature

I think she must be one of the best male singer
cause she has vary beautiful voice
she does more her funs happy! ))
i'm one of them))

Amy Lee has an absolutely mind blowing voice! She has got amazing tenor and pitch and a very distinctive sound!

I had never realized her voice and technique was perfect until now! I went straight here just to vote on her!

She always comes out with great lyrics and amazing vocal variations. I always vote for her no matter what...

She is amazing, a great role model for young girls. her voice, my god, need I say more? she belongs on the top. shes one of those rare people that sound perfect live in concert. she doesn't show too much skin, which is great. I love her

Finally a list where she is above Taylor Sellout who is Generic and Overrated - christangrant

A top 3 would've definitely done justice to her flawless singing... she's the best!

She has so much power behind her voice! I can't believe that she's only number 5!

So perfect! Beyond beauty... totally an awesome singer! Deserve to be on top!

Love me some Amy Lee! Her voice sounds so pure. - suthrnbell0105

She brings me to life... Get it Evanescence fans