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Carrie has the purest voice I have ever heard. Her head voice in songs like Just A Dream, Mama's Song, What Can I Say is just angelic. Carrie has amazing vocal power which she uses wisely and with restraint with the best example being her performance of How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill which became a viral video sensation. This also shows how Carrie sings straight from the heart. It is not just about range and quality of her voice - she has that to perfection. It is about her singing being an extension of who she is. Carrie Underwood is the greatest singer of the 21st Century, male or female, and that is up against stiff competition like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Martina McBride, Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman just to name a few of the amazing female singers we have today and make no mistake, I love these singers and many more and I applaud and appreciate their talents.

Best female vocalist in any genre, country, rock(paradise city), jazz(it had to be you), ballad(i know you won't), inspirational(How great thou art)

Sang together with the legends: celine, tony, randy, dolly, loretta, smokey, steven tyler..

Multi-talented: song-writer, host(CMA 2008-2011), acting(How I met your mother, Soul Surfer), plays the piano & guitar
Amazing star qualities: Powerful vocals, humble, motivative, inspirational, beautiful, down to earth
Simon says " she will sell more records than any other idols"
Brad Paisley says "one of the best singers that we ever had, I don't know if there's ever been anybody better"
Dolly Parton says "you are one of my favorite, I admire you so much"
Loretta Lynn says " Carrie is right on the beat, she's a great singer"

No one tops this girl... She is hands down the best vocalist of our century. She not only has the pipes, but a personality full of grace and charisma, which makes her voice even more angelic than it already naturally is. She's changed lives by singing about what she believes in and she does it with class. She stays true to herself and her roots. She's not just a singer, but an artist who uses her talents to really and truly touch lives.

A vocal range that no one else can match. She doesn't waste her time on all the crazy gossip that is a constant, but she sings for the joy of it. Music is her passion and she certainly has learned how to juggle her music with her personal life. Continued success for Carrie... Her voice is amazing and a God given gift. She is simply amazing and deserves all the good she has received and hopefully others will come to know her talent and enjoy her gift.

Exceptional vocal ability is only part of what makes her a great singer. But as a vocalist alone she is above most in the industry with regard to color tone commitment and strength of voice. Far beyond so many of the mediocre that are being passed off as singers today.

Carrie is by far THE best vocalist of all time. Her ability to convey the powerful emotion behind songs without overdoing it with unnecessary vocal runs. She can hit incredibly high notes... But more importantly she delivers with each and every live performance she gives. Having seen her in concert... I can tell you her vocals sound even more incredible live than on her CD's. That is saying something. No one will ever compare to her effortless ability in my mind. PLAY ON CARRIE!

Carrie is number one! She has not only won over critics but has also won over millions of fans. She will continue to win awards, produce amazing songs, and record Platinum albums.

She has the best voice ever, the power of her voice is amazing. It is like the angels are singing. You can truly see her beauty inside, her personality and love that she wants to give to the people. She praise the Lord always with her voice and people felt it, and America is crazy for her since the first day of American Idol, and she know that she is blessed, love her fans and always wants to give back to community true charity work. She is combination of voice, beauty and humanity. She can sing any genre that she wants and make show with less effort. Just awesome!

Carrie is the most amazing vocalist I have ever heard. She is also a beautiful person! She makes me cry when she sings because it is SO AMAZING really. The only other singers in this poll that ever could have won American Idol would be Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Everyone else doesn't hold a candle and Carrie still beats them by a long shot. She can really sing ANYTHING and we know she's amazing live because she won a singing competition judged by Simon Cowell! We know he doesn't love everyone! Brad Paisley said she was the greatest singer ever

Carrie has the best voice of anyone I have ever heard and I am 64 years old. She sends chills up my spine. Her rendition of "How Great Thou Art" at Girls Night Out with Vince Gill will never be unsurpassed by anyone. When we speak of great singers, we have to look at what they can do LIVE! Carrie's voice live is even better than studio versions of her songs. She doesn't need the bells and whistles, her voice is as pure as it gets! It is truly a gift from God!

Carrie Underwood is the best vocalist hands down. Check out any of her live performances & right away you'll see that it's true. Go to YouTube & watch her live performance of "How Great Thou Art" from The Girls Night Out special.

Carrie Underwood's voice is like the voice of an angel. It is so pure. Her voice can literally bring me to tears - see her performance of How Great Thou Art with Vince Gill. She uses her vocal gifts effortlessly going from her fragile head voice to her strong chest as in Just A Dream. Uniting all her songs and performances is her transparent sincerity; she uses the gift God gave her to tell the tale of the song without flourishes that lift her up without equally lifting the song up.

She has superb vocals that are amazing live. The genuine emotions are portrayed through her singing. And her studio versions are amazing, but, her live performances, that's where it's really at! Awesome!

There is a reason that she has become the most successful American Idol in the United States. That voice is unmatchable, especially to any other female singers currently in the market. What makes it even better, is that it seems to be getting even better as her career progresses. And honestly... How many people out their can HONESTLY say that they do not enjoy hearing this girl perform?! Carrie's got my vote all the way

Carrie has the best voice in country today. Go to youtube and see her perform How Great Though Are from Girls Night Out. She has over 8 million views and this song has changed peoples lives. Look at her piers in audience and giving standing ovation. Go Carrie!

Seriously the best voice I ever hear! Her How Great Thou Art performance in Girls Night Out special is the other world! She can sing Country, R&B, Guns Roses ( Paradise City, November Rain, Sweet child of mind), Gospel, Pop, and all sound better than the original versions! And all her live performances sound so much better than the CD! Plus she is the most successful American Idol ever!

Duh! Look up ANY live performance by Mrs. Underwood-Fisher and that is all the convincing you will need. She is nothing short of amazing and she never disappoints. Ever.

You won't find a more brilliant, naturally talented vocalist
In the country right now. Carrie isn't a superstar because she won
A talent show. She's a superstar because she has a god given vocal
Ability from the heavens above.

Want proof! Go to YouTube.Com punch in Carrie Underwood/Vince Gill How great thou art.

Carrie underwood has the best vocals. She can rock it, she can country music, she can go gospel, you name it and she can sing it. What other singer can do that, no one. She has the best vocals of anyone, and in my book she is right up there with Elvis P. And maybe beyond. God gave her this awesome voice to entertain all of us what a wonderful gift to share to this world. Thank you God and to Carrie.

Carrie can sing anything... ANYTHING... And she has a strong voice that only a few singers can equal... She isn't vocally trained yet managed to master vocal techniques that other try to master for a long time... And she has been complimented by legendary singers... She also sings vocally challenging songs, and managed to sing them brilliantly... She is THE vocalist... Best of the best!

Carrie Underwood is an incredible singer! She can singer better than any artist I know of. She is the only artist that I could attend 1000 concerts and never get tired of it. Live, her voice sends chills down your back and hurts your ears because she hits such a high note! She has grown as a vocalist and has become one of the best country singers to ever come into the industry!

Carrie Underwood deserves to be in the top 10. She is amazing and one of the best vocalists in this generation. She is also able to sing well live too, not just on the cd. Love her!

Carrie has the most amazing vocals and sing anything. Just listen to her sing "Jesus Take The Wheel/How Great Thou Art. "

Carrie Underwood is a true vocalist; what you hear on her albums is what you hear live! What I love most about her voice is that it sounds down-home but yet she can hit notes nobody else can! Aside from her vocal ability she is a humanitarian. In my opinion the best is yet to come with Carrie! Her voice just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait for her next album!

She has real, raw talent, has broke records at her young age and doesn't need all the voice altering. She is the real deal. Love ya Carrie!