Taylor Swift

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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


She's so so so kind to not only her fans but everybody she meets. She's overall the most sweetest and most caring celebrity there is.. I mean. Who else pretends to Santa for Christmas and sends her fans gifts in the mail? Who stalks their fans tumblr accounts all night and makes them feel like the most special people in the world? She has an amazing voice, amazing personality, and is the most talented person out there. I love her so much! She is amazing.

Taylor Swift won countless awards. She uses her life experiences to compose a piece of art. She is so kind and charitable. A side of writing songs about her ex-boyfriends, Taylor Swift also write songs about her fans, her family and her staffs. She is the 21st Century's Shakespeare. To make it short Taylor Swift is a very talented and multi-awarded writer, composer, singer and performer but not a great dancer.

I'd hate to burst everyone's bubble but, in my country, Sarah Brightman and Agnes Monica haven't even got a place on the charts in the 21st century. Even though Christina's alright I don't think she's revolutionary, unlike Taylor. Taylor has sold 110 million singles, which puts her in the same category as legends like Metallica and Bon Jovi, and (in my opinion) she also changed country for the better. So yeah!

She is simply the best, she writes her own songs, she has a great voice, she's an amazing performer, she brought country music back. Everybody can relate to her songs and when I feel alone, she's with me. She's so genuine and sweet, she loves her fans. I couldn't love her more, she's my everything and she deserves all the good thing that are in the world.

Taylor has the most beautiful voice and her music is so amazing and well written. She started her career when she was 16 and is very talented and successful! She has a very open and kind heart and treats all people like friends, she looks pretty even without makeup! I think it's easy to say she is the best of the decade.

Taylor Swift has brought me out of my worst moments. Her songs really have a lot of meaning to me, and it's not only because I've had my heart broken, but other things too. Like her song Change, Ronan, Long Live, which must be mentioned, and many other songs.

I don't really think she should be number 7 I think she should be number 1 she is the best so what if she dates to many guys and all her songs about boy but their true and meaningful her lyrics her songs their the best I hate everybody who don't like her

I love her voice. People have a problem with her writing too many break up songs but that is who she is. no matter what her voice is always calm, and definitely she deserves to be above this place like 1 or 2. So if you love music vote Taylor!

Taylor swift is the most greatest singer of the hole time.. she had a very great voice and no one can beat her in this list.. and I'll prove it to everyone that's she's talented, beautiful and the world most greatest singer in the world!

All songs of taylor are famous and most of all beautiful and love all people living.,. write many songs that you can so that many million of peoples amazed you,.. I love your love story that cast the heart of all people living this entire world and became a top number 1 of all songs in the year 2009,. you tied me in your heart taylor because you loved me,. this is mark P.

Taylor Swift in a nutshell:

"Oh, a boy was mean to me, so I wrote a song about him!
He wasn't all that mean, but I made a million off him!
Now I need a new boyfriend, so he can dump me!
And I can cry about it, and make a million off it!
And buy a new car, and a new house, because I'm so rich! "

That is every one of her songs! She never comes up with anything new!

Taylor swift rocks I love you taylor swift I knew Harry was trouble when he walked in keep rocking taylor swift you re music rocks I can't do anything without it I have all you re albums I'm you re number one fan ever

Taylor's not just some singer-songwriting who writes songs about boys, she's the most caring, talented, sweetest celebrity out there. Anyone who disagrees is very very very wrong. She's amazing, I love her so much.

Taylor swift is beautiful she sings well I been to her 1989 world tour concert in she sings well her style will never let me go in if she is the worst I will cry but she is in 7th place so that makes me happy.

Talented, beautiful, not quite a good voice, but she can deliver a lot emotions in her voice, songwriting skill is absolutely amazing, genius lyrics, good role model, inspirational, down-to-Earth

She is a perfect singer. The best English singer I ever heard. I LOVE ALL HER SONGS. She never disappoints in any of her songs. Her first song I heard was Teardrops on My Guitar. I still remember the way I liked it.

Taylor Swift is a wonderful singer. She has inspired me into doing many things that I do not had the courage to do before. She has a beautiful face and the thing is even though she dated many men, it just shows that she isn't afraid of doing anything. She musters up the courage to do almost any thing at all. ~Good luck Taylor

SHE IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE WHOLE WORLD! She also very gorgeous. No words to describe her beauty. She is just stunning! Love you Taylor

Taylor Swift is by far the best. Her songs are so beautiful and full of meaning. She has the most beautiful personality and is very inspirational to her fans.

I Like all of her songs, included the unreleased song, And all of her lyrics told a great story and have very great meaning. She is the best singer in my life

Should be way higher. Especially over sia who is quite accomplished songwriter. But she is not on the level of the princess of pop (declared by madonna)

Tay tay swizzle keeps a good girl image while still keeping people dancing and she has really original and catchy songs!

She's a very good singer and she has very meaningful lyrics. Believe it or not Taylor's lyrics once saved my life... And I'm not even a super fan!

Taylor Swift is best of my favourite singers. She had a very simple beautiful voice, I enjoy listening to her and love her latest album "RED". Good job and keep it up!

Curious how Taylor is only 6th, never even heard of any of the top 5.. Taylor Swift is the most amazing singer ever, anything and everything she sings turns to gold