Angeline Quinto - Philippines


I think Angeline Quinto is the most sought after singer in the Philippines. She can sing in different genres. One of the good things about her is the humility that she exudes despite the success. More so, she can even nail ballad and pop songs that are given to her. Lastly, I really see a bigger, better and best future of her singing and acting career. Good Luck, The Angeline Quinto of the Philippines..

She's just discovered a few years past, but a huge amount of audiences is already screaming for her...
There are the reasons why she deserves to be in the number one spot:
1. Her voice is so high and powerful and also versatile. She sings naturally. She could sing any song of different genre without exerting too much effort..
2. She is very beautiful... She has a very wonderful and angelic smile that could melt the hearts of everyone...
3. Although she is now entering the stardom, she wouldn't still stop being kind and humble, unlike other stars... She may be at the very top but her feet still remain on ground...
4. She is a perfect model and image to everyone. She is a real lady. She has a perfect personality... What else would you look for?

Angeline Quinto is awesome. Her voice is so unique, yet she still remains humble (and funny too). She doesn't need to exert so much effort in order to reach the highest note. Her voice is so genuine and her songs are so catchy.. She isn't that popular worldwide yet, but she must be.. She deserves to be in number 1 and not in the 63rd..

She is one of the best singers in the Philippines. SHe is so good and is comparable to regine. She can hit high notes very easily and with no effort at all. She is just starting but I see something great is coming.

I like Angeline quinto for she is a good singer she belts very good... She is just not a singer but also a actress she is multi awarded.. And platinum awards.. She is a rising star in the Philippines.. She belts with a good sound not irritating... She is my favorite besides Regine Velasquez...
I know she can make it, go go go Angeline

She's amazing. A fast rising star in the Philippines that in 1 year of her career she managed to capture the hearts of many people by her charm and beautiful deeds. I think as time goes by she can prove herself and talent and penetrate international music industry no doubt on that. Known as Pop Superstar in the Philippines and Teleserye Themesong Queen and now a blockbuster artist. Stay humble and pretty. We love you Angeline

A woman who is beautiful in and out. What I love her most is her being humble and natural. With her powerful and angelic voice I think she is one of the best singer.

"She is the fast-rising pop superstar of the Philippines". Angeline Quinto is incomparable.

Angeline deserves to be on the top spot for the reason that she's one of the most bankable actress and singer in her generation. Awarded as double platinum on her debut album and another platinum on her second album. One of the fast rising stars who excel on her respective endeavor as an actress and singer. She will soon portray lead role in MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya), the longest and popular drama anthology in Philippines. Numerous concerts local and abroad. Bankable endorser and powerful pop belter. She hits high notes with effortless. Very down to earth, simple and with pure heart. A person who truly deserves to be on the top!

A belter. One of the best singer in Asia. Humble and well love by her fellow celebrities and pinoy fans. A phenomenal singer. I simply love her personality and her voice.

She is a singer with a crystal like voice, so melt in the air that nourishes a soul, and so humble and natural, she will be an ICON for the most up-coming new singers in my country. So I vote for her!

Angeline Quinto has an angelic and amazing voice. When she sing it lift up my spirit. She is simply the BEST.

Very simple, kind and respectful person.. She deserves all the blessing that she achieved right now.. Hope it will continue to bring songs that inspired people. From the bottom of my heart. I am here always love you and be your fan ever forever. I know God will always care and guide you. Don't change.

She's my new favorite singer today she has a X factor that really captures my heart, (not only mine) but all the people all over the world.. Thumbs Up angeline.

She is a Very talented Singer. Look alike of Regine Velasquez, sometimes she looks like Kris Aquino. She has a Wonderful voice and a gorgeous voice.

She is very humble and one of the best singer in the industry...

Every time you listen to her songs, it's like you're in heaven so angelic but at the same time powerful. Beside from her talent you will really love her as a person so natural, no pretensions and yeh she's so funny.

Angeline Quinto, the name itself state her quality as a singer and a performer.

She is a sold out performer and certified actress to this generation. She is known one of the best selling albums reach them all platinums. Great singer around the world which belts tremendously without doubt. She has the power diva because of her powerful belting...

Yeah she really deserves to be number one!

Angeline Quinto is a good singer I believe, She has proven it...

She Greatest Singer This Year compare of Regine Velasquez same voice or same talent... Most Beautiful Star This Year Last Year Star Power Winner Abs-Cbn...

She really had an amazing voice... A certified blockbuster movie actress... She's beautiful inside and out... Very humble... Angeline

You're my super idol Angeline Quinto because you had an amazing voice, very humble, natural, funny, pretty sexy and with a god heart...

Has an angelic voice and can hit very high notes.. In less than a year she got many hit songs, awards and a blockbuster movie..