Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia


She's indeed one of the living legend that ever exist in Asia today. She has received accolades from many international media such as MTV Asia, Channel V, E! News Asia, Asia News Network, History Channel and many more.. She's been officially dubbed as The Voice of Asia and Asia's Celine Dion by international media.. She's been rated as The Most Popular Artist in Malay Archipelago (beating artistes from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia) for 10 years in a row.. To date, she has received more than 200 awards locally and internationally!

Her achievements tell us everything She is the most successful singer Malaysia has ever known, she has the best vocal Asia or the world has ever known. Her first ever English album is superb. She is not the Celine Dion of Malaysia, because she is her own self - she is Siti Nurhaliza!

Truly Asia. Winner of Voice of Asia more than once. Great vocal. Singing Pop and Traditional Songs. Not westernized. Dressed modestly and yet managed to capture millions of audiences! Voted most popular artist many times in Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia! From a humble beginning from a small village to winning international awards to voted MTV Asia most popular artist. Almost 20 years at the top of the chart every year. Siti Nurhaliza is truly an Asian Inspirational Diva. In my humble opinion that is.

She's the multi talent singer. In the world because have won. A lot of awards worldwide. She have a strong voice and she have won the voice of Asia, shanghai song festival, Malaysia superb celebrity. With thousand awards. No 2 in Asia after jay chou from republic of China have won multi awards. Unfortunely, now she refuse to take any award anymore. If not I think she will be the number 1.

Siti Nurhaliza is a truly versatile singer who sings beautifully in all genres. She sings with her heart. She's the best singer in Malaysia and Asia. - Saif64

She is the best singer of all times. If you think Charice is good, wait till you hear her magnificent voice. Voice of an angel! Absolutely worth listening too. Incomparable and truly divine!

A living legend. A mega Malaysian chanteuse in Malay Archipelago and around Asia. She's been dubbed as Asia's Celine Dion during her concert in Royal Albert Hall LOndon. A successful enterpreneur. Uncontroversial singer.18 years on top with her voice and talent. A multi-talented singer. Her voice is mesmerizing. She had his own aura on stage and with her fans. That's why Malaysia loved her.

She deserved to be on the top 5. After all she's the number 1 singer in Malaysia and no.2 singer in Asia. Even the E-news Asia mentioned it! God guys.. Open your eyes! Make your judgement correctly! She much more better than you think she is! Try to listen to all of her songs.

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza had won 100 of local and international award. She has a very good voice. She is superb. Impressive! Anyway she is the best. No wonder she can be the Asian sweet-hearted and maybe the world's. As a Malaysian I am proud of U.She can sing high note sound ver well!

The most awarded female singers in Asia prove that she's the best ever singer in Asia. The grand prize champion of voice of Asia in Kazakhstan, Asia song festival champion in shanghai showed that the Malaysian singer deserved to be the best Asian singers.

No way she is in number 10! She should have been number 1. If you really know her, you will agree with me. There is no one can do things like she did. She really ruled Malaysia. In fact, she's the richest singer in Malaysia.

She is very talented female singer.. she is truly voice of Asia... her voice... represent Asia very well... truly the voice of Asia... her voice just so sweet and she can sing very well...

This woman is dubbed the voice of asia for a reason. She has an excellent contralto type voice that can easily reach the notes of a soprano. In addition, she is also recognized worldwide and has performed in various well-known venues in the world namely the Royal Albert Hall.

The winner voice of Asia.. Her voice familiar with Celine Dion.. You can watch her singing of song Titanic at YouTube.. Go SITI go go.. She only one person is the best Singer female in Asian and the world...

the only singer in the world that I adore of... the one and only of her kind... siti nurhaliza - schain

She's the great singer and icon in Asia! One of the best Asia's songbird.. - fredyrockz

Your worth as the best female singer in Asia. because vokel so good at Asia and nobody can down it... she's the only one and always will be! Cause she's the legend... siti nurhaliza...

THE ONE AND ONLY, THE VOICE OF ASIA! She has won more than 200 awards locally and internationally! Sold more than 4 million copies of albums and she is The Most Popular Artist in Malay Archipelago 10 times in a row beating others from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia!

Siti's voice and herself brings Asia's culture.. She deserve to entitle Voice of Asia.. She doesn't copycat any celebrity.. She's not Beyonce or Celine Dion.. But she is SITI NURHALIZA

She needs more exposure and collaboration to stand as number 1 in Asia. What make she is very special because she has her own identity, singing at her best effort not trying the hardest to run a song. She sang beautifully in every performance. She is Siti Nurhaliza and not other duplication.

Are you deaf or what? Haven't you heard her singing? Look people, please just judge others fairly. LOOK only for REAL TALENTS! Come on seriously 12? She should be on the top right this moment.

Number 1 singer in South East Asia.. Most popular singer in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Thumbs up!

Known as The Voice Of Asia.. And Favourite Artiste in MTV Asia Awards

She is the best singer of Asian... She has a powerful voice, beautiful, can reach high note, can dancing well,
Siti also the the number 1 singer in Malaysia and whole Asian
Siti also has more than 100 award received from whole world

I love her... Really women singer in Asia..
Is the best singer in Asia..
Most powerful singer in Asia.. I love her..
I hope.. She's will be a Asian superstar and in the world..
Go... Siti...

Some diva impress the audience with their high notes. But not! For siti nurhaliza. Her voice totally beautiful and you were impressed