Hetty Koes Endang - Indonesia


She is humble despite her achievement to be the first Indonesian Singer winning International Competition at World Pop Song Festival in 1977 as The Most Outstanding Performance and as the Best Singer in Vina Del Mar Chili Song Festival South America in 1983. She won three times Indonesian Song Festival in 1976, 1977 and 1981; Also three times as runner up in 1976, 1980, and 1984

She can sing more than One genre music Pop Festival, Pop Mellow, Pop Kreatif, alto Indonesian Traditional Song, Sundanese, Keroncong, even Dangdut, and Soft Rock. Her Vocal is very Powerful and amazingly achieving High Notes Witherspoon Screaming Ekspression. Even in over 54 yo, Her Vocal remains the same AS she was 20's in the 80's era.

After she won Best Singer in National Competition in 1977 with the Song Damai Tapi Gersang and the song it self got the Second Place after Bila Cengkeh Berbunga Compossed by Minggus Tahitoe sing by Diana Nasution and Melky Goeslaw, she was appointed representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival in 1977 at Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan.

She is now more happy as the mother of two teenagers than being all out for defending her accomplishment for the last four decades

She was legendary... Won many festivals in the 1970's, the singer who produced hundreds of albums, and it is a legend in Indonesia!

Began competing in Singing competition at the age 12 in 1969 when she won Children Song Competition in Bandung. Three year later, in 1972, at the age of 15 she represented West Java in National Song Competition. She competed every year in that competition. She got runer up in 1976, and She won that competition in two consecutive years in 1977 and 1978. The year after that, she was not allowed competing anymore for give a chance to other singer

Her title win as best Singer in Vina Del Mar Chili Song Festival South America in 1983 with song "Sayang" has been inspiring other Indonesian Singer to compete in Song Festival around the World such as Ruth Sahanaya in Finland, Tri Utami in Romania, also AB Three in Russia.

She was called as Indonesian Diana Ross with her high notes voices. She sing better than the original artist when she sing the wind beneath my wing's bette midler. She sing One Japan song when she perform in Japan, she sing one mandarin song when she performed in Shanghai Song Festival.

Amazing Voice though she is already 55 yo, still the same quality when she won The Most Outstanding Performance at 1977 World Popular Song Festival in Budokan Tokyo Japan and when she won The Best Singer in Vina Del Mar Song Competition in Chile South America.

She was Indonesian Queen Pop Singer for more than 20 years (1977 to 1997's), her song is legend "Damai Tapi Gersang" has been re-recording by younger Singer, Yuni Shara (older sister Krisdayanti) also being re-sing by Mochacino Band.

She was born to be the great singer in Indonesia. Winning National and international competition in 70s and 80s is her milestones to be the star in her career path. Recording so many hits song in her own has made her to be the Indonesian Legend

She shows the maturity using highly technique vocal. She know when she should song with soft and smoothly voice, know when she can put improvisation to the song and when she has to use her great high notes.

She is not kind of instant singer that go on top in very short time, but she has to take such a long road from one competition to another one. Those experience had created her distinguished skills that do not own by other singer.

She is still one of the All Time Indonesian Best Female Singer. Though she is inactive in Today Indonesian Music Industry, once a time she often makes performance in public for charity in Indonesia, Singapore or Malaysia.

She has a superb voice, no wonder if she won Best Singer at international Song Competition Vina Del Mar in Chili South America in 1983 and Most Outstanding Performance in World Popular Song Festival in Budokan Tokyo Japan at 1977.

She is pioneer Indonesian to go outside her country, without moving out her. Country. She has to be happy if now many young Indonesian Singer lead by Anggun, and currently Agnes begin exist outside her own country.

She is one of the best Indonesian singer ever with complete experience both in national and international experience and music Industry in region South East Asia. The Life Legend is not enough for her to be named it.

After winning Singer competition in the province level of Jakarta, she was appointed to represent this province to National Singer Competition in 1977, and she was named to be the best Singer.

1st Indonesian Singer Winning International Competition in World Popularitas Song Festival 1977 in Tokyo Japan.. Also in1983 get Best Singer in Chili Song Festival beat Earth and Fire drum USA.

The first Indonesian Female Singer Winning the National Popular Song Festival in to consecutive years, in 1977 and 1978, that resulted banning to participating in the year after for giving a chance for others.

She is not only a great singer but also is good mentor for an Indonesian Young Talented Singer. She is willing to share her skill, knowledge, and experience with them with her carrying like their mother.

"Dilecut Semangat Lomba" means Pushing by Competitive Spirit. That idioms was given to her due to her spirit joining every Song Competition in her early career in 70s and 80s.

Began participating ion National Song Competition in 1972, representing West Java after winning that competition in Province level. She represented West Java for the next two years until 1974.

Her performance is so natural that has been building from her long hard journey from competition to another one. It means she is not the instant singer but. She. Was born to be A. Great. Singer"

There was an era when she totally dominated Indonesian National Song Competition. As a result, She banned to participate for giving the other a chance for winning that competition.