Jonalyn Viray - Philippines


JV as she is fondly called by her supporters is a top caliber musical performer... A diva par excellence... Her voice and technical skills in singing sets her apart from the other contemporary singers of her generation... She is the singer to beat... No one can match her musical skills among her contemporaries... She is a singing her way above the other constellation of stars in the universe... Fly JV higher... Higher... Higher till your light shines brighter and brighter and brighter till there is no more room to contain you...

Jonalyn has this very rich range that foreigners tend to adore her too... She captured some hearts from prague from Brazil Turkey america to name a few... She can do almost everything with her voice... Jonalyn is on my very top list of all the young divas we have in the Philippines. Shes sensational... The sad part is.. Shes not that famous compare to those other singers we have... But when it comes to singing jonalyn is way far better than those famous singers we have... Jonalyn is the BEST...

She simply amazing... In the Philippines I think no one can beat her in comes to vocal prowess and quality. Please watch her videos especially jonalyn lung power.

Jonalyn Viray- no one can beat that name in terms of singing. I admit Regine, Angeline, Charice can sing very well, but Jonalyn can do more better. She's very versatile. She can hit any notes.. Not only the notes that other diva can reach but the extraordinary.. And she can sustain it.. She can be regine, Mariah, Celine, Whitney etc. It's just she's not well recognized..

The best singer I've heard. She turned ordinary songs to extraordinary through her soulful and belting techniques. She's the only singer I've heard to hit notes same as Mariah Carey. An amazing person with a very down to earth personality. "Sensational and Superb" can be considered synonymous to her name. More power to you!

A real talent... The only singer who can equal the reigning queen's vocal prowess (regine velasquez)... Can sing classical, ballad, pop, rap, rock, etc... Now that's "versatility"... She was gifted with mutant lungs and angelic voice... The most underrated singer in the Philippines... She is PURE QUALITY... Love her every performance (live or studio)... Long Live the Asia's Soul Princess!

She deserves to be an excellent diva because of her voice. She can perform any type of song and shes the only Filipina diva who can do whistle than other diva. Her classification of voice is excellent, I really vote for jonalyn viray to become the most female singer here in Asia.

Jonalyn is one of the best singers here in the Philippines. She can sustain high notes just Like Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. She knows how to own a song. She always gives justice to every songs that she is singing. Indeed that only few people appreciates her talent but still she manages to always give her 100% to each perfomances that she has. Jonalyn is very humble and down to earth. She never forgets the people help her

Definitely one of the best! Can do Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Barbra, and other phenomenal divas. She has powerful and soulful voice, flawless high and low notes, amazing techniques and versatile on her styles. She's simply incredible. Try watching her version of I Wanna Know What Love Is, Impossible Dream, Mc Arthurs Park, And I am Telling you, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (just few of her jaw dropping live performances. )

Jonalyn is so amazing and yet only few recognizes it. If given a chance she can be the next Regine Velasquez. She sings like Mariah Carey and can do Whitney Houston songs at the same time. I hope Filipinos or maybe the world see her talent.

Indeed, one of the greatest singers in the Philippines. Superb (standing ovation, if not to exaggerate) performances and great renditions, what else could you ask for. I think she'll be the next Regine Velasquez. Rooting for JV!

Jonalyn Viray is the first Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Champion. She represented Philippines in WCOPA and brought home gold medals. She's known for being a power belter. Her singing style is often compared to the likes of Regine Velasquez-Alcacid and Lani Misalucha. Her influences internationally includes Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston & Celine Dion. She's currently a mainstay on GMA 7 Sunday Variety Show, Party Pilipinas.

I love her belting technique. It's pleasing to the ears. Her voice does not go thin when she reach the higher notes. She's definitely one of the best young singers in Asia and the best in the Philippines.

Jonalyn Viray is one of the most prominent and consistent singers in the Philippines. Despite of her lack of exposure in the media, she always ensure that she gives a standing O performance. She always shocks me whenever she does her HIGH NOTES which are actually not in the form of scream :)
And I love her for that! She is also a good Dancer :) she really loves performing and I love her for that

The next Asia's songbird and mariah carey of the Philippines... She can do a headtone and whistle tone... She's the best.. Watch her video's in youtube... Love you miss JONALYN VIRAY!

Jonalyn Viray is "versatile". Name it, she can sing it for U. She effortlessly hit notes and play with her voice in octaves. She makes a song as her own. Her voice is extremely powerful!

The only diva that can blow your brain out of it shell. But still, no one gives importance and recognition in terms of her talent and attitude. So sad but its true.

This girl can belt out her voice with maturity. Knowing her with great ear for tonality and sounds great, whatever she sings.

Jonalyn Viray is the Mariah Carey in Asia, and literally the next Mariah Carey! She has a very powerful voice. Her wide vocal range can blow you to another planet with power, soul, grace and still very effortlessly delivered. She ate the aspiring divettes during the WCOPA alive and brought home the crown as the Champion in all her categories. She is a hell of a singer!

Simply the best ever... Great voice even in a highest key still her face is very relax... Truly A world class and a very down to earth person. That's a quality of a best singer and a person as well. Kudos!

One of the most underrated singers in the Philippines yet remains to be one of the best and most versatile singers at the same time! Jonalyn Viray has a voice to be reckoned with!

She is the best can sing any genre of songs the best that's why she became a champion, go idol proud to be one of your fan you're the best forever make Philippines proud jv, go go jv...

Jonalyn Viray the POWER BELTER in the Philippines. She can also do WHISTLE REGISTER like a few singer can do.

She is one of the best and have a powerful voice here in the Philippines. So vote now for miss jonalyn viray...

She is exceptional DIVA.. I think she deserve the top 1 slot..