Nina - Philippines


She is the "mariah carey of Asia". Her voice and way of whistle were almost the same with mariah. She's the first female singer who grabbed the diamond record award (the highest award in recording industry) and 4th as overall in philippine history. Diane Warren, the great compositor in the world trusted nina to have a rendition of some of her hits, no doubt because the album"nina sings the hits of diane warren"was successfully reaches the gold status as it released on its first week and still growing! All of her album became best seller not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. Aside of being good singer, nina is also humble and beautiful inside and out whenever haters bullied her she still down to earth which signs for "professionalism".. She's the only "Asias diamond soul siren" who captivates my heart and soul..

She's definitely the Asia's Diamond Sexy Soul Siren. The soothing voice that captured every Filipino's heart. Don't forget the range, timbre, and the magnificent tidal power of her voice that made her as a unique singer-entertainer. A petite yet soulful singer that bagged the first female diamond record award. She surpassed every singer of her generation with NINA LIVE album. You'll definitely hear the soulful yet angelic pitch more and beyond if you play her songs. A genuine gem of the music industry. - jomzkie

One of the most talented singer that I admire. She sings from her heart and soul. She inspired a lot of people and she touche's our heart every time she sing's. The artist who never forget her fans and a person who keep her feet in the ground. Ate Miles

I love her because her voice is very distinctive, one of a kind, versatile, powerful and exotic! ;) Really amazed on how she can sing a male version song and put a female flavor on it! Wow she is so excellent especially when she hit high notes without a doubt! Love her.. =)

Not to say all the chats topping and sales of albums, nina indeed one of the most successful singer in the Philippines having reinvented herself plus the quality of her voice... Deserve to be in top 10, dubbed as Asia's diamond soul siren..

Her voice explains it all magnificent voice and very originaL AND SHE CAN DO A LOT OF TALENT... ITS not bout the high range its about the voice quality

She can't be compared to any other female singers... She's one of a kind... The best singer in my opinion...

Asia's diamond soul siren is the best among the rest! First female in the Philippines who received a diamond record award in her album NINA LIVE! She is gorgeous, down to earth, has a powerful voice, angelic face and soulful voice...

She is the first female diamond record awardee here in the Philippines.. She has a soulful voice, angelic face, down to earth and a very good belter. We love you Asia's Diamond Soul Siren!

My world stop when I hear her singing. When she started to as in whole hearted, full of emotion it's like a window to her soul how she delivers the message of what she is singing. That's her! It's like a drug! She makes you forget for a while your real world! I care less much the numbers here. I just know she's giving her best when she sings and for me she's the best when it comes to emotional singing! Keep it up miss NINA GIRADO!

I love how she maintains balance in her voice.. She doesn't murder or exaggerate any song, but instead she gives justice and spirit to her renditions. I think the mark of a great singer is to let her listeners feel the message and the sentiments of the song. She does it best.

She is the one and only Asia'S DIAMOND SOUL SIREN listen to her you can say amazing, incredible, or you gotta be speechless

She's one of the best singer in the Philippines and the first and only female singer who received a diamond record status award regardless of having regular T.V. show and T.V. exposures.

She finds her rightful niche in the music world. She has all what it takes to be called a DIVA. Keep shining the real Diamond Female Artist of the Philippines!

Beautiful in and out and a very accommodating human being--she has her own style of singing and has a soothing voice that keeps you listening over and over again to her songs--nina is a phenomenon singer--chart topping and multi awarded songs, music video, cd plus a trending magazine cover that is the one and the only Asias diamond sexy soul siren NINA

She's the best singer I've ever encounter. seriously, she deserves to be on top because she's the first Asian Female who received a DIAMOND award

Nina has is the only singer in the Philippines that has a wide range with approximately 4 octave and has a melismatic voice that stands like a tidal wave.

Her voice soothes the heart and the soul. She's really amazing! Her voice can make your day, she's Asia's diamond soul siren NINA!

Nina is the best singer I have ever heard... Her voice is so amazing... You can feel the meaning of the song when she sing... She is so great... I love her so much...

Nina is nina.. The best singer I've ever known.. When you hear her sings, you just can't help it, but listen, listen and listen..

She is great... I love her voice so much... She sings from the heart.. When you hear her singing, you will feel the meaning of each lyrics of the song... She is a world class singer...

Nina is one of the best artist of the new generation! Her voice is has the best quality and withest range among other Filipino artist. - yellowmoon

World class singer. Her voice is very soulful yet very powerful. Her whistle notes very impressive. With diamond record award on her belt. Still no one can do better that the Asia's Diamond Soul Siren Nina.

No One Does It Like The SoulSiren! The Mariah Carey of the Philippines!

"High-octave siren - par to mariah carey's range"- - agent_j