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261 Tetty Manurung - Indonesia

The Best Singer in 1989 Asian Song Festival in Seoul South Korea presenting " Tak Ingin Berpisah ". She is a Professional Docter today and The Chairwoman of Government Health Institution in Suburb of Jakarta, and She is still singing Off-Air.

The Best Singer in Asian Song Festival 1989 in Seoul South Korea with the very High Big Notes.

262 Diana Nasution - Indonesia

Began her career together with her sister (Rita Nasition) as Duo called Nasution Sister. Then she participated in National Song Festival in 1977 AS duo With Melky Goeslaw (father of Melly Goeslaw) and Theo finished in second place after Hetty Koes Endang. Theo sang Bila Cengkeh Berbunga compossed by Minggus Tahitoe, who then became Diana's Husband. This marriage delivered the man called Marcello Tahitoe or popular as Ello. Today, Ello is one of the misteri Popular Male Indonesian Singer.

Her legend Song "Benci Tapi Rindu" was composed by Rinto Harahap. The Song had escalated her Carter To be the part of something in the Indonesian music industry

263 Berlian Hutauruk - Indonesia

Runner up in 1975 Indonesian Song Festival was became the legend With the Song Badai Pasti berlalu in 1976 composed by Eros Djarot. The Song was theme Song of Movie With titel sama With the Song directed

The Sister of Song writer Tarida Hutauruk and Singer Bornok Hutauruk. Her Sister Song called Dirimu Satu won Grand Prize in 1979 Indonesian Song Festival

Pioneer Soprano vocal in Indonesian music industry that is followed by Gita Gutawa nowadays.

264 Jean Retno Ariyani - Indonesia

Besides her core in Genre Pop, she could sing With the High quality in kroncong stream like the queen of that stream.

Winner of National T.V. singer Star in mid 80s. She is the same generation with Tetty Manurung

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265 Sylvia Saartje - Indonesia

Pioneer of Indonesian Lady Rocker in the early 80s, she became a role model for creation of bunch of Other Indonesian Lady Rocker the time after (by Denny Sabri) such as Nicky Astria, Inka Christie, Poppy Mercury, Nike Ardila, Mel Shandy.

Role model for younger lady rocker like 90s Nicky Astria, Nike Ardila, Poppy Mercury, Mel Shandy, Inka Christie, or might be nowadays young lady rocker WHO compete in Indonesian Idol like Dera,.

She was the 80s Rocker Queen as well as the Pioneer of The Indonesian lady Rocker. She then followed by the next generation like Nicky Astria, Mel Shandy, Poppy Mercury, Nike Ardila, many others.

She inspired other Lady Rocker as Follower such as Nicky Astria, Nike Ardila, Poppy Mercury, Mel Shandy, Inka Christie or might be nowadays Lady Rocker who compete in Indonesian Idol 2012

266 Louise Hutauruk - Indonesia

She was the Singer that was Born in the event Teenager Song Competition like Trie Utami, Irma June. Her song was "Sisipkan Namanya", quite becoming legend song nowadays

Her legend song was "Sisipkan Namanya". She has soprano type vocal in pop genre that very unique in her era.

Soprano that existed also in genre pop, rarely in that era but common nowadays like Gita Gutawa

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267 Irma June - Indonesia V 1 Comment
268 Rieke Adriati - Indonesia

She once believed to be having the same bright career as Hetty Koes Endang due to her quality vocal that resemble her senior.

Winner of Star T.V. singer in early 80s, that once being called as successor of Hetty Koes Endang.

Like the born of another Hetty Koes Endang. Very high quality vocal and born to sing

269 Margie Segers - Indonesia

She is along with Rien Djamain believed to be the pioneer of Indonesian Female Jazz Singer. However, in 1976, she ever participated in the National Singer and Song Competition. At that time she finished in the 3rd place after Grace Simon and Hetty Koes Endang

Jazz is way of life, Other female Jazz might only follow her footstep that she already Made. Netherland is the country she live today

Lately, she live abroad in Netherland, but Female Jazz Singer has been always living in Indonesia, you can say: Syaharani, Andien, or Chitra Scholastika as her successor

270 Marini - Indonesia

Many talent she has: Good Singer, Good Actress, Good in attract Man getting marriage, at least 5 times she got marriage, but we believed not for money just hobbies since her family background that coming from high class society and very strong financially family not from suburb area. Other singer who can compete in term of number marriage are Dessy Ratnasari got married 5 times and also Ivo Nila Krisna got married 10 times.

Born With beauty face leading her To five time married, only Dessy Ratnasari might be WHO could be compared With. However, she is Not only having good looking but also Good Voice and Good acting

Mother of beautiful singer Shellomita WHO has also beautiful face has also Career AS a Good actress

Completely talented artist, she can sing, she can act, Both of Theo are equally good.

271 Elvina - Indonesia

She was the first Chinese Indonesia entering Indonesian Music industry

272 Bornok Hutauruk - Indonesia

The Song "Dirimu Satu" has been her icon. The Song itself composed by her sister Tarida Hutauruk. The Song won 1982 ASEAN Song Festival in Bangkok, Thailand as The Best Song, while Other Indonesian Singer, Grace Simon won The Best Singer in that event.

One of Top Female Singer that comes from North Sumatera, the region which produce many very good singer in Indonesia, besides Molucas.

One of Pioneer Soprano in Pop Genre, we can see the follower rosen like Gita Gutawa, and many others

273 Connie Constantia - Indonesia

Originally coming from Manado, North Sulawesi, she was close contender to lead top female singer in the late 80s, coming in the same generation with Vonny Sumlang, Ruth Sahanaya or Trie Utami.

She was contender to Top Female Singer in Indonesia in the late 80s. Her generations included Vonny Sumlang, Ruth Sahanaya, Trie Utami, Titi Dj

In the late 80s, she was "kuda hitam" to existing Top Female in Indonesia due to her high quality she had

274 January Christry - Indonesia

Prodigy Jazz Female Singer in Indonesia in the mids 80s, after. Era. Rien Djamain, Margie Siegers. Gone. Coming with the same generation with. Ermy Kullit.

Pedigree of Jazzy Female Vocal during the mids 80s, successor for the older generation like Rien Djamain, Margie Siegers.

275 Rien Djamain - Indonesia

Along with Margie Siegers, she was a pioneer of Top Jazzy Indonesian Female Singer. After their era came generation 80s such as Djanuary Christy, Ermy Kullit, followed by more. Younger generation like Andien

276 Vonny Sumlang - Indonesia
277 Maria Da Silva - Indonesia

Grand Finalis in 1999 Asia Bagus Song Competition, She finished at 4th pace after Rio Febrian from Indonesia, Contestant from Japan and Contestant from South Korea

Girl from Mollucas was Finalis in Asia Bagus Song Competition, at that time she lost to the Winner, Rio Febrian from Indonesia, runner up from Japan.

278 Mawar AFI - Indonesia

She came 3rd place at Akademia Fantasi Indosiar (AFI) session 1 after the winner Ferry from North Sumatera and Haikal.

279 Dhenok Wahyudi - Indonesia

Representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival In Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan, she replaced Hetty Koes Endang who did not get permission from her label, Musica Studios

Singer of Song "Symphony Kehidupan" or "Melody of Life" at composed by Ully Sigar Rusady 1978 WPSF Budokan Hall Tokyo japan.

Representing Indonesia 1978 world Popular Song Festival at Budokan Hall Tokyo, singing a song from Ully Sigar Rusadi, 'simphoni kehidupan'.

280 Cindy Bernadette - Indonesia

Original singer of song "Semenjak Kau Ada Di sini", the unique song that currently is very popular especially among teenager.

She is R&B, Hip Hop, Pop Dance singer, she is very talented girl, and her is Vocal Director, Composer too

Love you Cindy

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