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81 Kuh Ledesma - Philippines

Her duo with Garry Valenciano is Legend even until today, what a match pair those two great singer

Filipinos are really great singers unlike the nearby countries

82 Marisa Sanchez - Philippines
83 Chicha Koeswoyo - Indonesia
84 Julia Perez - Indonesia
85 Aoi Teshima - Japan
86 Indah Nevertari - Indonesia

Indah is a good singer. She have a unique voice and I like that

Because she is unique and beauty

Unique voice & character. Her persistent spirit also inspiring us. She deserves it!

Amazing voice and talent

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87 Mika Nakashima - Japan

Overrated just because she sang Glamorous Sky in the anime Nana doesn't make her great. I like Hyde's version more anyway.

88 Kiyoe Yoshioka - Japan

A very cute and high pitch Japanese singer of the band ikimonogakari. She wrote very meaningful songs with her band

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89 Tomiko Van - Japan

van, please come to indonesia! Tomiko Van has a beautifull voice and beautifull face too! hhe..

singer of do as infinity and one of the beautiful voices I've ever heard - ronluna

I love Tomiko Van... KAAWAI xD

Your voices is best in my ears.. so sweet

she did really great in do as infinity
- HitsugiFan4ever

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90 Cyndi Wang - Taiwan

Cyndi Wang is the cutest and most famous great singer of China. Yumlembam Roshan from India is one of her fans. She can sang every songs superbly.

Cyndi has sweet voice. I am very crazy about her. And I come from China. There are many Cyndi's fans all over the world. So, if Cyndi can perform in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, there will be a lot of audiences.

I am zyylove1985 from the Cyndi Wang post bar in baidu. As her fan, I'll love her forever. Cyndi is the best!

91 Ho Ngoc Ha - Vietnam

Hey, can you believe this? I touched her once at a show when I was a kid. Um... Her first name is Ha, her middle name is Ngoc, and Ho is her last name. She's very beautiful and I love her voice.

Although I from Vietnam but I really don't like her because she plastic surgery. Before she's so ugly, dark skin and... Especially she sings very bad. Nothing special! And she had a baby.

I don't like her. Her like in Vietnam but all people in my country do not like

I don't like her. I'm from Vietnam to, but I don't like her because her ugly

92 Novia Kolopaking - Indonesia

She a singer with a simple personality. Graceful, beautiful, and wear the hijab. She is a celebrity who has not made a controversial activity. She artists music and drama are very talented. She has a beautiful voice and the power that is strong enough.

Beauty of Indonesia, very natural... Beautiful voice & beautiful song.. Good sing

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93 Aicelle Santos - Philippines

She has a great voice! Love her!

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94 Aya Hirano - Japan

An amazing singer, she's also the voice actress for Konata Izumi and Haruhi Suzimaya!

95 Alisha Chinoy - India
96 Sadhana Sargam - India V 1 Comment
97 Da (Endorphine) - Thailand

She Is a Rock Icon of Thailand, Most Thai Selling Singer she have Beautiful Rock Style, Her Voice Look A Like Christina Aguilera, We Call Her "Princess Of Rock" She Have 6 Album And 1 Special Album And 4 Big Concert

I don't speak Thai, but she is one of my favorite singers/performers. Hope she come to the United States.
Sheis also so lovey. I think she is so special.

Now she is the best Thailand female singr.
She is the only one female singer in today who can held her big concert at impact arena meungthong tani (which is the biggest place for concert)
She has a unique and poerful voice... I love her..

98 Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia

She Is the best singer! She has a Quality Voice... Perfect Face... Lovely Songs... And so Goodd VOICE... II Really Love Her Voices...! She so Perfect! She Is The Best Singer Forever!

99 Teresa Teng - China

Sappy, sentimental and boring. I billion fans (all Chinese) How is she or anyone else on this list above Patti Kim

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100 CL - South Korea CL - South Korea

And I'm CL,
The ONE and ONLY THE BADDEST FEMALE - blacklotus08


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